Asking 5Star Hotel Guests How They Got Their Supercars

hey what's up guys it's supercar blondie here in dubai we're actually at a five-star hotel jumeirah al-nassim and what we're doing today is we're gonna check out who arrives at the ballet stand right and so we're gonna stand by and act kind of a little bit weird and kind of pounce on supercar owners who arrive at the hotel so are you ready for this let's find out what these supercar owners do for a living excuse me hi how are you doing you have an awesome aurus i love it thank you it's beautiful what do you do for a job oh i'm a doctor a doctor aha but not all doctors drive lamborghinis surely yeah i guess are you in plastic surgery we are how did i know everything looked better including cars oh my goodness that's gorgeous what was your first job though oh i was a telesales executive and it was my internship job wow and you made it all the way to a doctor driving a lamborghini urus wow do you own any other cars yeah i would i really wanted to get the red ferrari today yes that's a real supercar but then i thought okay well it would have matched your dress as well thank you so much excuse me hi gorgeous ferrari thank you uh what do you doing for living to be able to afford this i'm for my lawyer ah your former lawyer and i'm really tired now i'm enjoying my life drinking champagne sometimes why no way so you're just gonna drive this baby home and then open a bottle of champagne nice thank you i run a luxury event company called caravan ah nice and that's how you can afford a mclaren 720s we did some good events wow that's epic so did you have to go to college for that job uh i did go to college yeah um i have a bachelor's degree yeah yeah and what uh in finance okay so completely unrelated okay cool yeah it helps get you know get your places so you'd recommend if someone wants to get a supercar one day to go to college or totally really yeah okay and what was your first ever job as an analyst with a bank that was your first ever job yeah wow that's pretty sweet mine was working at a bakery part-time [Music] wow what do you do for a living to afford this car oh this car actually isn't even mine it's your car so what do you do for a living then i work for you you don't pay me anything i can't even afford they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine get out of here this is for super car owners only oh no all right bye what's my sister that was my sister she don't belong here get out of here you reset their brains yeah what do you mean i am an nlp master of practitioner okay i'm working in my husband's company okay it's an automobile group it's a one-stop shop for service work service or car so you have lots of jobs yes i actually i'm a trained department 620 okay cool so you're in cars that's awesome what was your first ever job yeah it's a backyard graduate from banking finance banking nice well thank you so i'm much tv and i'm doing a lot of promotion tv and promotion and that's how you can afford these cars yes wow did you go to college no no no i stopped school at 16 years old and my school was the life what and do you own any other cars uh maybe like now for my birthday svg we're looking for hvg maybe oh my goodness you're so lucky thank you well beautiful thank you hey hey hey what do you do for a living to drive my roles well you see i'm actually interning for supercars nice good gig that is awesome so what do you actually do like do you have a full-time job that you've just quit to come intern for me well i was working at ferrari of central new jersey but we'll see after the stream oh there we go guys what do you reckon we have tatiana this is tetiana guys she's actually come over from the us to come and intern we're super completely so we could possibly be seeing more of tatiana in future driving around some beautiful cars on our channel so give us some love in the comments section guys all right off you go then go on just take care of my rolls all right i got it [Music] so i make people to look fabulous oh fabulous i own a fashion store in akil mall oh nice it's called it's beautiful so did you have to go to college to do what you do well yeah but i wasn't going to college for uh for this yeah i was going to pass for aviation aviation yeah but you know what my first job was not even that my first job was in i.t security in cyber security i.t security yeah and then you and then yeah obviously how do you afford a beautiful car like this this is all from your boutique yeah so basically when when i was uh in cyber security i make some of the money that i see and now your job is just passion related exactly okay thank you so much you're so young you're driving a mclaren yeah wow what do you do for a job um i'm studying at university yeah you study at university and you're do you own this yeah no you don't actually my mom's uh she's the founder of rainbow ah okay cool and that is the club where all of the women come together and drive a supercluster sure well so you get the perks of driving all of her supercars that is exactly what what do you do actually um i'm actually a health and fitness ah okay cool and this just helps to perk up your instagram pics right that's what he does [Music] the arabian gazelles is a club just for female supercar owners here in dubai so she is actually the daughter of the founder of that club and she gets the perks of driving all of her supercars and she's only 20. hi i love you thank you gorgeous hey uh what do you do for a living i'm a full-time mum of three kids i have a teenager i have a teenager i have a one-year-old so i'm just enjoying my life full-time month yeah full-time did you used to work no i've never worked a day in my life what that's incredible so how do you drive you're my horse my my husband you know he does all the working and i enjoy the blessings of his work and his you know hard work and everything and what does he do we're into food trading who traded it okay wow what was your first ever car when i moved to dubai whenever it was a corvette 50th edition nice oh okay if you worked what would you do i would be something into fashion yeah i love your jacket gorgeous thank you so much i have restaurants i have spa and beauty salons what don't you have [Music] wow and do you own any other cars yes i have g-baggett i have rocks royce wow i have range rover watches wow that's incredible did you have to go to college yes i did i have mastered a degree in fashion designing ah okay that's so interesting thank you so much i hope you enjoyed the video that was awesome i love meeting all of these supercar owners and as you may have realized they are all women that is freaking cool so they are part of the arabian gazelles that is the first ever female or female supercar club right here in dubai so go show them some love arabian gazelles you can find them on instagram the link to their account is just below in the description alright i think i'm out please subscribe like the vid share it around show some love for these girls all right guys i'm out love you [Music]