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hey what's up it's Doug Huntington here from the insight project this is another affiliate site teardown and we're gonna take a look at the site called this is why I'm broke calm this is sort of like a different take on the affiliate site a novel approach and I mean they did a really really good job you know launching the site and you know keeping it relevant so as normal you know we're gonna take a look at some of the critical stats before we go into the teardown portion and because it's a different kind of a website we're gonna you know look at it a little bit differently but I'll take you through some different sections and you may be able to get some cool ideas from this is why I'm broke to add to a more standard affiliate site so I'm not sure if it'll translate in a big way but if you have enough traffic on your site you may be able to you know get some movement one of the big differences from this is why I'm broke versus other affiliate sites is this is why I'm broke looks to have a lot of you know social sharing because they have like funny type products on on their site and you'll see what I'm talking about so if you haven't seen any of the other tear downs I encourage you to go check out the playlist on this channel and you should be able to find you know at least ten or eleven others depending on when you watch this or maybe up to about twenty or so so this is an ongoing series and if you want to see a wide range of Amazon affiliate sites definitely check out the playlist so let's get into it here we're gonna take a look at four different sections or sorry three different sections of this is why I'm broke plus the about page so let's get started on niche site project which is my site and look at the critical data so this is why I'm broke was founded in May 2011 has almost 200,000 words ranking in the top 100 as I mentioned you know they really have a different so it's not built around content and posts and pages it's built around you know just affiliate content and I think social sharing so let's take a look here and you see the you know the average number of estimated monthly visitors ranges from three hundred fifty one thousand to just under three million as normal SEMRush in similar web have very differing metrics on how they determine this both of them are wrong of course and basically it's probably somewhere in the middle here is the accurate number this graph represents the traffic estimates from SEMRush so you can see you know just an upward trend they haven't had any you know real declines especially you know around any sort of what you would call a google update Google algorithm update which is represented in most cases by these red notes you you can see back in the end of 2013 there was a jump a pretty significant jump and then another one here in early or sorry it must be late 2015 so it's kind of interesting whenever there was a Google algorithm update this is why I'm broke seem to get a bump or at least that's the only time they got a Maitre bump and these are significant right so that's that's like if I just had to guess there's like a 40 percent increase or 50 percent increase is pretty significant there so that is only representative of the keyword data though so we'll be clear on that purely an estimate but it's cool to see this graph along with the Google updates next we're going to take a look at the metric so from Moz the domain authorities 55 trust flow from majestic is 23 there are a lot of index pages almost 30,000 which is insane average time on site is listed as two minutes and page views per visitors a little over to the balance rate per similarweb is about sixty six point eight percent so pretty interesting stats overall that's kind of a lot of pages more than I thought but when you see the site if you haven't seen it before I think you're gonna understand why so let's go to the home page and right off the bat we see a little bit of a different look so there's a big like section for the menus here we're gonna take a look at a few of these sections then there's a nice huge call to action where you can browse the deals on Amazon and this button goes to Amazon just straight up right I mean they want you to go to Amazon and look for deals so they've kind of shaped themselves around like deals also so let's just take a look at their homepage so again they have a search bar up here you can plug in register there's a menu get this huge call to action go to Amazon and then they just have what really makes up most of their site and that is the just random product reviews so we'll just jump right in so we'll look at this ren and stimpy mask and that there's a horrific looking a little guy there but you may remember ren and stimpy from the nickelodeon show from way back i remember it when I was like in middle school or so so it's a pretty old old show but yeah it looks crazy so this goes to the post on this is why I'm Brooke which I'll open in a separate tab but if you were to click on this link right here it goes to youtube so I won't click on that because it goes to YouTube but you can also check it out oh actually okay we will we'll click on it see what happens because this is a little I don't know what's gonna happen here okay we have it we have an Alex Becker commercial here so we'll skip this okay so it goes to a video and I assume there's some affiliate stuff here but maybe it's not I am actually a little confused that I picked a strange example so I don't know the affiliate relationship here but we'll remember the name Andrew Freeman because I think that may come in to come into play later so they have the Ren & Stimpy mask here you could check it out it goes to YouTube so that's unusual the next one may be more typical so this goes to this is this is why I broke an individual review this goes to the product and so does the check it out so in this case is not it doesn't look like it's actually an Amazon link which is kind of funny I'm doing this cold by the way I try and and try and come in without too much preparation so you can really see my reaction okay we're gonna work through this though so the Ren & Stimpy story here again it goes to YouTube they have some images of it they look just really scary you look at and then they have more there it looks like an endless scrolling situation so they just have more products here so that's how a lot of them are set up just in general so I'm gonna go ahead and close the YouTube tab I'm going to come back here so we can take a quick look at the remote controls a bony drink cooler here and we see this is all the content they have rights and they just have this little paragraph it's really only what two three sentences and if we go back to the home page it's basically the same it's the same copyright so they don't put any time and content it's a volume play to try and keep people on this endless scrolling site and for people to share it so the idea you know they have a really prominent sharing section here so if someone's into like the Zamboni lifestyle and hockey and ice rinks and stuff then they may share it with their friend and you can see it's been you know saved many times for people that lot logged in this I will actually just click it to see where this goes so this is the Hammacher Schlemmer Shh slam or site of which I you know I'm not actually familiar with it at all but it's some other affiliate program so like I said I didn't look super closely so we just followed a couple a couple links that are actually not an Amazon affiliate but we go back if we refocus here we can see on the homepage this does go to Amazon so this picture goes to Amazon this link right here goes to Amazon this button and then this post is linked from the title so glow-in-the-dark sand so we'll go ahead and open this page and it's been saved many times so glow-in-the-dark sand very interesting and if you click the image it takes you to Amazon this is their affiliate link and then this button is also an affiliate link they also have this prominent banner here for the deals on Amazon so that's notable and then as normal they just keep showing you these most popular items here so a lot of pretty pretty funny stuff I won't even call it out but you can see there's some pretty amusing stuff here a lot of it's not safe for work as you can see that's actually a good book this is a good book right here you should check that out and yeah there's just like endless items right endless scrolling like once you get into it it's pretty it's pretty fun so there's a lot of stuff here alright let's let's move on you know let's focus up and okay next part we're gonna go to the about page so this is the about page it's a free online magazine blah blah blah blah blah so this is pretty like generic up here but it holds true to you know what they're trying to do so they say we don't carry any of the products we don't sell them directly we just make a commission they have a contact form they allow people to submit a product you know it's cool and then what I lost the page naturally okay then they talk about the staff and they have Adam Freedman is listed here so if you remember before what I was showing you this renan's to be youtube video here you can see sculptor Andrew Freeman I'm not a hundred percent sure if this is a different person but the you know it makes me think it's maybe the same person because they have this like this is probably like the number one clicked thing here so I'm not sure but it could be that there's some relationship between them okay so they have a couple other people on staff they may have more chances are they have a slick API situation where they can just you know pull items from Amazon and other affiliate areas and you know even though there are you know thousands of items listed on the site you see that is pretty like basic so they've had mentions in Time magazine The Huffington Post MSN Gizmodo and so on and so forth I mean they've been all over the place and that's one of the reasons why you know they are able to you know hold such a strong position in the affiliate marketing area so let's look at a couple of the sections that they have so you see things dividing it up in a way that is logical and there are even more categories here so let's just take a look at a couple and see where it goes so a couple cool things so they've changed up the navigation just a bit so now you have all the categories listed over on the left side you can see there's there's like even more on the left sides because there's DIY and craft ideas so they're really sort of positioning themselves almost as a social site in some ways so again they have brief copies so there's only like a couple sentences here and you can set the price range so you know you can go from zero to 140 it looks like and then it filters stuff out so super cool you can also order it from highest to lowest price newest or whatever right there's four options here they're most popular so it's listed as most popular this is the default setting here so there are items in which you know women would like this is the gifts for women section so if you're looking for a gift idea for a woman then a person can look here so you could just sort of browse and get some ideas and they don't even show the full set of the copy but you'll notice they have the same sort of setup here so jewelry holder tree so I'll just click this and you can see they just have you know an image this image isn't even high quality right I mean it's kind of it looks like it's been stretched it doesn't look like a high-res image they have their standards set up here so picture the item that's an Amazon link they have this link to go to Amazon for the deal section small amount of copy about the product and then the check it out section they do list the price so they must have an API on the back side that's pulling that data and then as I mentioned they just want to keep you on the site so it's an endless scroll theater here it just keeps going forever so as we move on you can see gifts for men same deal right so they have little toolkits listed a fantasy football championship belt I bet that's pretty popular and yeah so you could just see they have stuff that makes sense for you know stereotypical min gifts okay so as we're looking through I'll just arbitrarily click on once I've seen these before fat gripz it's for basically working out it increases your hand strength so this is one of those kind of you know products and like I said if it goes to Amazon when you click on those so you see that's the product there then if we were to click on this it actually just goes to you know the page with a couple images and a little bit of copy not much so really they're just hoping that there's enough traffic on the site this is you know people are going to check things out like that and next let's take a look at the gear and gadgets here so same kind of deal so you'll notice that they have the navigation sort of expanded out so for gear and gadgets there are a lot of stuff categories here and then of course they list all the other main categories but let's just um you know dive in a little bit deeper just to see like apocalypse survival alright I'll play along okay so they have like some sort of a battle hatchet axe thing and then the forearm ammo sleeve which seems a little you know zombie oriented and a few other you know that this one's a little more fun a family size sleeping bag so tons of items and you can see that there are just endless ways to you know group the items this section is all apocalypse survival ok let that sink in for a second alright and then let's go on to like musical instruments I play the guitar a little bit so this is like a fun section so you know they have different you know stuff around guitars so there's a little mini amplifier there's a pick maker I actually have one of those little marshall mini amps and it just takes like a 9-volt battery so yeah they just have tons of music related items so they just scour and scour the internet and find different products to offer so let's look at alcohol gear just one more time since I'm now getting into the rabbit hole here so we have the breathalyzer the portable breathalyzer thing it's only $27 which seems like a great bargain they have a tap system here which seems cool it's about beer 30 where I'm at right now so that is something to get into they have a small home brewing system here which is cool and then they have this beer koozie necktie so I mean I just want to send this to all of my friends already so you can see once you hit on a certain area that you're interested in well it's easy to get sucked in so you can see that basically the site this is why I'm broke had a totally different take compared to any of the other sites I've reviewed which are really long-form content the big companies like outdoor gear lab baby gear lab you have like the sweet home the wire cutter those are all like big content plays and this is a viral sharing volume of you know post play as I mentioned before there are about 27 there's probably a lot more on this data it could be a little bit old by the time you're watching it there's probably you know thousands and thousands more but I mean we're talking over twenty seven thousand eight hundred posts which is crazy so you may be able to implement some things like this on your site you will have to be creative and I would say you know would be something where you would need a viral component number one and number two it would be most helpful if you had a an API sort of hook up an automated way to get these posts out here because you know you're gonna need a lot of them when you can compare you know some of the sites that I work on I feel like they're large with you know over 150 posts you know that's kind of large that's a lot of content and these are you know a whole different level now the thing is it's a much smaller site versus I'm sorry is a much smaller bit of content per post but so many more posts so that concludes this teardown and if you found this interesting please consider subscribing to this YouTube channel you'll be able to find a bunch of other tear downs probably ten or more and if you want to get keywords for other Amazon affiliate sites you can head over to my site niche like project comm if you sign up for the email list I'll send you think it's about fifteen thousand keywords thousand from each of the sites that I've reviewed on this site project and in this video series so thanks for checking out really appreciate it again I'm Doug Huntington from ditch site project