Aspiring Rappers Try Battle Rapping




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- I'm a math nerd, and this is a quick equation to show everybody the face of cultural appropriation. Congratulations, this is how it works. Have you ever been eaten alive in the form of a verse? (hip hop music) - Welcome, I know you thought you were at BuzzFeed today, but we are getting rid of that. Today we are RapFeed! (audience yells) Oh, ya'll can be louder than that! What are we? We're RapFeed! Can I get a RapFeed one time! - [Crowd] RapFeed! - I'm gonna explain the rules really quick. We're gonna have three rounds, the MCs are gonna go head-to-head in 30-second rounds for round one and round two, and then the winners of those rounds are gonna compete in the final one-minute rap battle. Before we bring the MCs up, I want to introduce our amazing judges. First up, we have DJ Devastator all the way from Wild 'N Out! Make some noise! (audience claps) All the way from BET, we have Nandy Mason! And last, but certainly not least, we have our boy Kwesi, what goin' on, Kwesi? Ya'll ready for some MCs to come up here and spit hot fire? (audience shouts) Aww, you can do better than that! Make more noise than that! First up, we have MCs Good To Go and Cameron Jordan! - My name is Good To Go. I first started rapping over punk bands and reggae bands, I would say, so my hip hop's kinda genre-blending. Being a white guy in hip hop is always interesting. You know, you always get double-taked, but I've always felt that as long you're just being you, and emulating your story, that people will get it. - My name is Cameron Jordan. Man, I've rappin' forever. As a kid, I didn't have really good means to express myself. So, when I used to hear beats, and my brother would give me records. I always visualized myself being those kind of rappers. And it kind of just gives me an identity to express myself through. - Alright, Good To Go. Let's do this. - Time starts now! - Cool. Look dog, you ain't ready for war. To go against me you need machetes and sorts. The playoffs, you fall behind, I just settle the score. Kill your squad, I drop in, I dismantle your fort. Look, little dough, you ain't got class. You can't go against me. I might miss me. Ah, (beep), I messed up, but I don't care. But even so, you ain't got no flow. You look like you work at Trader Joe's. (audience claps) - I like how you mixed in that, "I messed up." That was a good verse now, though! No, it was dope, dude. It was good! - Good To Go, are you ready to respond? - Check, check, right here? - Spin that (beep)! - Yo first off, let me burst off. I'm gonna rip this universe off. I got some dirt, you wanna wipe it off? And I'm lost, put a cross, and I got the sales at Trader Joe's. That's why I change these episodes. I got the Rosetta Stone, I got these rhymes you can't decode. I'm here to overload. I don't think that you know it's good to go, a free for all, I see it all, I'm here to come and call. I'm doin' that, off the padded walls And I'm lost in the beat, but I go, and then I freak, and I really gotta speak, if you wanna bro, each gotta tell them, there's more to go, teach, if you know that way, then we gotta go freak, I'm good to go and I always cipher. - Love it, you killed it. (cheering) Let's check in with the judges and see what they think, who's moving on to the next round, how do you feel about Good To Go and Cameron? - You both did really good, guys. (laughing) - I think you guys did a cool job. Cameron, I love the fact that you kept going (laughing) Could be a little better, but it was cool. - I like the fact that my man incorporated his mess-up into his rhyme, that's how you know he was going off the top, it wasn't written. I did like the cadence of Good To Go though, he was rocking, he was really trying to show that he could spit, he had the versatility. Ultimately, it is a battle, a decision has to be made. - On the count of three judges, let us know who you think won this first round. One, two, three. Cam, so it looks like Cam is moving on to round two. Blam blam blam blam! (applause) Thank you so much, Good To Go. Let's bring out the Sauve and (bleep) (cheering) - Yo, it's Sauve like the shampoo, let's switch the A and the U. I've been doing music my whole life, like since I was a little kid, my mom had bought a Mac, and I just started making songs on Garage Band. Let's see what's about to happen. - Sauve, you ready? - Gang, gang, gang. - Hit it, Sauve. - Oh, yo, whoa, smoke away the pain, take a lighter, lift off, eh, and he got my kid on the (bleep) Why you (bleep) talking, but I'm 'bout to drift soft, (bleep) but you know you can end 'em off. Look, ten toes deep and I'm really in a beat every time I hear that (bleep) you know we talkin' in the street, pulling hoes up in the (bleep) in her sheet, yeah these (bleep) talking (bleep) but they know Sauve is a freak, damn, but a (bleep) don't smash (bleep) huh, another digital dash, huh, I drop this like a rash, huh (bleep) talking that trash, uh, they talkin' that trash, huh, whew (cheering and applause) - So many bars, I'm like, whoa, damn. (applause) So we're going to check in with the judges real quick, and see how they feel. Hey Devastator, how do you feel about the rap battle that just happened. - They're really going at each other in a very, like, lyrical way, they weren't really dropping a lot of bombs on each other, but they were trying to show their prowess, so, give 'em respect for that. - [Ryann] Andy, how do you feel? - I love the energy, both of y'all rode the beat, it was cool. - Sauve, your flow was like, for every kid born after 1998. (laughing) I think we ready. - On the count of three, one, two, three. Sauve, all right! Let's bring up Austin and Keenan! (cheering) - I was involved in all sorts of arts programs in my hometown, Laurel, Maryland. I think music is important for a lot of reasons. Some non-Kanye type stuff is the closest thing we have to reaching the intangible, because there's a lot of things you can reach with word. I say like, love, happy, sad, you understand that. Music can convey parts that you don't get, music is the closest thing we have to sonic painting. - My name is Keenan The First. I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota, and I'm here to eat some rappers for dessert, lunch and dinner, like entrees. I've been writing since I was 12, just started producing within the last year, and been doing a lot more singing actually, than rapping, but we're still here to eat some rappers today. - This is my rapper face. - Ready? - I guess so, let's do it. - [Ryann] All right, let's do this. - Yo, I'm about to treat this battle like a bar, just giving you straight rounds. Your face says, never let me come near a playground, so I see it, homie, and I can really trust that you need to get that mustache, to ride like a bus pass I'm so up in my zone, you look like Macaulay Culkin when frozen, Home Alone, man, you lookin' so old-school, do you have a rotary or a mobile phone? It don't matter, you know you don't got balls, you left your scrotum home, so stop fakin', I'm bringing bacon, I run the nation, yes, Austin, that's my statement, uh! (cheering) Oh, you thought that, oh, that's my time. - Are you okay, sir, oh my god, Keenan. Remember, Keenan came here to eat, so let's not count him out, all right? - Yeah. Uh, I respect you for comin' up on this stage, but why'd you do it with different color shoes, silver and beige? Hold up, Austin, yeah, he came from Texas, what the hell is going on with your necklace? Okay, yeah, he said my mustache lookin' weird, but hold up, let me make this clear, this dude got... (laughing) What the heck is going on up under here? Okay, um, now first, I do this every single day, I eat these rappers and then I go and eat dessert, I try to tell them what it's like, I put 'em under, like, and even if I had to take his life, I had to get the nurse. (cheering) - Time, I feel you, I feel it, I feel it, I feel it, both of you, whew. (applause) All right, judges, let's hear what you guys are thinking. - Brah. - [Ryann] Right, right, what up, crazy? - Austin said, ya 'stache can't be on a playground or something like that. That was crazy. - Austin, you went off. It was definitely a great battle. I'm looking forward to you eating rapper, not sure, but if you did, this was great. - I like that he took his hat off and exposed what's going on up under there. Ultimately, this is a battle, and obviously one person went harder than the other, so you know which way it's gonna have to go. - Judges, on the count of three, one, two, three. (cheering) Yeah, Austin, you're moving on. (buzzer) All right everybody, we got the last battle for the first round, everybody ready? Give it up for Shannon and BlanQ. - Hi, I'm Shannon Joy Rodgers. I'm a little nervous, I don't feel like I'm the most confident rapper, but I've been working on my freestyles a little bit, we'll see if they're up to par with these other guys. - My name is BlanQ, it's just time for me to really step out as an artist, and I'm just grateful for the opportunity to really showcase what I've been working on, really, the almost last 10 years of my life. Uh, I'm pumped, let's do it! - Our first lady MC, I mean, how does that feel to be up here, representing? - I'm up here, and I'm just going to have fun and be confident with it, that's all. I don't really know how I got into this (bleep) but your face, you kind of look like the clown from It, (crowd laughing) You got a blazer on right now, you gonna do my taxes? I don't know, I got some money back, so maybe you can help me with that, I'm not trying to relax you. What, you got a dolphin on your neck, look man, get some silver chain, I got this in Mexico, I can help you out if you want me though. (laughing) I'm rocking some Carne de Gassons, but I'm looking at those, and I'm like, what the hell are those? (laughing) I was rocking those in middle school, probably, I don't know, you got some product in your hair, it's going to, put it back in me. (laughing) (buzzer) yo, that's it. (laughing and cheering) - All right, BlanQ, you ready to respond? - Yeah, I'm ready. - Okay, oh god. - Yeah, yo, okay, yo that (bleep) was cool, but I forgot what you said, why does it look like you got a mop on your head, now wait, I'm not saying it's a wig, don't tag me, I'm going past crazy, and now hold up, I'm getting lazy, let me get back to the facts, man, your whole style is rubble, why am I up here battling Mrs. Huxtable, hold up, where's the doctor, I spit it with the '90s flow, it's unbelievable, I'm GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip, I'm acid-tip to your throat, just because you got pretty lips don't mean you can't catch the kiss of death, I come through, no disrespect, yeah. (buzzer) - Wow, oh, okay, um. (laughing) I don't know what to say, we just gonna see what the judges have to say, okay? - I might need a little more time to deliberate, I definitely dig Shannon's awkward bars, that was cool, but she was coming for his neck, though, like, no punches held, and my man's over here, came dressed like Wall Street stuntin', I rock with that, man. I'm gonna need some time to deliberate. - I love this one. BlanQ, I loved your confidence, and the compliment you threw in, that was great. Shannon, I loved your awkward bars as well, real cool. - So, uh, judges, on the count of three, one, two, three! Whew, all right, BlanQ, you are moving on to the next round. I had to do the math too. (laughing) Thank you, we will see you in the next round. (buzzer) Well, that is it for round one, we are going to move into Round two, stay tuned. All right everybody, you ready for the next round? Another 30 second round with the winners from round one. You all ready? (cheering and applause) Yes, yes, so let's make some noise for Sauve and Cameron Jordan. (cheering) - Aight. Look. Look. (laughing) Look, wax on, wax off, I already can tell all his raps are soft, uh, he's just lost for words, I'm a call you Mr. Soft Serve, look, I'm an Apple Mac, you a DOS nerd, you outdated, saw your mixtape on that pivot, didn't play it, as for some beats, come on, I dare, make it 'cause I really hate (bleep) come on, doggie, why you gonna come against me, you might as well act like a frog and just sleep, look at your hair, dog, it's a rainbow, you got tired of clothes and you changed though, c'mon dog, you ain't changed flows, how you got Kool-aid on your Jordans? (buzzer) (laughing) C'mon, why you come here sportin'? - Yo, whoa, yo, new generation, I'm a 90s baby, you're steppin' in this battle, yo, must be crazy got it down, midnight (bleep) so lazy, yo look at all these jeans yo you must be crazy, walkin' out of the house, lookin' like a bum, talking shit, you're steppin' on the (bleep) gum, goddamn, and I'm beating up this beat like a drum, (bleep) talkin' (bleep) while I be red rum oh my god, cut throat (bleep) cut throat, oh oh hell no, that (bleep) weed grow, oh (bleep) that (bleep) dead, bro, can I run it back, can I run it back? - We'll talk to the producers and see if we can run it back, - Talk to the producers (booing) Hey, talk to the producers! - Unfortunately, the producer-- - Ah, I lost (bleep) - Hey, that doesn't mean you lost. - Yeah, that's a loss, bro, hey, I lost. - Hey, let's see what the-- - Y'all, hey, follow me on Spotify, you know what I'm saying, get that (bleep) out the wheezy, go on, you already know how we do. - Anything can happen, anything is possible. So judges, how do you feel about what we just witnessed here, with Cameron and Sauve? - Say less. - All right, Cam is moving on. Thank you so much for being here. All right, y'all ready for the next round? (cheering) Give it up for Austin and BlanQ. (cheering and applause) - Word, let me find my light, uh huh, let me find my light, right? Uh, yo, yo, uh, I'm a math nerd, and this is a quick equation to show everybody the face of cultural appropriation, congratulations, this is how it works, have you ever been eaten alive in the form of a verse? Honestly, yo, I gotta tell you, that's a lie, you're so whack, you're probably the reason Biggie died so don't ever say his name, I'm making magic, I'm David Blaine, you 'bout as fake as Dana Dane, so here's how it goes, people making fun of my Chucks, if that's the case, then you done (bleep) the (bleep) up, uh, whoa, what the (bleep) up, chipper up, matter fact, you fakin' dog, I hit you with the fisticuffs, no, I'm keeping it chill, I don't need me a deal, honestly, you lost to Queen Latifah the last round, for real, so (cheering and applause) - You did not have to go appropriation, you didn't. (buzzer) BlanQ? - No, yeah, yeah. (laughing) - You ready to respond? - Yeah, we're ready. - All right, Courtney, spin it. - Yeah, yo, yo Hey, yo, can you turn it up, yo, I let my light shine, I ain't 'fect' by your rhymes, you (bleep) fake by design, I look through your lines I seen it, you m-- hold up, I had to mix it up with soda, wait, wait, you wanna talk about that you really (bleep) great, but let me elevate, you can't really do what I date I equate that your equations are a bunch of fakes, they got disproved about 10 years ago, because, see, Eminem came through with the illest flow, maybe better than Biggie, but it ain't no biggie, I come through and get jiggy, like Will Smith did, but I ain't really (bleep) with your buckwheat head, hold up, you little rascal, I might put you under an armpit, because it looks like your mom did she shoulda-- (laughing) (buzzer) - I can't, we're gonna see what the judges have to say about this. I'm gonna... - I love when they come out swingin' like that, that's what I want to see, this is a battle, that's how it's supposed to go down, I love that. - That's it, y'all came, y'all wasn't playing, and we loved it, show time. - Yeah, you guys are great. (laughing) - [Ryann] Judges, are we ready? On the count of three, one, two, three. All right, Austin, looks like you're moving on to the final round - [Austin] Thank you. - All right, we are ready for the final round, it's about to go down, everybody's about to get the cookies and the title of RapFeed King. Welcome back to the stage, Austin and Cam. (cheering and applause) One minute, you ready? - One minute, aw (bleep). Different color Converse, Wrangler jeans and a Nas flow, with that hair, you look like black Johnny Bravo (laughing) C'mon crunchy, you can't touch me, (bleep) there's no use dusting, uh, look at his whole style, it's a little dusty, I see you touching kids like he's Sandusky Is that Old Bay? How is that tattered? Come on, dog, you about to get battered You think you rap like Mr. Mathers, but you not, slim, nah, never mind, you need to get in the gym, (laughing) Look, how many rappers you gonna eat, fam, I think you need to slow down on that wingspan (laughing) you need to get back to the gyyym! Damn, you been eatin' above the riiim! (laughing) Is that amethyst? I don't even know you amateurs get in the rap game and spit, where the beat go, (bleep) (laughing) oh, I'm about to bring it back, this (bleep) look like he been smokin' crack 'bout to hit him in his back, wait, why this shirt inside-out with tag on the back, oh, is that a small Gildan? (laughing) (buzzer) Man, where'd you get this? From the swap meet? (laughing) Yo, you need to take it to the swamp meet (bleep) real low-key, I need to get that (laughing and applause) - Yeah, yeah. - Austin, you ready? - As ready as I'll ever be. Right, yo. I got a minute, so I feel like I should go my hardest right now, but I'm a chill, 'cause I'm an artist right now, you see the way I flow, talk about my attire, hell yeah, but I get lit 'cause I'm on fire, now this guy, uh, man, you can trust me, tell everybody in Buzzfeed, you just got body by buckwheat, damn, ain't that crazy though, ain't it crazy that a B.I.G. got the Slim Shady flow, that you would tag before I got hella metaphors, it doesn't matter, homie, you gonna look like a predator, matter fact, that's true man, you're a true loser, matter fact, you look like a mix between a YouTuber and a school shooter, (laughing) so, you tryin' to make fun of me, dog, you ain't got the buzz, I'm the real bumblebee, now, I got Chucks on, that's true, because I have fashion, unlike you, black dude, (laughing) my brother, my brother, what are you trying to be, a mix of a white guy and Donald Glover, (cheering) awesome, that's the way, go impromptu, I'm pulling ladies, hell yeah, call me Johnny Bravo, Tanto, moving all in, head honcho, matter fact, I black out, wait no, I go blanco, uh, blanca, yo, shockin' 'em, I'm rockin' 'em, it doesn't even matter, I be rock 'em, sock 'em, boppin' 'em! By the way, uh, this sin is gonna linger, on behalf of Little Oozy Six Nine, here's my middle finger. (cheering) Oh, and you don't even go fake it, though, I'm a come in with the 'fraidy flow, the Slim Shady flow, I said it before, but it doesn't matter, yeah I'm big, that's what put your ass up on the platter and I munched it (laughing) up for no discussion, I ain't rushin' matter fact, I ain't lunchin' I'm Tim Duncan on the beat, I'm takin' my moment and yeah, I ain't gonna lie, homie, I'm gonna own it, yo, I'm going so hard and steady, I bet on your breath, five dollars, you've got mom's spaghetti, tryin' to act like Eminem, uh, I ain't gonna fake, yo this spin is goin' forever, all right, great (clapping and cheering) - The thing is, Kwesi literally has lost your shoes, I don't know if we have a camera on this, we're going to check in with the judges one last time and see what they have to say. Some time, yes, any initial thoughts, yes? - What are you doing? - [Ryann] I don't know. Nandy, any thoughts right now, initially? I mean, we just went through a lot, I feel. - Yeah. (laughing) Yeah. That's all I got. - Kwesi, you lost your shoes, are you back, are you good? - Yeah, these guys are great, man. (laughing) (buzzer) - On the count of three, judges, one, two, three. - Austin is the king of RapFeed. Austin, whoa, you killed it up here. - Thank you. - How do you feel? Like, how does it feel to win RapFeed? - It's still kicking in. - So like, if anybody's out there, these like, young rappers coming up, like someone who's looking up to you right now, what would you say to them? - I would say, uh, that, if you're really vibing what I'm doin', that means you're vibing with yourself, so keep doing exactly what you're doing, and keep motivating me, and I'll motivate you, just right back. - Thank you all so much for coming out. Austin, you killed it tonight, thank you so much, judges, DJ Devastator, Nandy Mason and Kwesi, thank you so much for being here.