J I hit you yeah I got that I'm telling you idiots you're paranoid big boy today you guys we were doing the backwards action challenge we got this video idea from Dan and Phil so what we're doing is I asked you guys on Twitter on what moves we should do backwards but you guys and you guys are gonna vote for who does the best job on these actions oh yeah yes ready the links are below on how to vote for each one of these challenges are you Jai froid your first yeah use the links down below to vote all mathias deal got it my first one trip over yourself okay okay okay me first let's see that backwards whoa that was good oh dude that was good now let's see that reverse wolf remember you guys to vote using the links down below all right next one up is a roundhouse kick roundhouse kick yeah that's not a roundhouse kick yeah what is happening let's see that one in Reverse no no Friday doesn't know how to do it I don't know practice sorry I'm not a karate master all right next one skipping backward giving backwards so we have to skip forwards barmy skipping so we're skipping reverse let's see how in a reverse committed you can't get mad everybody committed so I'll give you that would copy okay oh gosh you're gonna break my neck this is a Groupon so you're not gonna vote for this one hey I give up slap somebody well I like this reverse it we started value late-winter bars no it's me reverse so next one is a somersault maybe it's or a winter pepper good one dude somersault under this thing what is that thing why is not supportive okay let's see it in Reverse baby in it reverse it we were gonna walk like oh I couldn't fully can read because looking at me in the other room right now just like let's see that backwards the bar now let's see that reverse it makes you long jump and click your heels and we'll skip away I'm not sure we'll see reverse let's see how in Reverse it's my turn oh my had one bad this last one is the last one to be another group one it's a fight scene I'm gonna knock them both out I just realized I'm gonna come at you like this let's see that in Reverse alright guys we hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you guys give us a thumbs up and subscribe if you're not subscribed already make sure you guys share this video if you liked if you want to see more of it vote on Twitter peace as long as your villa three-point attempt here we go the strategy to this game is