AskNASA┃ Why Are We Going to the Moon

hi I'm Jim Green better known as Lunak and this is ask NASA are we ready for the first question let's see I'm getting a sense of it yes we're going to the moon and we're doing it for many important reasons is because we want to practice on going to Mars things that we want to do is to learn to live and work on a planetary surface of course it's got to be about the water how are we gonna use it we're gonna drink it that's the first thing the second thing is we can take those two elements apart and use them for rocket fuel or we can just simply use the oxygen to breathe we want to be able to look at this water tease it out through cores and understand the water history of the moon just that will be fantastic ah yes the South Pole it's fascinating let's see what it looks like here's some LRO data and it shows us all the areas that have sunlight and all those areas that never receive any sunlight these are the areas that have the water what equipment are we going to take to the mound well this is going to be done with the commercial groups that are planning to have Landers and Rovers and we're gonna ride along we're gonna take scientific instruments with us and tease out the impact history of the Moon that will tell us how the earth and the moon evolved together let's find out what else is going on at Mars ah yes marnik knows the answer to that and it's right here this is one of our fantastic Rovers it's called curiosity and it's currently roving on Mars today we need to know what that is because it will tell us if Mars is like earth all right back it to me why is Mars red Mars is red because it's been oxidized that means it has material on the surface that grabs that oxygen and turns it red how are the Moon and Mars similar well that's our plan we're gonna go to both how are the moon of Mars different well one's bigger than the other do you know Bruno Mars plays real well he's the one that wants to go to Mars too we ought to take him do sound waves travel on Mars sound waves do travel on Mars but not on the moon oh cool what's your favorite planet I love all my children equally have you ever named a NASA science mission well a couple I was involved in the image mission so I helped name that the curiosity was the one I helped name I didn't put in the essay but I knew it when I saw it that was the name that needed to be can you describe the solar system in one word massive do you have a question for NASA send your questions to our experts on twitter using hashtag ask NASA