Are You Your Dog’s Favorite Person ️🐶❤️ 10 Signs




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[Music] dogs are sociable animals and and most cases are also very affectionate willing to show us just how much they love us how can we know if we are our dog's favorite person in this new animal wise video we show you 10 signs which will tell you you are the chosen one in your pets affections before we do don't forget to subscribe to see our related videos and be up to date with everything Misha [Music] we are able to interpret the emotions of dogs thanks to studies on canine language dog ethology or even apply in the ins worth tests to dogs in this experiment it was discovered that the link between humans and dogs is similar to that between mother and child in both cases when the reference figure the owner or the mother was removed the dog and child stopped carrying out exploratory behaviors and could increased their levels of both fear and attachment on the contrary when the reference figure returned the dog and child lowered their levels of fear and attachment they also increased exploration play and social behavior these relative behaviors as long as they're not influenced by disorders related to separation show how deep the bond between a dog and human can be it's important to note that dogs do not consider us part of their pack this is because their hierarchical relationships are intraspecific for them we're their point of reference and a source of security would you like to know if you are the main source of security for your dog do you want to know if they obey and follow you out of love rather than fear or survival if so pay attention to these 10 signs any dog which feels love and affection for their owner will be alert for their return to their home ready to receive them with a few supply key and excitement their joy will be shown in tail movement and they'll display a positive happy relaxed body language when interacting with their owner it will not show attitudes related to fear or stress the desire to play games is undoubtedly a clear indicator of well-being it's obvious when you see dogs which are sick or suffer behavioral problems they will not want to play certainly not as much as otherwise healthy puppies and young dogs a dog wanting to play with its owner is an indication there is a healthy and positive bond between the two [Music] does your dog look at you when you talk to them are they attentive to everything you do paying attention to both our physical actions instead of minds especially when we direct our attention towards them means you're someone they feel close to the attention you receive should be directly proportional to the affection they have for you while it is true that some dogs are more independent than others most are very attentive to our movements this is especially so when outside the home it is completely normal that our dog might want to follow us everywhere in fact it shows you have a positive relationship of course there's a difference between being attentive and developing separation anxiety [Music] dogs like to lick they know it can be a behavior which pleases us often as we reinforce this behavior with petting and positive words when a dog licks you it means they feel safe with you it seeks to please you and wants to show you affection [Music] it's important to stipulate that we must never train a dog to attack this is only reserved for dogs which needs specialist training and requires permits to do so neither should we try to encourage dog to be aggressive or violent in general however any dog which loves its owner will be willing to defend them in a situation where it considers them threatened or in danger [Music] even if they can't quite understand why dogs can perceive certain human emotions such as sadness they recognize our crying is similar to dogs howl coming to comfort us when we feel Don [Music] although some may find it hard to believe most dogs are not very comfortable with being embraced most feel trapped and awkward showing their discomfort with yawning and turning their heads away however similar to licking they can groom to understand that we enjoy this behavior this is why they may let themselves be hugged when they interpret our body language correctly and aim to please us [Music] dogs aren't without doubt the most faithful animals we humans know if you spend a lot of time with your dog take care of it love it and provide it with a best quality of life possible you can be rest assured they will return the favor by being a loyal friend which will never abandon when a dog chooses you we just know it they pay more attention to you seek refuge with you crave your affection and never leave your side if these statements are true for you then congratulations there's no doubt that your dog chooses you over anyone else and that you are their favorite how do your furry friends show you are their favorite leave us a comment below to tell us about it and don't forget to subscribe if you like this video see you next time [Music]