Are Mysterious Explosions Caused by Alleged Drone Bomber

did an angry ex-boyfriend use a drone to drop a bomb over his former girlfriend's house drones are an important tool for the military but this is the first allegation we've heard of of drones being weaponized domestically it's the surprise attack that stunned the world a bombing delivered by drones on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia now has a bombing by drone taking place here in America not to destroy a refinery but to take revenge on an ex-girlfriend surveillance video shows a blast that shook a Pennsylvania neighborhood here's an more Cogley oh no the blast happened here outside the ex-girlfriend's house the accused drone operator lives less than a mile away authorities say he flew the drone directly over this house just like the drone above me right now and then released an explosive device that left the ex and this entire neighborhood living in fear a judge is now labeling him a danger to the community this neighbor lives in the house next door tell us what happened that night there was a sloughed explosion really that explosion did you think that could have been my home absolutely home car someone could have been killed the alleged drone bomber was ID'd as jason music ato and he is suspected in a string of other mysterious explosions the neighbor says he also experienced another drone incident that he believes music ato was responsible for we Harrell these things hitting the ground hitting the macadam driveways and it was nails it rained nails when authorities searched musa Kato's home they say they found homemade explosive devices and Firearms authorities also searched the suspects car repair business and the bomb squad stood by just in case when cops searched music Otto's vehicle they found in had been tricked out with modifications straight out of James Bond they say they found toggle switches that operate hidden mechanisms to release fluids drop nails onto the roadway and release ball bearings capable of damaging vehicles John Waldron is music Otto's attorney there's no evidence pointing towards him dropping explosives on anyone's property misuk otto has not been charged with dropping the drone bombs but the US attorney says the incident is a reminder that people will find sinister purposes for any new technology [Music] you [Music]