Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Review and Unboxing w GamePlay features etc




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[Music] [Applause] hello folks this is I furniture from inspire is not coming pretty be able to talk about the racism that oh boy so guys let's talk about this laptop and this is one of the newer laptops by issues and it came out in last year it has a very unique design and it's different from almost anything that you have seen till now it weighs around two point five kilograms and let's start with the unboxing for the same inside the box you get this laptop the Zen Book Pro duo you x58 punchy B you also get the two 30 watt power adapter on the inside which outputs up to around a learn point eight ampere current and it's a discreet armrest available on the inside is also a detachable laptop stand on the inside along with the Asus proprietary pin at around 2.4 centimeters this laptop does feel a little bit thick and if you look closely the detachable palm wrist for this one is good but I feel that it's not really practical to carry it everywhere with you and hence the whole purpose of having something so good like this it comes a little bit difficult right now when I was using it in a normal setup I felt it was good even the pin worked fine everything felt great but when you take a lock up with you taking the detachable palm rest sometimes defeats the purpose of having a sleek and compact laptop it comes with a full size LED backlit keyboard and the key travel is around 1.4 millimeters the keyboard experience was good with the palm rest without the palm rest sometimes it felt a little bit awkward to type on it the trackpad on this one comes with dedicated number pad which can also be disabled and I really liked that gestures that it supports and there's also the screen pad Plus which is a nice 4k 3 4 0 by 1 1 0 0 to touch display and has a 178 degree wide viewing angle you can interact with it you can do a lot of stuff on it and that is something that I particularly like the display on this one is a 4k display OLED panel 100% DCI p3 color gamut support and I really like to display the best thing about it is that it's a touchscreen talking about the deal will tactical usage of a display like this I was able to use it nicely I was working on the main display with my tabs open in into a video song on the screen pad plus other than that if you are editing videos you can keep your viewfinder in the open display and you also get a nice added protection at the back which is a retractable strand on the left-hand side you get the DC in port the USB port there are the vents along with the full-sized HDMI port overall I felt that the design of this laptop is really sturdy and feels really thick the whole the trackpad placement is a little bit awkward but you get used to it but time on the right hand side there is the audio jack along with the Thunderbolt USB C jack and a USB 3.0 point generation 2 USB type a port along with a small LED light indicator and the vents for this laptop overall it's a well-built lap up and if you really want to damage it you have to drop it from a considerable height it's also Harman Kardon speakers present inside this laptop and the audio performance was also pretty good talking about what's on the inside it comes with the Intel Core i 9 9 and 8 0 h key processor really powerful processor 8 core 16 thread and the ram on this one is also really maxed out 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram if you talk about the graphics capability is there in integrated graphics and you also get the nvidia r-tx 2060 on the inside which is a really powerful graphic card and you need all of that power in order to run two displays which is the real workload being tackled by this system any time you are using it and now let's talk about the benchmarks there are two variants for the slap upon is the 9 + 8 0 HK one which we had and there's also another lesser powered variant this particular variant performed really well this is because of the fact that the 9 + 8 0 HK here gets to perform really nicely because the thermals of this laptop are also pretty good there is no thermal throttling happening over here and the internal SSD also has really good read/write speeds all the benchmarks show that the performance for this laptop is really superlative so the price also is really high if you talk about gaming which is something that you might not do in a laptop like this but you would want to do it's a people of 1080p ultra gaming easily on almost any modern title with around 60 to 80 frames per second on any game with almost maxed out settings how is he be able to get good frame rates and if you are one of those guys who want to play in two here fork in a solution which is possible on this laptop because of the higher resolution you might have to drop the settings down a little bit though the Arctic's 2060 GPU on paper support state tracing but I would suggest you not try ray tracing based games on this one because we tried quake RTS and you are able to play it on 720p with almost every other setting down to low and then we were able to do ray tracing on this one so a lot of modern-day games would run but ray tracing is not really that much optimized as of now maybe with future DL SS updates and few other things the giving performance with retracing games would become better right now 1080p gaming is good enough for the slap up even to key gaming on some lesser demanding titles would be great for a lot of people out there and I would suggest that you use a discrete Mouse and excrete keyboard in order to play games on this one because the internal keyboard though it's good it's not meant for gaming and now it's to a sound check in order to show you how the speaker's of the slab are performed so the sound was rich and the bass was pretty good and that's why I love the speaker setup on this slap up particularly if you keep it on a flat surface the sound profile has good amount of bass so that was something good the overall experience of working on this laptop was also good but if you work without the palm rest for extended periods of time you would feel that there is a little bit of pain in your wrists so I would advise you to use the palm rest at all points of time it comes to the 71 bought our 8 Silvie chargeable lithium polymer battery and they claim that it can give you up to 7.5 hours of battery life it's certainly a exaggerated claim because I got around 6 to 6.5 hours of battery life on the balanced power profile and with minimal workload so if you are going to do heavy workloads maybe the battery life would be even lesser the one good thing about this whole set opposed at the screen pad plus can be used in a lot of different ways you can also do character recognition on this one so you can just scroll down and write down anything jot down any on this one and it would recognize what actor you're trying to type even with her is he crazy handwriting like mine I was able to do a lot of stuff on this laptop so that's one of the good things about it you can run a video in the bottom screen and you normally work on the upper half which is really crazy setup it's like a dual monitor setup without actually having English in a dual monitor at a price of around 2 lakhs Plus this is a great laptop for anybody who can afford to invest in something like this it has got the power and looks the design everything is really perfect on this laptop but it are some occasional jitters in the software and everything and sometimes when trying to play games they kind of shift between the different windows and one thing shows up on the screen pad plus one thing shows on the main screen and there are few software glitches here that easiest needs to rectify but all in all this is the future of laptops personally I feel but maybe if something like this is implemented by more companies in the near future our productivity would infinitely increase so guys this was it for this video in case you like this one don't forget to smash the thumbs up button and do subscribe inspire tries for more awesome videos like this one and guys no matter what you do stay inspired her eyes wash your hands ten times a day keep your hands and it is as close via masks and please avoid public places because if you are safe from coronavirus then you would watch my videos otherwise it's bye-bye for all of us