AutoCAD 3D Modeling 2 Customizing the 3D Modeling Workspace

while you're working in AutoCAD it can be very beneficial to customize the workspace that you're going to be using all the time so it's setup exactly how you like it right now I'm in the default 3d modeling workspace and as it is that works pretty well but there are some possible changes that I could make that could fit what I wanted to do better so it's a really nice thing to know how to do so this is as I said the default space if we have our standard ribbon the command line below and so on what some people like to do is actually grab some of those traditional toolbars that an AutoCAD classic environment might have just to keep things available for them that's really common and very handy once you've switched from the drafting and annotation workspace to 3d modeling things shift around a little bit so it can be a little confusing to find those and where you go is actually the View tab on the ribbon which is about in the middle and then way off to the right you'll see a toolbar section if you click on toolbars you'll have three different options and to get to those classic toolbars we're going to go to AutoCAD and then you'll see them all listed here so it might be possible that I would really like the modeling tools are available or modify or you know that type of thing so you can go through it's in alphabetical order and pick one that you're interested in so I might select modeling and when I do that it will put it somewhere on my screen it might be tucked up under the ribbon it might be floating it depends on where it was last and that type of thing so what I have here is the modeling toolbar so I see that it has 3d primitives and things like extrude and revolve and you know subtract and Union and that type of thing if I don't like this location I can move it really easily you do that by grabbing the left side of the toolbar that has those dotted vertical lines I click and grab that you'll see that I can let that float you know but just about anywhere I want it so that I can just kind of be hanging out on your screen anywhere if I get close to the edge you'll see that it goes vertical so I can tuck it off to the side vertically and so let's grab it little switch you know I could let it go back up under the ribbon really anywhere that I want so you know here's one and I have a little extra space so I might just go in grab my toolbars go to AutoCAD and maybe I'd like to use modify now notice as I'm doing that that the one that I have out on my screen has a check mark by it so it's you know real easy to tell what you've got going on so I can grab and put this one up here and so on a little tricky thing about this is is once this fills up maybe I can grab an example here it will let things sort of shoot off the screen a little bit so you see this when I grab the draw toolbar it lets them go off-screen so sometimes that can be confusing you know you're looking for a specific tool and it's actually you know hangin outside of the interface so it's something you have to watch you know if I bring this down below I can start expanding it you can really have quite a few toolbars going you have to make a decision here if you know losing your drawing area is worth having these toolbars you know but that's really up to you some people really like to have these and what's nice about it is that as you flip through the different tabs up above though it's never changed so if you're going to use specific drawing tools or editing tools or something like that all the time you know as you flip around these tabs don'ts don't change and that can be really nice if you know very consistence you have to worry about it so much you know so I can have these here and you can also do things like go back to the View tab and have you know palettes out and all that type of thing you know so for example if I use the properties palette all the time I could check that and you know maybe let it hang out on the side you know that type of thing and then I could save this as my own personal workspace what I have to do then is go back up to the top where we initially changed our workspace and we can save current as so I'm going to click that and then I will name this a maybe 3d modeling Brooke okay and I'll save it so now if I switch back and forth between different workspaces this one should be here just as I have it right now I'll come back up and I could switch back to drafting a notation for example and that's just as it was before I can go to 3d modeling and that's how it looked initially and then I can go in and change it to my 3d modeling - Brooke the one that I just saved and there we have it we can set up different workspaces for the different type of work you're going to be doing now if I hit that drop down one more time you'll see that it just added mine to the bottom well I can go into workspace settings to play around with that you see that I could actually you know uncheck different items and then they won't show up I can move this one up you know so maybe I want to do 3d modeling and AutoCAD classic for example and those are the only ones I'm going to keep available I'll say ok and I'm going to go back up here so they're the only two that show up so you can actually have a variety of workspaces available but they don't all have to be populating this menu I can always go back in and turn them back on move them around you know whatever I want to do say okay now if I decide at any time that there is a workspace that I don't want anymore it's a little bit trickier to get rid of it but it's very doable what I'm actually going to do is delete the one I just made so I'm going to go up and just change it back to the default 3d modeling view so this is what it looks like standard and what I do now is actually type in the word workspace once you type in the word workspace you'll see that you have some options down here including saving editing renaming what I'm going to do is type in D for delete once I do that you'll say enter workspace to delete so then I type in 3d modeling Brooke and it asks me do you really want to delete this one so I type in Y enter and now it will be gone you