Astrology for the Soul October 3 2019

[Music] this is que Pacho with weekly Paley report and this one is for October 3rd 2019 and I am up here at the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan a sacred monastery with holy water Pluto station direct yesterday right now mercury going into Scorpio Mars going into Libra that beautiful moon is in Sagittarius a beautiful place for a nice nature hike and Friday tomorrow goes into Capricorn and there's where maybe some challenges might start a because it's gonna not only square the Sun but conjunct Saturn a cult Saturn a cult Pluto on the South node of the moon the Sun exactly squares the moon's nodes ok that is on Sunday so it's just like oh boy we got it all going on at this time and that's you know of course then the Sun square Saturn on Monday and on Tuesday Venus goes into Scorpio joins mercury there a little bit it's a little hard to be walking down these steps covered with water I am not alone there are a number of other people but I want to get down here to the waterfall of course before I run out of time and aspects what else is going on and of course you know part of the mantra is about it today is that mercury is opposite Uranus mercury opposite Uranus is exact on Sunday ok Uranus over there in Taurus and of course the other thing is that you know when Mars goes into Libra it's gonna be opposite Chiron really for quite some time right I mean you know Chiron is over there and very early Aries you got to give it a few degrees look at this baby yeah getting the camera wet now Oh por Dios checking it out baby back let's see what it looks like on the other side break on through to the other side oh yeah there we go it's a long way down from here we're at about 10,000 feet and you know we've been climbing it's a very steep climb really amazing more later okay check it out that is Tiger's Nest a Buddhist monastery built at 3,200 meters and inside there are these huge clay statues of Buddha in his different incarnations of you know the the monks that you know live there and the one who came there and meditated in a cave for four months and slew the Tiger the tiger woman the tiger lady and they built a monastery there and they were doing dances and playing those big long horns and the drums and chanting and you know the climb up here over you know a couple of miles very steep I hope I can get down really helped me come up with today's mantra because I have to say it and I I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but these aspects are challenging they are difficult we may be hearing some bad bad news according to the world situation according to the politics and the money and the banks and the weather it's uh you know it's really mercury opposite Uranus is very sudden news and when mercury is in Scorpio it can be very challenging very conflicting and we can have people you know go to extremes and you know you can go to extremes I can go to extremes really jumping ok all the way suddenly and kind of you know it's mental mercury instability Uranus so it's a very mentally unstable time in unstable mental times you know you know people say things that they really so I encourage you slow down mercury Uranus deal with the nervous system and it's just when they're in opposition we are wired on top of that Mars in opposition to Chiron ouch this is another one you know the wound of Chiron in Aries is that I am impotent and I will not get my way and one means of dealing with that wound instead of sitting with it looking at the origins meditating and contemplating okay the false beliefs or the false religions or doctrines that I have been taught that I'm undeserving or a sinner or powerless or you know I need to be more humble or align myself and you know just make myself less than less than less than less than that I have tons bad karma and I just you know I'm just here to try to make up for my existence [Laughter] this is Chiron this is the wound of Chiron in Aries because Aries is just like yeah I'm powerful I exist and what I want I'm gonna get I'm a warrior and I'm deserving and I am I am but that I am that I am that I am and that's that baby I don't make excuses you know I don't have to bow down I just AM a pioneering leader so when that phallus powerful masculine Aries energy is wounded and then we have Mars coming around you know in Libra the sign of the other this is just like I'm getting attacked you know it's just like you know there are warriors you know when I look out over the horizon okay outside myself I see trouble I see Mars so yeah this is a time where it's you know important to not under react and not overreact when you feel threatened or put down or like somebody's you know trying to smash you or control you one response you know is to you know over react and get yourself a gun a knife or here in Bhutan it's bows and bows and arrows archery is the country's sport but anyway and under react to you know to go into the wound and feel weak impotent inadequate and not respond you know in avoid conflict you know it's like no no no no you don't want to avoid the conflict you do need to stand up for yourself and assert yourself but not in a mercury earnest too like extreme sudden shocking traumatic wave you know like you know or you you know you don't need to overreact you know and blow people's heads off or blow people's minds or whatever so the Sun squaring Saturn's Suns squaring the nodes moon coming up you know into that square you know to me this is just like really bringing home that Capricorn elder wise wizened one that has perseverance the eaching says perseverance furthers this is a time for patience for reflection and to really learn the lesson you know Sun square Saturn is I'm being blocked there's a hindrance there's a government or a policeman or a spouse or a you know a business partner or you know a teacher somebody is blocking me from achieving you know the goals that I want that I've set for myself and I'm hitting this wall son Saturn is like hitting the wall you know and the moon Saturn can be lonely okay you know and I'm all alone and you know where's my partner and where's you know I need support and it's not there and I've got you know too many too much work so I mean it's a good time to work but it's also a time where you may over work yourself so that you know the Venus and you know the Venus in Libra going into Scorpio Sun and Libra is partnership relationship we're in this together spread the work around don't be afraid to ask for help don't be too proud the pride comes beef for the fall you know I mean Scorpio is humbling other people's power other people's money you know libras business partnerships other partnerships you know it's all the energy right now okay with the Sun Mercury Venus and Mars all over in Libra and Scorpio the energy is you know it's like the ping-pong ball or the tennis ball is in their Court okay it's yeah it's like okay it's their you know they've got the ball okay they've got the power they've got the you know whatever and it's time for me to kind of get ready you know you know build my defense or prepare myself because you know that ball is coming back at me right you know but you this is not really so much of a time of you know charging initiating you know beginning things this is more you know a time just like I say you know in this you know you know in this mantra for today there really is no hurry the mysteries of life and death reveal themselves subtly in every single breath this can be a time where there's a lot of business there's a lot of work there's a lot of what we could call it at least the Buddhists will call distraction distractions and attachments and you know these distractions and these attachments distract us from understanding feeling hearing knowing the deeper mysteries of existence and it's those deeper mysteries of existence that really give us a meaningful existence and inspire us to leave a legacy to keep on doing to upon going to climb that mountain there are very deep powerful mysteries and they lie beneath this is mercury going into Scorpio and and Venus going into Scorpio Sun will be there in no time you know it's time to look beneath the surface and not get caught up in superficial appearances activities okay you know beliefs or goals it's like really aim for the long run think of the long-term live a long life and take your time don't burn yourself out don't waste your energy fighting stupid battles so that you lose the war it's just like you know climbing up this mountain you know it's just like baby steps up the mountain you know and baby steps down the mountain little by little inch by inch bit by bit and you will get there you will make it so there really is no hurry the mysteries of life and death reveal themselves subtly in every single breath in one way you know I mean Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree it's like you don't have to go anywhere you don't have to do anything the eastern yin way is to be still and sit in stillness and enlightenment will come to you namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] well the night sky in viewing is on and if there's no night sky and then we gotta do something very good thank you good morning [Music]