Askren vs Lawler Lets hear about the fight from the man himself


Chael Sonnen


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I've given you some of my thoughts on this but I'm looking for opinions now I want to get a little bit strong a little bit better hold so let's bring in somebody else who was there who saw it let's bring in Ben Askren Ben Askren Ben what's going on getting so situated I'm gonna go pick up my kids here a little bit and everything since when did you move in about two weeks employ the site and so I was going on the road but were still most of organized so if it's a citizen such as we put on well that's got to be very fun for you and probably a complete pain in the ass for her I would assume the worst we got Jeremy on the property and I already reinhold the disc golf which would be extend 18 this summer Sofia live in the dream will you please tell me what the hell is disc golf at you keep saying that term and I can't I keep playing along like I know but I don't man let me just come clean what is this go no I'm not going okay well okay listen there's tons of courses Oregon's got some fantastic courses so obviously you guys got Hills you got trees you got everything you need ever great this off horses you know that's quite a bit of it okay but what okay so I'm picturing a golf I mean you gotta walk beets I really don't know what it is so it's not a golf course okay obviously you know you've way more control of a disc than you would a golf ball right all right my shirt advertisers out give a subzero plate is regular golf for 1806 for four hours it cost about a hundred dollars generally speaking disc golf for 1800 takes one hour and generally speaking you're free you do not have to make a tee time so for those of us who like going outside sentence on both sides if you say it's a very great alternative and I think it's much more fun also it's in rows all okay but the game itself that's when I think that I show up I've got a disc okay you guys yes for you you can have like a driver mid-range or a putter you show up generally speaking the tee pad will be maybe gravel if the cheap possibly a rubber pad there'll be a little tea side which will then tell you where you're supposed to throw it and it'll be a basket so once you make in the basket the hole is completed whether it takes you two throws or five throws or whatever the heck it takes you see their victim to tea box to the basket a note a pony play another one and you say it's free so like how do why would somebody make a nice course I mean how do they get what are you then you go inside and have a sandwich no it's a park well I sit there mostly in parks because uh you know obviously the city or the counties they want to become use their parts that they have land for so that's what they put in there I'm still not sure I totally understand what this is but I've at least got a better idea okay will you to go play you know and you guys I spent warming up in Oregon at this point times I would assume you guys did I will send you you send me an address I'll send you the closest course to your house how about that all right that's perfect I will figure out what it is all right let's get back to the fistfight that you were in I mean all hell broke loose pretty darn fast right at the beginning when you leave the locker room and you're walking out there everybody will tell you that your first time in the UFC is different did you have a different experience did you have a different feeling emotionally the nerves the excitement whatever would be you know not really I you know I guess I a little different but different in a better way for whatever reason this time I wasn't more calm than I usually am and I think there you know I've been training I try to like psychoanalyze myself so I can get better at what I do and I think the reason is I think the way in my left eyebrow so great about being perfect because everyone expected me to win and so not only do I have program for head to do and very common a very quick action and so I was you know focus on that detail and this time it was like hey Rob you're always good but anyway I think Robbie Lawler people are give me a thumbs up so all i do imagine recruiter that's pretty easy and so I was very relaxed a very calm happy enjoying the moment and that's it okay so that okay so that is my question for how this thing started but I mean before you know it you're in a dog fight and you got a hand trap behind your back and you got a world champion on top of you but when he was hitting you I'm watching that and your face looks so relaxed and so called but I'm going okay either he's totally fine or he's about out which was it ah I was fine well I mean that I was fighting outside all at the same time but I wasn't here to being not fine so what happened I shot to death like a dishrag I almost had his back within like three seconds of the fight starting and he slips the arm out and I misjudged how powerful he was going to be they think they're appropriate I really didn't fast in the process of that I got my life trapped underneath my body and like you're saying he was unloading punches and sinfully I was trying to find the register if it's not hitting me and then you know what I couldn't find it then I was trying to get back to my back to establish some type of guard or hold on him which I eventually did I just took a whole bunch of shots in the process okay so when you were taking those shots I mean were you in trouble we hurt and were you hey where am I at right now or was we just trying to get that eventually what I got all this experience I was able to get hold of his body but yeah ideally able to hold the wrist earlier and they went in here with all the stuff in the finishing sequence you know I think that everybody would be up to speed on that but but if you're not I got to tell you I saw what the ref saw his hand was up and then his hand dropped down and it was to the point that from my seat I even yelled something to the ref you know for him for Robby's sake like hey he's out and but then I also saw what what people saw when you finally let go and he came up to his feet it was just it was a really interesting a bizarre scenario you know I was I was also analyzed I think yeah I think that what happened was I had a lot of things going on right and I saw her come at me I slightly relaxed and watch over thousand up to come wake him back up and so that by eternal hook told me as whole as well enjoy welcome back up because I've relaxed the world up but the longer sort of it is he's nickel out and there was no way he was getting out of that hole I had a minute 40 left and he was just it's done that one's done that's a tough position to stop the Bulldog choke you don't see it very much but when you see it fight ends up getting stopped yeah absolutely alright kind of put himself in a position to do this Carter you're right it's not very while you someone has to be reminded even all-suite up so that's about a fellow fighting some leftover children its own telling the most stupid or whether he's doing it and then there's three submissions in one night in the UFC was the bolt art show and sort of said I had I had a little teachers here okay so I got asked you get in the back were you able to take in the co-main event did you watch Tyron and Kamara well I was really frustrated because I was supposed to be out there I had talked to the UFC all the staff earlier and said I want to go out and corner and they said no problem and then you know I thought that meant that I had my paperwork done so then they said we didn't need your paperwork I'm like why did you do why'd you tell me I was okay then like if my paperwork wasn't done why did you say it this will be no problem you should have said no you can't do that because your paper wars out there but tell me I'll tell me on Tuesday don't tell me five minutes before he's gonna walk out oh wow so you you tried to you try to just turn around and go right back out yeah I was I was all set no I can't do it I couldn't you guys told me at Tuesday there's no problem and they're like your paperwork okay well why didn't you tell me down Tuesday when he told me it was okay alright so you stay in the back to watch the fight I mean what was your you know real broad view what would you think there tomorrow look good Tyron have an off night like what was your takeaway tired County malaria to punch himself and that's Neil Ned Chaplin a couple of hours before his wife used up he's referred she's really intelligent he just he almost almost fix it now it was you know what happen in the motorcyclist just follow his other worst performances career and I what happened on Saturday just overthinking sure I got you and did you see the big melee after everything with I'm just like at the palms or something and we'll be in Kamara would you make of that I mean one of those guys coming up to Colby what happened there on so many levels in my opinion well I guess first of all you're saying Colby's on himself which yeah I mean you know he's on well deposit but that Colby hide behind his old woman that was like the most bizarre part of the super into my opinion and then Marty was driving around on a wheelchair in the backstage and then he's trying to attack Colby's like oh I beg you a wheelchair attacking Colby um so just kind of hope that the whole thing his desire to man and obviously Marty to are attacking a backstage at the press conference and like this guy I don't know I think you've got to realize you have to control his emotions because men if you didn't fight with a random stranger and you beat their ass and hit a world champion you find any girl for that yeah now I hear you on that I hear you and that Colby said I just read something called put out he said then he got kicked out of the pot like a lifetime ban for his participation in that he's like I don't really know why they're bad and me I felt like I was the victim in it but lifetime yeah he said he got bad for life oh man brutal all right go back to the main event Jon Jones did you did you get to see that what did you make of those knees I mean those are really GLE knees what do you make it what should happen there in the future sure I don't know I I don't know what y'all was thinking really I mean that was dumb it wasn't one of those is his hand up is his hand down things it was just it was very clear that he was a downed opponent and tom was been in the fight by a long long long ways and so why he would even throw anything moderately risky at that point is Dianna me I don't know what I don't know what Christian his hat just throw this knee I just yeah I couldn't tell you on that was good there's a decision-making right there so the referee ends up taking two points when he steps in it is decides this is illegal I'm going to take a point he takes - do you understand why how did it even have the ability I don't understand that one and I thought up on all the all the rules so I can't have a 2.1 I don't know I was obviously didn't matter in sight you know you won by it were you at forty eight forty thirty years something like that yeah he had a dominant lead on it but I just thought that it was an interesting talking point because one I don't know why it was two points and what somebody had said to me but I don't know if this person is right what they said is oh because it was his second time he kicked him in the head earlier and then he need him in the head like okay is that how it works the referee can even though he doesn't call it he can call it later I mean that that doesn't sound right to me but I've been offered no better explanation you know what I was absolutely about Bennett he went on the press conference for me to post a post office and I don't like you that day he just comes tuned in to that topic and I could not tell you what he said okay I'm blanking on what it was that he did it laid out blank know what he said for what the ruling on that one and all the rules were followed there I don't can test that and Anthony Smith was very honorable and I don't contest that but just to speak maybe as we're going forward if a guy just got kicked and then kneed in the head to the point that it's illegal in a sport that has almost nothing illegal okay shouldn't we at least come to the consensus that maybe he's not in the best position and he's maybe not the best one at that immediate time to make the decision about can he continue I just would look at other sports sure so I was kind of surprised as Ellen I was gonna surprise that didn't happen at that point I think it was reposted even disqualified but also if there was nothing the fight that girls always those scorecards as opposed to Cory or no contest maybe he thought maybe Anthony thought that's what there are do that there's those scorecards and then he loses from that well that's only they want to go to scorecards if it's an accidental that stop if it is illegal no the fight is over Anthony would have been crowned champion at what is said for rematch yes yes Nate W do you bring that up because at WWE you're right it must be a pinfall or a submission right when when you're part jumps in and hits the guy with a chair it's a disqualification but you that the belt doesn't change hands in fighting it does a hundred percent yes yes absolutely the belt would have changed hands all of you - that was pretty cool that thing caught fire yeah in one day how's it doing now have you followed up on it is it still still crushing it man we have several thousand using words in English if I do it again sometimes I would think that makes us I got to tell you I wasn't quite ready to move on I was I'm still on these illegal knees I wanted to make one final point to you which is just use football terms by example okay if the if the Saints are playing the Patriots and the Saints cheat the referees don't turn to the Patriots and say do you want us to call that like the referee just makes the call you cheated that was the only part I'm just saying if we as we move forward in the sport I don't know that you should be turning to the fighter who it was just fouled and saying can you can't it's up what you got to just step in don't ya yes but you'reyou're not come from wrestling where what did you want to get the most food the most boots I happen when someone takes their legal slam and you know that I heard it refused to continue that's why I like the most good situational all wrestling so you know because you know next time maybe it's like a bear they barely hit him with the knee personalty so I don't do you do it it'll be really difficult to make a blanket rule in which the participant is disqualified no matter what sure yeah that's fair yeah tough situation yeah you're right about that but it does seem like I don't know I also need to get an answer on why it was 2 points a water thing wec I am totally blanking on who it is but it was illegal to be on the ground one guy was standing the other guy was not and when they showed the replay it barely grazed him I mean I didn't hit him and he refused to continue everyone went insane who the hell was that I remember the fight and I don't know I remember what I everything you just said I've seen it I remember the replay he thought he had pulled it off and then they show the replay it was it was bad as if he's still stumped yeah I remember that whole thing yeah boy we're gonna botch this story if we can't pull up who it is and I'm getting a blank as well but I do remember that yeah yeah that's a real thing all right hey let's get into wrestling real fast or do you saw what happened with Jojo and Chandler I flipped out I did my part we can start podcast every resident I guess I was flipping out about this whole situation and I love John Smith but geez Louise why you making someone wrestle off this late in their career that is beyond me and then it's like Jacobi Smith is way better at 184 Vinny has the 170 borders leave them up for 184 and then if Chandler loses he goes to 74 but now Chandler's quiet I just thought aloft totally oh no it's it's official he is out of luck like I think they have to submit their teams to the you know the big 12 for the conference today that's how I interpreted they submitted a Chandler Chandler has done his career is over I don't either it does seem I mean I would be real curious what the morale was is like right now at Oklahoma State maybe it's great maybe I'm misjudging this but I've been seeing this coming all year I've spoke on it a number of times and Jojo I don't believe is competed at 165 this year has he to the end of the scuffle big time I really wish that up they could have took it earlier cuz I guess counter Rogers is certified to hold 157 and that is that definitely Oklahoma State sweet spot so if they could have figure out a way to get him down there that Pro would have been their best bet to have any type of chance to come in close to Penn State yeah what a mess though I mean I get that they did follow the etiquette and they had the wrestle off and it was all aboveboard but but is it really is it there a little bit more to the conversation I mean I mean if one guy is out all year all year and the other guy has got 29 matches 29 Wayans is it is it really level no I don't think so I think that yeah deck was a little rigged yeah I don't like it I don't know why we took this long I mean it's February no it's nothing it's March yeah I know and now I'm Johnson genius at Allen's perplexing name and then Chandler by the way does he just stand down and go look I I simply can't beat Jacoby we practice all the time and he's better or does he go okay look I lost at 65 but now I got a chef a shot at 704 we got to figure this out somehow right it's a mess and plus they went two out of three which probably is the most fair way to do it but to your point that's a lot of wrestling the five days before the conference yeah well there we are I mean that's what happened now let's get back to you dare until you're going out to England we're gonna get something going here I like to fight with you until yeah you know it's good he's young he's trash you had any any ideas an insulting Scottish man no I really don't you know and I thought that Maas Vidale would really be poking the bear a little bit more and maybe they are on that side of it yeah maybe they are on that side of the world and we're just not hearing about it or something but yeah I thought those two would be having a lot of fun but I don't hear that much about it yeah I mean George George has never been childless is worth so I am kinda shocked by the fact that we have heard too much anything besides that one press conference now visually it's that we person those two yeah so I mean first off I guess tills back down at 170 there was so much talk about his last fight when he got into retirement that he couldn't even make the weight he shouldn't be giving me I was my first fight and they guaranteed me they promised me that there was no way he could make 170 pounds again and then he did yeah and and now I don't even hear the dialogue around it it's it's like just a foregone conclusion he's got everything under control until we'll be on weight and so on and so forth and we'll get on with it so I mean what do you think is that gonna be true is he is he gonna stay it Walter wait well I hope so I mean he's pretty easy to antagonize every single time I tweet him he I get a response in about 20 minutes all right well hey that's a great direction and then are you also projecting that he beats mozz Vidale i mean i see that as a pretty fun fight to watch yeah I would think so I think George has got a decent job but I would say still win he's a little bigger a little better you know Mazda doll is really good at what he does to his guilt that really hasn't advanced I mean meaning he's a weak wrestler he's a weak Jitsu guy and kind of always has been for the last decade or so and that you know that's an Achilles heel so if she can't touch you up standing he just out of options it tells pretty good on his feet too I mean that's that's an interesting fight and I do I kind of worry that Moffat doll might not have the size there but I don't I don't know me and Moz Vidal's is scrappy Moz Vidal comes to fight that's for sure you know that's hearsay so I guess we'll wait and see what happens yeah maybe he doesn't have to train his heart he doesn't have the same weight to cut I don't know yeah all right ask her what else you got for me I got to tell you I feel like your energy is a little low for old Shelton are you tired it's like you it's like you had a long week are you are you all right I am yeah I guess the last gonna be I'm going to uh go to one minute next way I'm going to be month then I'm going to go to Pittsburgh yeah I'm excited i'm michigan state championship last year and I'm not messing in this year going there with rudeness and wearing to applaud counts down for every single session of which they're six and then it's a row Central Asian your dip that's a greatest wrestling tournament on the face of the planet bar none it's gonna be so much fun I'm John J I fell for it so you know I got a lot of exciting things one all right well fine that's gonna be awesome I was trying to get out there myself now I was close I was real close tonight I pulled the plug at the last second but I'll be watching I mean ESPN's do an incredible coverage now plus you can go online to see every match so I will be checking out but I'll look forward to hearing your rudest podcast that's great absolutely all right hey enjoy your day hello to the family see Ben but alright Ben Askren there I gotta look into this uh what's this called disc golf somebody's calling that frisbee golf disc golf I mean it sounds like a fun thing to do I almost lost me when he said was free I'm thinking how many funny how Craig could it be how good are these courses that they're letting you do it for free but maybe I'm under estimating that