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[Music] [Applause] how can a child save us all if he's sentenced to die tell me Nicholas tell me before you let our son go where we begin does not define who we will become [Music] before you I see a path [Music] built by friendship and family love and loss war and bloodshed you are sent by the gods to protect this world [Applause] you carry the blade of yumminess act like it as you write your Odyssey across the mountains and the Seas the fate of Greece journeys with you [Music] [Applause] thank you thank you I'm so Nathan's mom creative director of Assassin's Creed Odyssey Assassin's Creed Odyssey is more than just an adventure it truly is a role-playing journey you will explore on land and see one of the most iconic and influential settings in human history ancient Greece the Golden Age of Athens saw the rise of democracy modern medicine revolutionary art and Western philosophy but it was also a time of war a devastating conflict between Sparta and Athens the Peloponnesian War divided the Greek world and changed the course of history in this world of contrasts and opportunity this land shaped by the gods rage is a battle between order and chaos this is where your adventure begins you a simple mercenary an outcast to take on an incredible quest to save your loved ones and become the legendary Greece Greek hero Greece desperately needs our teams in Quebec and from around the world I've spent the last three years putting all their energy passion and dedication into this project we have continued to transform Assassin's Creed into an epic RPG experience an RPG in which you will not just play an odyssey but your Odyssey shape out your actions and choices and the first choice you'll make at the start of the game is to choose your character anacs ills or Cassandra [Applause] can you play that character for the entire game you share the bloodline of a legendary Spartan hero and bear is mysterious weapon [Music] your turn there need a spear you're old enough now my father's spirit holds a certain burden but you are ready think of Leonidas he can create courage and he made a great sacrifice you share in his blood and the strength he possessed the [Applause] broken spear of Leonidas gives you access to powerful ranged combat and stealth abilities that you can unleash on your enemies and for the first time we have deeply changed the way we tell stories in Assassin's Creed you can now truly interact with history like never before perhaps when I was thin up both in weight and philosophy so tell me were you able to resolve the situation without bloodshed the rebel heart guards I relieved them hmm interesting you thought the life of a thief and a murderer was worth more than that of soldiers doing their duty I wasn't even thinking about him to be honest and what of the rebel he should be halfway to Mykonos by now oh really you let that lunatic run loose are you sure that was wise I'm not sure if watching you was wise our choices are like ripples on water they seem tiny and insignificant at the beginning but they can become devastating tidal waves by the time they run their course over the next few days you can experience this for yourself here at e3 in our playable demo and for you at home here's a full gameplay sequence of Assassin's Creed Odyssey thank you have a grade III [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] such a beautiful island ah Mykonos Island built from the corpses of giants slain by the legendary Eve atlas written in a note again eagle bearing mistress that's you we are a small but fierce group of rebels who'd pay you handsomely to help us overthrow our Athenian oppressors a warrior named Theophilus fights with them none who faced him survive please miss deus our people are dying signed Kira what did your informant tell you world has already spread of you sinking those ships there's a price on your head oh that didn't take long there's also world of Spartans landing on Mykonos so I'm here to find Kira who wants me to kill their place in Athenian Ally who's at war with Sparta and don't forget the bounty business as usual then gods protect you Cassandra thanks for nervous but they'll be too busy protecting the Elise from me swathi [Music] mercenary this can't be good you're chasing your own you want my head come and take it [Music] you really should have left me alone [Applause] Barnabas was right Spartans have made themselves right at home I'm looking for Kira what do you want with her ha little mercenary who bears the eagle of Zeus you got my message it said something about paying me handsomely mercenaries Athenians have enslaved their people for too long help us free Mykonos from their grasp and you'll have more than meat and you can carry I'm here to kill the Oakley's not go to war which is why I sent word of a rebellion to you and Sparta my men are ferocious in a ground assault but we're outnumbered in the Oakley's fights with the fury of Ares join us in battle if you're half the warrior Kira says you are we'll grind these Athenians into dust all right Spartan I'll fight with you but the kiss is mine to battle then [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the birth of you even better your life ends today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]