Astrology for the Soul March 25 2020


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[Music] to say Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system doesn't do it justice Jupiter is a world so roomy that it could swallow every planet and moon in the solar system and still have room for more if you move the earth you could put it inside the Great Red Spot you can fit a thousand earths inside Jupiter's huge hola this is Chi pocha with the weekly Paley report for March 25th of 2020 the moon we just had a new moon in early degrees of Aries conjunct Chiron Black Moon Lilith squaring the moon's nodes I might even talk a little more about that coming up now she's gonna go along and today on Wednesday she's going to conjunct with Eris as she squares all that Capricorn Jupiter Pluto Mars in Capricorn and then by Saturday well then she's then she's gonna go in and on on Thursday she's gonna go into Taurus where she's gonna hit Uranus right and early Taurus you can look at the chart at the beginning of the talk here and pause it there you can see all of these aspects you know the nice thing is that and when she goes into Taurus she will eventually conjunct with Venus on Saturday and Venus is in a beautiful trine look at that nice trying between earthy Taurus and earthy Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn and then Venus is gonna come into a nice trine with Mars - she's just cruising right along through Taurus very beautiful in the meantime Mars okay is charging charging you know conjoined with Jupiter conjoined with Pluto is marching on on Sunday he is at the 29th critical degree of Capricorn and then by Saturday no Sunday he moves in to Aquarius to conjoin with Saturn and you can see I mean he moves a little less than a degree a day so what you're gonna see is on that chart that I have Jupiter is conjunct Pluto and Mars is conjunct Saturn all at the same time hanging out right there it's kind of a culmination we're building building building you know till you know these conjunctions very very intense and they're happening on Sunday so it's a you know things are building up here all through the rest of the week and down back into the weekend and there's lots more I can talk about I mean mercury is moving out of shadow on February 17 ok mercury went retrograde and he's just now as of next Monday going to start moving into new territory so there's been a rehashing with this mercury for a little while now and he is emerging out we're gonna get some new energy some new understanding as mercury comes into that conjunction with Neptune but that's not gonna be till next week and that will be another report and so for now I'm just gonna find a place to sit and explain what all that means oh yeah okay everybody I want to start right off with the New Moon New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron squaring the moon's nodes last week I got way off on a tangent I didn't really talk about you know the daily kind of stuff that's going on but this New Moon in Aries it sets the tone for the whole month so we have the overtone of the wounded warrior we have the undertone of the wounded healer attending to our wounds whether they're virus or our past history our feeling of impotence of helplessness of hopelessness the warrior is the one that does things charges asserts its will and gets things done goes where it wants when it wants stays home when it wants plays when it wants makes love when it wants it's just go go go and we've got this Chiron moving through Aires this masculine energy that's been distorted perverted okay weirded out for centuries the misuse of the masculine energy to dominate nature to take take to rip off abuse rate the earth the mother the gaia now we're just kind of coming around Chiron is in Aries like I said before okay that's an 8-year transit it's been there for one we've got seven more to go this is the view we're just coming into the beginning of this massive change of Ages not only of Ages but of paradigms of thousands of years this is a huge time it's a huge turning-point what I find so beautiful is the Sabian symbol for the degree of that new moon it's the fifth degree of Aries there's the brook I use you've seen it before you'll probably see it again if you listen to my channel man it's a triangle with wings fifth degree Aries five degrees the capacity for self-transcending this is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence of pure aspiration or devotion of bhakti what has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further uh preachings the principle of levitation is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution the emergent being glorifies and deifies itself but it is still only an ideal at this stage nevertheless the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization a new dimension of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors a pair of wings with a triangle the law of three the Trinity Brahma Vishnu Shiva Father Son Holy Spirit the third harmonic has to do okay with this opening this clairvoyants this bhakti energy this is a time for us and I just want to really encourage each and every one of us to use this year 2020 you know as really a time of reshaping our few sure this is not a time to be carried along by the forces of the patriarchy or the past this is a time where it's like the cards are getting shuffled okay we've been dealt a hand we've played a hand it's taken a few thousand years and now it's all getting shuffled getting shook up redistribution of wealth redistribution of oil and resources and medicines and he leaned the healthcare system I'll tell you this is a time this is the time of stopping doing things the way they've always been done and reflect so this Saturn moving in to Aquarius Saturn goes into Aquarius retrogrades back into Capricorn and comes back again next December in particular will be the third time that Saturn is at this zero degree of Aquarius so we have this whole year it's kind of moving forward and and what is Saturn maturity it's time to grow up it's time to take responsibility it's moving into Aquarius Aquarius I mean Saturn in Aquarius obviously Aquarius is social it's our global reality it's the Internet it's friends groups community and Saturn going in there okay is definitely right isolations self-isolation blocks walls limitations to our friends groups and associates Mars coming along to conjunct Saturn is a lock down Mars Saturn is the military this is you know coming up this weekend it's all kind of really building building building in density as Jupiter conjunct ting Pluto magnifies this whole intense intense deep processing and transmutation so we're all kind of feeling overwhelmed we can all be feeling pretty weak right now pretty helpless pretty hopeless you know this is a time it's often been said you know people don't pray and they don't pray and they don't pray they don't talk to God they don't meditate until it's an emergency until it's a disaster from time immemorial just go back to the Bible go back even farther than that the plagues you know Moses brought the plagues to Egypt okay there's been plagues the black plague in Europe okay all these plagues have always it's very deep whether you want to believe in past lives or DNA and our collective memory it's deep in humanity's collective memory that a pandemic or a plague is a punishment by God right or we could say mother nature God Allah source creator life it's like hmm wake up it's a big huge reminder that we are mortal that we are temporary and we better look at what we're doing and if the forest fires don't wake us up and the melting glaciers don't wake us up in the rising oceans don't wake us up and the hurricanes don't wake us up well maybe a virus will wake us up to mindfulness to purposefulness to what life really means to what life is really about to who we really are this is a beautiful time the wings with the triangle to envision now that these cards are getting shuffled we are going to get an opportunity we are going to have an opportunity and it's going to take a number of years but the economy is gonna bounce back the health is going to bounce back think you know nature life humanity always bounces back but do we want to bounce back to the same place - the same way of doing things - the same way that we were know now is a chance with our triangle in our wings to envision a higher order of existence a higher form of expression for our own personal nature so we want to take this time we want to in a way be grateful for this time to shut out the distractions you stay home feel your feelings you got to meditate a little bit I just did a yoga put to put it up on YouTube I'm gonna do a whole nother I think video around the politics and the economy and the stock market and Donald Trump and I'm gonna do all that stuff but I don't know that I'm gonna just like put it out here on YouTube you know for the general public I'm a kind of save that I have an online community there's a new paradigm astrology community and there are people that are a little they know me better and it's a little more how can I say friendly I don't need Nass the emails and comments and stuff because I do have a lot to say and and there's a lot to bring forward but you know it's really when you ask a question and you're ready for the answer and you're listening that the new can really make itself you know that that we can find the teacher when the student is ready the teacher appears so like when we're not asking when we're not looking when we're not seeking when we're just you know at the bars or the restaurants or you know the cafes or Starbucks everything that's closed you know when we're just out there partying we don't necessarily get the answers to our questions now we may be listening a little deeper a little better and I want to encourage each and every one of us now now is it time to listen in and not field not take it personally not that you know I'm being punished by God like I've done something wrong or I'm bad or you know I'm afraid and I might die or you know I'm you know I'm in grief and sorrow and I'm hopeless I'm feeling vulnerable we are all super vulnerable that's why we have to stay home and we know will nourish our humanity the moons coming around through aries taurus gemini into cancer she's gonna hit cancer what did I say you know she comes into cancer on Tuesday hits the North node of the Moon squares Chiron I'd say you know you know within a week or so okay you know when that moon hits her North node there's going to be you know a realization and that realization hopefully leads to new forms of action new ways of addressing the threat and that threat maybe politicians that threat maybe the way you know that we're managing the situation or that threat of course is the virus so yeah today you know this is in the mantra for this week really I can be afraid of my feelings deep inside but the more of myself I own and embrace the easier it is to decide Mars Saturn is the sword that cuts Saturn separates finishes one contract starts another contract closes this business starts a new business you know ends this relationship starts a new commits to a new way a new path we have this is a time of big decisions will I go back to that job that I had will I you know will I go back to the life that I had these these decisions are going to shape our expression of who we are for the rest of our lives and our children's and their children and future generations so yeah it can be you know we can go inside and go oh man maybe I'm you know I doubt myself or I did something wrong or I'm feeling bad and you know we may want to avoid or deny these feelings I'm encouraging you our feelings hold great wisdom around who we are I am Who I my feelings relate to me Who I am my thoughts are who I wanna be that's my ideal that's what I had to I think I am my feelings are who I really am right here now so it may not be comfortable to turn off the internet and the screens and the TVs and just like feel into the feelings stare into the fire maybe have a glass of wine or look out the window come to the river or listen to the birds sit in stillness feel those feelings know thyself and when you do and you embrace it you'll know what to do you won't be oh I don't know oh I'm not sure well maybe I what's ever gonna pay the rent no no no no no no it's like I spent that time I went in I Know Who I am I know the path I'm on I know what I want to be where I want to go BAM Mars Saturn into Aquarius the future it's gonna start new right when Mars passes Saturn and Jupiter passes Pluto there's gonna be a little time here where there's some forward motion and it won't be long we want to seize the day because they are gonna go retrograde shortly but at least get you know get Mars at least Mars is through Capricorn oh man it's been a rough frickin month be glad to have him out of earth into outer space take off Mars one more time yeah I can be afraid of my feelings deep inside but the more I own the more of myself I own and embrace the easier it is to decide may you make the best decisions for everyone concerned I talked about narcissism last week Aquarius is the opposite of Leo Leo is more myself Aquarius is the group and the future this may be a time of putting our own passionate selves and relationship aside and to really devote and live our lives for and with the future and each other namaste Aloha so much love [Music] you [Music]