AskNASA ┃ Special Episode AskBrad

I watched our astronauts up in the space station on YouTube, how they function in zero-g, to try to to mirror some of them. The Peter Pan production where you're hanging from wires, so basically what they did with me was just strap me up to the ceiling and then have me spin until I got nauseous to find out where that threshold was, so we wouldn't be doing that on set in a giant spacesuit. Well it's hard to beat Armstrong's message, so good luck. I don't have any... I can't top that. Huh. I'll settle with the Moon right now. I'm older, you know, I don't want to be gone that long. I like my comforts. I'm going Moon. If i was going to the Moon right now and I get one item to take with me, I'm taking my music, period. I think space is, so fascinating for, certainly for cinema because it's so unknown. There's so much we don't know. It's, for one our universe is ever-expanding, it's infinite. I mean, these are concepts already that are beyond our understanding. It's wide open for invention, it's the great unknown and how will it define us and how will we define ourselves with it that makes it so right for storytelling. Hey I've got a few questions for NASA. If I may. First question I was wondering: when are we going back to the Moon? There's no water on the Moon, is there? Really? Okay, I heard this rumor there's something about water being on the Moon, could that possibly be true? Thanks Brad! We'll answer these questions and more in our new series, Ask NASA. If you have questions like Brad, use the hashtag #AskNASA.