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when I talk about you behind your back here's a big conversation where your name comes up I talk with my partner Ryan Parsons so I think you know and he Ryan's been coaching guys forever he's got a daughter he's coaching right now for the 2020 Olympic team and gymnastics yeah he really knows athletics and he told me something he said chill you're becoming a dad and you're gonna get your kids in this sport you're going to want them to do the sports that you did but you need to understand the rule is expose them to a lot of sports because they are going to be drawn physically and mentally in a certain direction and he said there's a number of guys who got into the wrong so they could have been world champions they could have been Olympic medalists in certain they got into the wrong sport but you'll see them in there they're out working everybody they're their first one who practices in the last room the leap of their that's not their sport go okay that's an interesting philosophy I never thought up here's how your name comes up you Benson Henderson comes to mind well we would talk about these guys that had a passion for wrestling who we knew had the work ethic who we knew loved the sport which is really what it takes who we knew get opportunities as high as a Division one level in your case but they don't set the world on fire and wrestling and I don't mean there's no a for a moment for you yeah well but you redeemed yourself in that why you weren't an NC Double A champion you went on to become the world champion Ryan's contention is yet as much as he loved wrestling that wasn't a sport this and this posture in this pace and not a two-minute rounds five-minute round TJ found his sport is he right is he on to something there I do I do believe he's right I remember I remember getting way too nervous for wrestling to like I put way too much pressure on myself and I don't know why but I mean right like after I grew after my senior year of college I went to Nationals three times I went oh and six you know like finish my wrestling career Owen sticks out instead of lace and just crying with my family like all that work you know from being five years old all the way to graduating college just like that's it you know I had no idea I was in a fight I mean I was I was gonna go to grad school I was enrolled in grad school after after graduating and then once I got talked into fighting my Mark Munoz once they started doing jiu-jitsu and it's like I really liked I think I can be good at this you know when two alpha males started competing against the number two and for you guys in the world and instantly caught on like I think maybe just how aggressive I am as well too but I fell in love with four striking if they fell in love with it timing the the athleticism of striking was just something I love and something I would love to pursue if I was able to get within just a striking match just like kickboxing or boxing and something that I would love to do in the future that's very yeah I just instantly clicked and I wrestled my whole life I was good like he said I was good at wrestling but I wasn't ever fantastic I wasn't something that just clicked for me like some it does for some guys you know I watched the Lance Palmer's you know he doesn't have to train that hard and to be as good as he is he does train hard but he didn't had to do and he was like it would come naturally to him to where me I was the one that was like busting my butt to be good by the for instance my little brother was amazing at it he didn't even try it was just awesome and then eventually just gave it up but for me I was always the one that had to work way extra stay later go to the early practices to even be good at wrestling sure I took that work ethic to fighting but it just it just happened I don't know yeah so I do believe that you can't find your sport for it I I really believe that uh let your son or daughter do whatever they want to do I mean obviously push him in the direction kind of want to but let them play everything and do everything and then hopefully find what they they fall into and I felt some of it relatable for me even within the sport of wrestling I did all three style I wrestled all year round and at each I could get whipped by these guys but if it was greco-roman time I'd put him right on their head I got beat they wouldn't even get out of the first round with me and I would never know why go I can't beat that guy he proved it to me five times this year yeah greco-roman he couldn't get in the first round and I get maybe Ryan's point was true that you know you find your sport there's just something about that I've had that conversation behind your back and I wanted to ask you and I will let Ryan know that you think he's right