Are You Smarter Than An NFL Player


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- I guess this is good for NFL, 'cause it's showing how you work under pressure, and I'm proving right now I don't work well. (hip hop music) - I am a die-hard Seahawks fan. The year we won the Super Bowl was way cool to be in Seattle. My favorite player, I love them all, it's like which one of your children is your favorite? But I do have number three's jersey. - My favorite NFL team has to be the Patriots. I know, I know. My favorite player on that team even worse, Tom Brady. I know, I know. - I am a huge New York Giants fan, my favorite player's gotta be Odell Beckham Jr. I mean I like Eli Manning too. Eli's two modes are, and. (rock music) I know that NFL players have to take an intelligence test, I did not know it was called the Wonderlic test (laughs). But I'm delighted to find that out. - I didn't even think I've taken IQ tests. I don't nope. That's what this is? - I have taken an IQ test before, but if I'm being honest it was a bullshit IQ test. I have an IQ of 263. - I do think you have to be somewhat intelligent to play sports because they're talking a lot about strategy, you have to memorize things, you gotta learn new stuff all the time, and you play a different team every week and you gotta learn that kind of shit. Are the following two words similar, contradictory, or not related? Familiar, gallant. What? - Not related. They want you to think it's equal but not. - Level and. Well, I guess they're similar. Yeah they're similar. Time is like stressing me out so I'm like, just like, go. - Mike had a jar of nickels that had five more nickles than he originally thought. The total number, the total amount of nickels was $4.35. How many nickles did, oh this is annoying. - This timer is counting down, and it's so stressful. - I hope I'm gonna do basic math here, got it. - Ten, so twenty nickles. - Ah dicks. I don't like this. - A turkey was cooked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven for three hours. The internal temperature rose from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 156 degree Fahrenheit. What was the average rise in temperature per hour? - You do not need to know how to cook a turkey to be an NFL player. I'm on question 12, and I've got less than four minutes left. - From the list below, select all the quadruped mammals that might be found as a pet in a typical American family home. - Goldfish. - Giraffe is one of the options. - A lawyer owns four pairs of pants, five dress shirts and six ties. Not a very successful lawyer. He should own more outfits. - How many days can the lawyer go without wearing the same combination of three items? What? (rock music) - Oh fuck me. How much money did he make? He made $1 million, no keep it going, he made billion Google dollars. Ben's general store is selling yarn for point, ah, I get, fuck. Uh, 12. Following words are sever and a joint. Oh four seconds, just 23! A beat is. No! I didn't do great. I don't want to talk about it. - Ah! I got 34 percent, but I got 17 out of 50 correct. (rock music) Ah fuck. You know what, but he's a man in his prime when he took that test. - It says that you have reached 18 of 50 points, that's 36 percent. (rock music) Alright Tom Brady, I see you. But then again I'm not surprised. - I got 12 out of 50. Alright, thanks for having me guys. This is great. What am I supposed to do with this information? Not only am I not athletically gifted, but I'm dumber than these people. How did Gustave do? Okay. How'd Niki do? So I'm dumber than Niki and Gustave. So not only am I dumber than NFL players, I'm the dumbest fucking person at Buzzfeed. I shouldn't be here! Did you take it? Fuck off! (Man laughs) I'm done! You know what? I don't even have an ending to that sentence 'cause I'm too dumb. (rock music)