Asians Get Earwax Extractions For The First Time

- You have yellow stuff stuck on your instrument. Oh God, this is a nightmare. - My name's Mikala and I am black, white, and Chinese. - I'm half white and half Filipino, maybe a little bit Chinese. - I'm Chinese and Vietnamese. Supposedly Asian people have dry ear wax and I have no idea what texture ear wax I have. - I'm doctor Kian Karimi. I'm an ENT head and neck surgeon. Today we're going to be removing Asian ear wax. Asian ear wax is a little bit different in that it can tend to be a little bit dryer and a little bit more brittle. Do you make a lot of wax or? - I think so. When I was a kid I, like, had a problem with producing too much wax so ... - Okay, and do you use Q-Tips? - Yeah, sometimes. - I think I make a lot of wax. I do sometimes put my fingers in there. - Oh. - Still now as an adult, it's a problem. - It gets, like, itchy and clogged up like after six months. - All right, well let's take a look and see here. We're now going to go into your ear canal. - Ah! - Wow, yeah. So that's-- - Holy shit. It looks like caramel or like a Snickers. - Oh my God, what is that? Oh my! That is so disgusting. - So that's wax that's pushed down with a Q-Tip. - Oh my God. - I can tell you don't use Q-Tips because look, all the wax is where it's supposed to be and not further in. Did you touch your ear recently? - It's very possible. - Okay, it looks like you may have bruised your ear canal here a little bit with your finger. - Oops. - So you gotta be careful. - Got it. - But we'll go ahead and clean this wax out for ya, okay? - All right. - And this should come out pretty easily. - Oh, I can feel it crackling and popping. Uh, I felt that. - That's just some old skin that came out, too. So that's done, let's take a look at the other side. - Oh God. It's like cornflakes. (squeaking noise) - Great. - I feel like I can hear worse now. - Oh my gosh. I like, wanna watch it but I also don't wanna watch it. (gasps) I did not know that people actually do this. Wow. - Usually you don't get this kind of view. - Oh my God, that is so disgusting. (gasps) Are you wiping that on me? - No, of course not. (both laughing) - That wasn't too bad, right? - No, I feel 10 pounds lighter. - Oh my God, it looks like a cockroach. Ah! - There it is. That's pretty big. - Holy fuck. Woah. - Kind of stuck here. - Come on. I can't hear from my left ear. It looks like a frickin' alien. - Okay, don't make your doctor laugh. Okay, there we go. - Yes! - Got it, nice job. (both laughing) - That was a struggle. - Yeah, that was a bigger piece there. - Holy fuck. - I actually had to break it up a little bit to even get it out. - I can't believe that was in my ear. That was such a crazy experience. I was surprised at how much was in there. - I barely had any ear wax. I just had a normal healthy person's amount of ear wax. - I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. - Seeing it on camera right in front of you is crazy. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you've never cleaned out your ears. Who knows, you've probably built up 20 years of ear wax and you don't even know. - And the human body is disgusting, so it's just always fun to take a peak at it when you can. (jovial flute music)