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Hi Guys, Posadist Pacman here with yet another Shonen Ronin Video and this one is really important. Because this one is about one of the best Sci-Fi Anime in recent times and more to the point, it explores the fact that it is a vindication of my own ideology. That being Posadism, or as it has been known in the memes of old. FULLY. AUTOMATED. LUXURY. GAY. SPACE. COMMUNISM. “Humanity embraces the idea of less dependency upon the Earth and improved relations with other worlds. No society composed of classes or led by bureaucrats will carry this out, because only the harmony of Socialism can do it. The point we are at was not reached through calculations and programmes, but through the actions of the whole of society” – J.Posadas Astra Lost in Space is an interesting setting to be sure. A world vastly different from the one we know, they have advanced technologically to an extent which is startling to say the very least. Given the time frame involved. When you factor in the history of this universe however it’s hardly surprising. I should warn you though. I will be discussing spoilers from here on so if you haven’t seen it. Come back later after you’ve watched it. The society we see in the show suggests that a different form of economic model has taken hold as opposed to that of capitalism. However it is evident that there is definitely still a class system in place. The dynamics of our main cast make that evident, simply due to the existence of both a royal quarter in the province of Vixia. Which is strictly segregated along class lines. And the main cast’s attitudes as well as their behaviours towards different people and issues. Most of them are members of rich or famous families due to their origin. That being clones of their family’s leading member. Due to the illegality of cloning in this society it would obviously be a prerequisite that the people involved in this scheme would have considerable wealth and influence in order to evade authorities and to maintain the confidentiality of their activities. However poverty and scarcity seem to be absent while the world is united under a single democratic government. With all natural resources being publicly owned and the means of making war abolished. With all weapons being restricted to domestic response to crime only. It would seem that we have a form of Social Democracy with business and private property being heavily regulated while using publicly owned resources to manufacture their goods. They have also abolished the concept of religion and tribalism by extension eliminating notions of race and nationalism. Essentially they established a new society from scratch, optimised with a hybrid of market economy and a socialist leaning world government. I mean, it’s not exactly what we wanted but it’s pretty based if I’m being honest considering what we have right now. Now this is all background and not really what the show is about but it is important. Because it allows us to see where our main characters are coming from and the effect their actions will have. And in true Shonen Ronin fashion I am gonna link it back to a singular concept. But not one that you may expect. This discussion about Posadism is one not based in the meme but its reality, and it is one based around something which our opponents on the right and members of the liberal left constantly bleat at us with. Human Nature. Human Nature is often defined by those on the right as the inherent competitive drive, the need to be above others and inherent greed. I challenge that notion, rather I DEFY that notion. Throughout history and throughout our culture we have seen nothing but the contrary, it is the artificial infection of capital and the class struggle which has formed this view, and I quote directly “Human intelligence stops at no boundary, not even that constituted by the human relations that gave birth to it. Intelligence sees through what stands before it. It has the ability to surmise, infer and foresee. It detects objects beyond those that are visible, and makes relations with them. The main drive of private property is to limit the scope, the development and the dynamic of intelligence. The interest of private property causes it to counteract and cripple anything that develops ideas. Inspect any epoch you please: There, you see private property at war with any idea that threatens to deviate, go further or surpass private property. Individually, as in boss vs worker, or as a class, capitalism vs proletariat. Socialism is all to the reverse. The elementary condition of socialism is to make every scrap of objective knowledge serve the common good, the good of humanity. Socialism does not serve the socialists and the communists. It serves humanity!” The human spirit, is one of cooperation and unity, not one of ruthless destruction. Our very evolution has been the result of our tribal and communal nature, the ability to work together in order to overcome obstacles. And even when it seems as though we fight and struggle amongst ourselves these too are examples of unity. In wars or competitions it is not the individual who decides the outcomes but GROUPS, TEAMS, COMMUNITIES. The very collision of our points of view and the resulting discord is but a necessary step in the eventual synthesis which brings forward a world with elements of the old forged into an alloy that is the new. Astra Lost in Space embodies this in a way that not many other shows do. Together the crew must overcome challenge after challenge while overcoming their own personal conflicts and difficulties. Trauma bonding is the technical term to describe this phenomena but I say it speaks to something deeper than that. You see when material conditions deteriorate it is often asserted that the traditional order of things will maintain at least some form of control or structure. In almost every conceived case of catastrophe, governments have some form of contingency plan in order to maintain at least the semblance of control. But there is a precipice, a phenomena which even the might of capital or empires cannot overcome. All modern society relies on a class system, even that in the show. But when confronted with circumstances this dire, where structure is completely obliterated and hope all but lost. We find our salvation in the fact that under such material conditions, class as a concept is erased. Our characters come from rich and powerful families for the most part. However Kanata, Aries and Charce are all decidedly working class. And yet while these class divides remain firmly in place in the initial phase, as the situation progresses these divides fall away and a connection begins to form transcending all the preconceived notions established by society as a whole. Every member of the crew has their own skills and knowledge, bringing an almost beautiful dialectical force to every arc. The perception of each character and their input is enough to shine the light on issues not previously considered, or resolve issues that no one could solve independently. In our modern world education and entrepreneurship is stifled by the ever tightening noose of corporate capital. All the while proclaiming that these are its greatest hallmarks. However it is only when we strip this façade away that we can see its true face. That of enslavement and exploitation. True freedom and liberty, true economic growth can only occur when the workers and academics alike are freed from the shackles of financial risk and exploitive labour. And this is only possible through the destruction of the system that props up these institutions. The collaboration of all the members of Astra’s crew, a true meeting of minds free from these constraints, allows them not only to survive, but gather important technical and biological data from the planets they visited. This world free of Nobility and Academic Aristocracy breeds new possibilities and ideas, planting the seeds for a future far brighter than that which awaits us under capital. But there is a price to this, one which the show also addresses. Unity and abolition of class comes at a cost. And it is not a small cost either. The community of the good ship Astra is one forged in hardship. Class and competency barriers are torn asunder by the sheer gravity of the situation. But the society from which they came is only as wealthy and peaceful as it is now because of the core axioms of peace, cooperation and unity. The counterrevolutionary barriers of class and capital have since resurfaced due to the lack of a strong party and political will, but at its conception the society of Astra the planet was teetering on the edge of socialism. In fact you could say in its initial phase it was socialism. And how was it achieved? Simple. Through complete destruction of the imperialist and capitalist system that propagated the initial colonization efforts. Destruction realized through global nuclear war. Time and again the human race was faced with strife, and time and again humanity unified to face it. The asteroid which prompted the search for Astra brought humanity together, but just as all capitalist and imperialist systems. Once they had an answer, reactionary forces returned. It ended how it was always going to end. But through this obliteration of society, a new world was forged. Just as Hegel and Marx state, this apocalyptic clash leads to the synthesis. An alloy of unrivalled strength. The destruction wrought by capital and empires alike would be cast aside, a new world based on ideas of peace, tolerance, atheism and public ownership of natural resources would be established. The means of making war forever relegated to the history books. This utopia can only be realised through the abolition of class, and this may only be achieved through the destruction of the walls that divide us. Reforming Fascists and Reactionaries is impossible. This we know to be true. But when the scourge of nuclear fire or climate collapse sweeps our world clean. The Proletariat will remain upstanding, and those upstanding ARE ALL Proletarian. For only the Proletariat thinks in the concept of Humankind. And I quote “Humanity is going to behave in the way made necessary by its need to face up. If someone could prove to us that postponing the Socialist Revolution by 20, 30 or 50 years could avoid the nuclear war, we would go along with the idea. The matter however stems from a historic necessity, not a number of years. The atomic war is inevitable. And it will be followed, immediately, during and afterwards, by the world triumph of the Socialist Revolution”. You see, it will be as the motto of the ship states. We will struggle through adversity, to find salvation, in the stars