Ask YouTube History Nerds Which Historical Event Would You Want to Witness Firsthand

which is circle event when I want to witness firsthand that's easy throughout history every society has looked to the Stars and even closer to the mood and said wouldn't it be cool it cou there but for hundreds of millennia it was impossible but then on July twentieth nineteen sixty-nine man's technological determination and ingenuity allowed for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to bunny foo foo on the lunar surface that's what I'd like to witness firsthand and I think you'd look a little something like this I would want to witness the Tsar Bomba the largest detonation in human history it happened on October thirtieth 1960 by the Soviet Union it was just a test they did in the Arctic Ocean and what was it huge so big that I would probably have to be a safe distance away maybe still wearing a protective suit of some kind to protect me from the radiation and the more I think about it I probably would be blinded if I witnessed at firsthand so assuming I didn't go blind I would want to watch hey there students Tom Richie here now if I had to pick any historical event to witness it would have to be the assassination of Julius Caesar Ides of March 44 BC the reason for that being is there are a lot of places where I could go where I might be kind of a spectator maybe I'd even be unwelcome or something like that but in this case I could be a participant imagine that that all of a sudden you show up there and they're like hey he hasn't stabbed yet give Richie one all right wow you know that sort of thing sic semper tyrannis ba da da kool kool oh now you're thinking all that Richie he's got dark fantasies about killing people well it's been said before that Tom Richie will kill you I mean I just kind of like to see the look on Caesars face when he's like at to Richie ah hey there YouTube this Robert with reading through history and I have been asked to answer a question and that question is what historical event would I choose to go back in time and witness firsthand if I could I know this seems sick in fact it is really sick but I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to go back in time and witness Pickett's charge hey safer here so my pick would be the Battle of Trafalgar I've always been a big fan of tall ships just broadsiding each other and a movie it is one of the most viscerally awesome things to see and the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 is probably the best example of this because it was against the navies of the French and Spanish against a smaller force of the United Kingdom led by Horatio Nelson and Nelson just mopped the floor with these guys and it's awesome so I would love to see that especially if I was up in a balloon or something along those lines just to see this long line of ships just broadsiding each other because there's a whole lot of us and things in history but the most spectacular are the big bombastic and yeah battleship alka hey guys cliff here from that was history and I think that if I could go back in time and see a event unfold firsthand the event that I would choose would be one that is a mystery to us still today kind of like the lost Roanoke colony basically this colony was here hundreds and hundreds of years ago in America kind of in the North Carolina region and basically we have no record of what ended up happening to this colony we have some hints here and there like the word Croatoan but basically if it was up to me I would go and be at that event exactly when it happened hopefully not involved in the event but just kind of an overseer of the whole thing and that way from now on we would know exactly where that colony ended up did they get killed by some of the natives or did they assimilate these are questions we still don't have answers to but I think that that would be something that would be awesome to find out