At least one guy believes in Anthony Smith


Chael Sonnen


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I really enjoyed the build up Anthony Smith versus John Jones which is right around the corner quite frankly and Jesus words Iran in week plus eight days it's very interesting though the odds are I mean ten to one ten to one for John Jones Anthony Smith never been in a fight where this few of people believe in him that's a headline I'm quoting a headline that's not true that's actually not true I'm disputing that headline and they used as evidence the odds that he's never had this kind of odds stacked against him well that's that's two different conversation somebody comes in with a pocket full of hunters they'll swing those odds let's look back you said mr. Ryder and I won't say your name but you said that he's never had so few of people believe in him you have not followed the Anthony Smith story when Anthony Smith fought a man named Hector Lombard one person believed Anthony could win that fight and his name was Anthony I don't know what the odds were they were against him but I do know the word on the street and I do know not one single person thought he was going to win that fight except for a young man named Anthony when Anthony Smith fought Rashad Evans I do not remember what the odds are but I do know the people were against him and I do know there was only one person who thought he could win that fight and it was him and I know when he went in there with the former number one contender in Vulcan who look great whoo Dave DC a little bit of a run and gave everybody else an ass whippin I don't remember what the odds were but I do know the word on the street and I do know that there was only one person that thought Anthony Smith was going to win that fight and that is Anthony so you can tell me the odds are whatever you want to tell me the odds are I don't give a damn I'm not betting on the contest so the joke's on you but if you try to tie that to a narrative that nobody believes in Anthony Smith nobody's ever believed in Anthony Smith except one guy Anthony Smith