Artistic Hairdresser Draws Lenny Kravitz Using Hair Clippings


Inside Edition


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this is musician Lenny Kravitz in the flesh this is musician Lenny Kravitz made of hair yes you heard correctly Svetlana grows Deneuve ska is a hairdresser in Macedonia this is what she does with the extra clippings she said she'd always make images out of the leftover hair on her salon floor even sprinkling and dyed bits for color after she saw other stylists creations on social media she decided to make her own starting with Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic she filmed it and put it up on social media sharing her sheer talents at the world no word on whether lenny has yet seen himself in such a hair-raising form baby will be blown away by it svetlana says she considers herself to be an artist it also begs the question who's gonna clean all that up for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Stephanie officer