Ariana Basseri Sexy Whisper Laugh Factory Stand Up Comedy

I'm not a good recipient of the sexy whisper you know if a guy's like what [Laughter] say it again babe bad posture I recently did a corporate event I know right and this woman came up to me afterwards and she was like oh my god she's like uh if I was a lesbian you would so be my height she's like oh sorry sorry I've had a wine Oh wine bitch you're a lesbian so um I don't know if you're familiar but pornhub has a category called pornhub for women okay familiar that's my girl and I wanted to be like offended by it right and then I was like I went on it I watched a film and then afterwards afterwards it went straight into an interview with the actress like I've been sitting with clothes on talking not like porno for women you can get it [Applause] [Music]