hey Nucky Nucky how's life more so good golly England here in four days oh yeah some so what that means no games for ten are you stacked with content or what I am on two out of nine videos any debate we gotta start doing some dumb stuff right next to you dead right next to us my dynamite Wow Wow let's go do Santa right dog man I'm not a man come on just farm I'm getting told holy crap hey Jack big farm Elia Marcel promotes going into chat right now you love to see certain Smash Brothers oh no no no wait were you really getting body bro bro I lost $500 I had one game wait how what you did a $500 bet Jordan was playing Isabel and we're playing on this tiny stage now I was playing King K rool and he just kept throwing me off the mat barley six hurt the entire level I couldn't I couldn't get near him I go a hundred gifted subs whoever beats Jordan Don Isabel and the loop will just dumpsters him Oh No on that same map no that's a bit of a different than it was says that game was amazing I was gonna complain but I was a little drunk I was like it's not gonna come out right you'd be too sassy Marcel bottom house they're forming a little smoky blues above you dock to call out bro let's go Marcel I see a plane up there oh wait crate dropping is it gonna land on top it is alright then the other team is more north I'm getting shot up lay off row stop bro stop stop please please please rip the rip to pile it up plane crash hold that is that muffle wait that is your boy oh me it is your boy it is your boy dog this or North East right now Judy I'm gonna shoot their plane ready I'm popping out to pop it out and pop it out hit him Percy what was he thinking Jack what are you doing nog bird man thank if I make sure you kill Semak babe you want to land on this plane where is it it's all I couldn't do it I choked there's two planes of Oh Marcel get in guys God wait he's lagging on the plane the plate and the plate another plate another plate what is happening that ain't cheap hi son your dad's here courage hope your grades are good back to the queue buddy yes please can you die you would have the food camo on all your fatty oh my god Jack I got you come here boy you get for being cocky super capri-sun Oh super Dupre son here please you try to body block me I got eyes I'm a couple guys in fatal I think there's the sweaty soccer skins did you want to come to me pushing you I'm kind of moving towards them if anything knocked one I'm just so much better like oh my god good on me on me on you oh Christ mucking up your help he's got the dead turning towards you hold on he's hurt real hurt White House running as fast I can you are they both in the temple at least the one okay moving to it and then the tree just broke to the far right wait bro rocket carry him oh did I tell you I was carrying 18 dynamite by the way that's how much I might have found I'm landing right mm on the zipline no I'm landing there's a guy right here leads up as if to turn around throwing dynamite hit'em it's fun carrying 78 dynamite you know what to do oh I see people out of the slide see one down there two to two of you guys once one slide affords us right up on unique Oh teammate talk another mini hold on I might have to break out of here so much like it's unbelievable these gets it they're good I got the guy on you oh my god I just accidentally zipline love that oh my god jack gonna put it over I'm sweating already shoot shoot just one last okay shield you focus that guy I'm gonna focus yet oh okay last one don't be here oh don't be hero run a p2 for the rift if you can reporter reporter after yourself go just leave me wait hold on above the top week on me I'm down I'm not looking right now but I'm now jeido I've actually been dating fado more often not even kidding so I went and saw a clip from when Tyler had a put it back when you're not I don't even hear this cranly Oh only gun you're on emit yep I'm running is he chasing not yet Jason there's one inside yep this house always holds such a special special place in my heart why is that the house that save you in the mystery 70k video a cane here if you want blue I'd rather throw up in my hands okay Enzo sister bed says what do you think about the skill gap now you think players like Tim and Marcel stand a chance of the future man answers no that hasn't changed there's just certain things I need to do just get better that I don't want to do like I need to change my I keep on do it I don't have the time it's made such a big difference to me when I switched my mind when I went from all my builds being on my mouse and I'm like actually getting a couple off but it made it freed up so much so one big thing that I've done as of late like I switched was like I place this wall my edit is on queue right so by live queue for my edit it's like I can do this right well it just destroys a whole lot you know right now if you double tap your edit button it's just the nothing happens right yeah well I have Reap I have make it edit and reset edit both set to shift as well so then oh guys flying at us so then if I wanted to reset this wall just shift it and it just instantly resets tag the sky big time knitting the other there's sweats get one shot god you played kid I'll be guys dead explain its turnaround when they got out they got out they got out your sweats let's roll myself I'm sick and tired of hitting people in the head for 23 damage yeah yeah yeah so like watch us for example you know what someone's like healing in a build right I literally just grab with shift and then walk in with shift and it just edits it the way that's it's the best thing ever when you get into it it's so good I'm gonna land right on the suits face I heard Eagle all day I'm like scared of sitting at nerve like really scared I would not be surprised it even gets touched this patch I don't want it to it's the most fun I've ever had it for tonight it's just so good Oh jack we're here we're here service all the way like I couldn't buy a kill bro I couldn't buy wood I couldn't do I didn't realize you at zero still broke you could literally make a highlight video a compilation for your channel of me just like getting me a limb right precious for you dizzy tag on the guy in the wing for steel metas tag them again shield we got out move it up putting more pots putting up more she'll tag on that one oh my god it's getting to the point where it's like I'm panicking as I get some one three six 36 36 36 white 36 white 36 and then you get the kill yeah I'm scared of ourselves enraged cry plane flying 344 the wing is one bullet we ain't my god I can't mess anymore bro Marcel you having fun oh yeah well you said you said you said right out there down there down there that's not even in zone anymore they're off they're off where are those guys now there think about it I see I see one at least he's gone alright hey Gigi bid 500 damage to flares [Applause] I hit him for a hundred and eleven Oh what time do we start playing today yeah me and you I would say hour and 45 minutes ago down probably oh you wanna say like 4:30 oh it's a so are you ready for this yeah I'm just list up the kill since started playing one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero three zero zero so your highest ones three huh mmm-hmm okay okay we got some stuff do I literally that that game ended and literally instantly swap up the at me he was like bro that was so funny that's a hundred percent of video and then tough puffer down a bit don't hate it it was like Oh or sell out Noah limbs shock so you might have buffers e-invoice just got lost in the email [Music]