BDAMCO CEO Jaian Cuttari Interview with Nasdaqs Jane King

welcome back and with me is the CEO of be damned British digital asset management giant Qatari so great to have you here so just give me an overview what is be damned be damned is a comprehensive financial ecosystem which integrates banking trading and also of course spending of cryptocurrencies and what we're trying to do is bridge the gap between the clip the world and the real world because everybody uses fiat yeah and so we want to kind of change that slowly but surely we're gonna change that okay how are you doing that so we have first started out with development of several products one is be damned pay which will essentially work to integrate crypto and fiat as a payment option for everyday things and we also had partnerships with pretty big guys like zap a go out of the UK which gives us access to on nine hundred thousand merchants like stores hotels things people are familiar with oh yeah okay and then I mean how do you find the adoption going oh the adoption I would say that it is it is happening at a snail's pace not as fast as we'd like it but the industry is moving forward eventually it will of course change everything now have you are also involved in an incubator program so tell me about that okay so the incubator was called et Cie out of Baltimore Maryland and they're one of the top ten in the world and we kind of got in recently and we are excited about it because they're gonna help us with the whole you know I guess expanding our network and also technology wise helping us build build up our tech and you've also gotten a word from Forbes as well yeah we got on the basically one of the top projects of 2020 and I was pretty exciting stuff and it's just you know kind of reinforces that you know what we're doing we're in the right way yeah going to right ways so it had it in the right direction but you mentioned it's slow what do you think needs to happen before people are more comfortable using cryptocurrency so I think the biggest thing which needs to have his legitimacy I think that although cryptocurrency exists it's in a kind of like a gray area for where I guess you could say that people aren't popularizing it as much as they should because governments aren't are still reluctant should I say yeah it's kind of a threat to governments it is it is but they hate China is adapting it other countries is so there's countries leading the way in their countries you know mm-hmm where would you put the US on that the US I would put the US at technically I would actually you know a contrary to what people would say I put the US on top like as in terms of like being on top of things because other countries are just opening the floodgates right because it is a FinTech science experiment right so US is being very conservative and they're playing it right in my opinion they're playing it safe but they're doing it so that of course their best interest is in the interest of the people so they don't want people to lose money or anything okay and how can somebody find out more so you'd visit be damned coin calm and you would learn more or you visit be damp okay and that kind of would tell you everything you need to know look awesome thank you so much Dan for coming in congratulations son awesome on your progress so far in your award so thank you and thank you as well for joining us we'll be right back [Music] you [Applause]