BDaman Fireblast Ep7Feel the Power Raydra

where does the second Christmas crossfire tournament is spreading like a rapid fire who do we become crazy popular this quickly freedom is to provide raising the I Blatter with pinpoint precision spinner unleashed before we draw written guy across ABS that the world ring through the air is our players battle their way to work Clark's way emblem George shining city flag shutter the entire chalice key go cry treasure up no newcomer Baku Bashir rocket robbing an adoption agent Kaos tells me has been quite busy she says you've been competing in crossfire tournaments why is that we were to allow a competition like crossfire to take root and crestland the road fight you worked so hard to establish would vanish forever I'm doing everything in my power to stop them I have to do if the bands of this game see the top players taken down before their eyes then this ridiculous tournament will be no more I thought you'd say that in which case I'd like you to take your plan a step further as you wish sir the young master has the utmost respect for the Granby master I can assure you really then why does he continue to road fight even though here the bee master every time he defeats someone he has them swear their allegiance to the Granby master well he truly is a dedicated servant if you winning us the support of every be shot in the West area the young master is unaffected by feelings he has suppressed them in an effort to better serve the will of the Granby master but lately I wonder of him this noting also saying hold on you can't start your lunch until the others get down here I sure have hungry from all that training what's with him I like a nice meal as much as the next guy but even I know with bad manners to start on your own hey what if you're not acting like yourself man he's right we understand you're nervous of matching info Kouga but you're acting rather strangely right now ken is preparing for a long battle what do you mean by that I know his play style better than anyone Oh every time ray drew fires a marble his frame shakes likely causing instability more importantly at the match goes on the shaking gets worse and it starts to affect his aim are you sure ten spaced them enough times by now to know what the guy's weak points are yeah good call yeah that's it all you have to do is wait it out yeah and you'll start making mistakes but you can take advantage of yeah but we're talking about Bakugan there's no telling how long it will take to wear him down those Ally you're rushing through lunch yeah stop staring so I can see oh okay do what you got to do are you ready walk let's go ready it's time young master Christ right right right so yeah man the game is all I can think about quiet we eat focus make some noise for the semi-final I'm not the same person I used to be I'm not just fighting for myself anymore it's more than that now I have to defeat you great right destabilizing right he started deteriorating conserve power understood [Music] hah he's walking into a world trash cans got the edge I'm surprised they haven't figured it out we beat Amon are much more aware of ourselves than you might think if raker notices the shaking in this rain you'll find a way to counteract it immediately show them young master [Music] whoa whoa hold the phone the battle is still raging on over to dr. D what that the leg what now he adds a new part pretty sketchy putting it on halfway through Christ he's completely paralyzed this is really good interfere with a plan walk calm down the dude lost his mind I got a bad feeling he's losing his cool I'll be right there one sec jar like to play right Garber just here to file give it up for Haven take it Red Fort Campbell short hungry cool damn god oh god yourself go get a claw ample charge I'm not gonna flag that is the entire galaxy go wrong [Music] [Music] but go go when he sucked up a lone wolf with an impressive 4-0 hey Ken are you alright how admirable I actually had to put in a little effort against you I don't recall ever fighting anyone like you before huh huh hang on you can't say that that would mean you don't remember me apparently not it can't be we battled against countless B shots there's no way we could possibly remember every single opponents no no way I dedicated myself to beating this guy and he thinks that he thinks he's so far above me that he doesn't even know that I exist I have a very important announcement for all the B shots gathered here today my master Baku jasira is the West area B master what are you kidding me crossfire is hereby banned from this day forward hang on you can't do that dot but bill got what is wrong with that guy it's like he filled absolutely nothing once we win the tournament's will be confiscating all the brake bombers used in this competition [Music] [Music] [Music] fine now and when I win I want you to promise that we can hold crossfire events and crestland without being hassled again the young master agrees to your terms there's no backing out for you now well done the Cougar it was my pleasure now there is a chance that the shock of losing to you could cause Caymans memory to come flooding back but not to worry I'll deal with that if it happens and I'll make absolutely certain that his memory will never return again I don't know what you need it's none of your concern now go take care of it [Music] can I read them hmm he needs to be alone is fine these time to recover it's maybe not quite what he would have wanted but I'm pretty sure that if you were to defeat Bakugan then Ken might start feeling just a little bit better Kamin don't let it get inside your head that he's the West area B master I mean after all you were though what yes go on um I meant to say give it your best old buddy you know we will right guru burn you know it well let's hope his confidence is justified I believe in his skill to the be shot on the other hand it's the fact that he doesn't have experience with high-pressure battle that it [Music] up until today the only thing Cayman wanted was to become the best be shot and rise to the top isn't the battle do you want the bait of crossfire is resting entirely on his shoulders now and there's no telling what will happen to him now that he's got that weighing down [Music] either it'll drive into the speed or the pressure will be too much [Music] biomass is about to get started we just oh my god alive debate across my arrest on this game gaming in Tsukuba half to settle the score was natural he's gonna be okay right dad well I certainly hope so Leona Haye ready [Applause] [Music] hello know that I wish you to come on put in his place and hey keep it together just enjoy it like it's any other battle I would became to face brought fire I have to win emotions probably easy to get overwhelmed by two persons you want government authority that treated a caiman boy but there's different about the Kouga because the young master has rid himself with all feeling he can focus his entire mind on the mass at hand Dec will make them completely unbeatable the first point goes to Fukuda now blame keep your fool [Music] for special Group don't let him get to you voting overdrive right away [Applause] Hey redraw its time stabilizing cry drop oh and razor they're serious look at the cynics it gave off these enter steady motion not clean it out you can pull it away from wedding it oh we just set it up King feels like a lost cause the chance of April missing a shot now that there's this much on the line is practicum zero Kieran finished well he could come back don't you dare lose this one they're counting on me I have to fight that [Music] I have to win I will huh what's happening to him I'm not sure yet oh no no that intense look he has with all this pressure and fear of defeat it may have triggered the return of his memory you chose to walk my path the path of the bee show don't struggle for there is no home [Music] Rotom oh gosh you know what I have to do robot a problem young master yes why did this boy just speak the gradual asters real name together that's weird I don't know what I was just doing what you don't remember well it it felt a bit like all those dreams I used to have dad it appears that his memory wasn't able to come back after all that being said Caymans reaction is very worrying get ready listen this young master hello George and l'm charge what's wrong why did it George Thunder shatter the entire galaxy Oh are you okay guru burn okay Whelan out looks like that's all of them no you have no right to try to stop them we won crossfire is over I did not just happen we can't play crossfire if we don't have those battlefields the progress we've made up to this point is gone just like that you