what's up you guys we wore team edge I'm Brian this is Method Man is this is Matt hi he's so cute less than one sentence to mess up my new fitness right what a loser today we are doing the bean boozled challenge wait Amanda texted me she wants to know how things are going great look it's not a response she won't know sucker this is Brian's day yeah I took that right we are doing the bean boozled challenge I have three balls and they are filled with the bean boozled variety of beans the winner will be determined by pure luck if you get the nasty version you don't get a point if you get a tasty version you get a point and you get to spit it out oh yeah I don't want to eat boogers in bar dude Zoomers I love boogers in bar food Jon spit it out in you idiot you get an extra point yeah Brian goes first because he is making fun of me because he doesn't think it's gonna be that hard it didn't sink Oh berry blue or toothpaste toothpaste still isn't that bad I know that's what's the joke nice mitt that's Tuesday that's what's the joke you know all right Brian gets a point J Fred you can't tell that smelling trust me it up his nose can't slow it you can't swallow it I'll just talk to my tooth oh no I smell dog food bro oh all right little Brian your turn get out of here - I just went get out of here oh no dude Joey bad all right hit us now so he wins as West oh my god broke him tutti frutti or stinky so you got the trash guy ready I only have one that is not fair does need to do still fifties they're gonna be a bad one I don't have good luck it's still city kids our pinkies oh man that dog food was bad what he's carving oh wow dude gag reflex instantly I'm gonna have fun watch it actually I love stinky song under your breath stinks my just trying to make me go oh what a loser point extra I mean no point 0 negative 1 let's gather it together you've been bean boozled oh come on both of them are ok any wipes or coconut alright stop do it big your save you what ok do baby wipes is the easiest one got that good point crying it's the point it's 2 2 1 0 ahh caramel corn or moldy cheese cheese moldy friggin cheese caramel corn you get a point 200 what feels like moldy cheese oh that's foul dude his breath is gonna be terrible J Fred - just one just one oh that's gross that tasted really bad - no sir oh my god dude dude I can't look at you stop no more food again stop oh my gosh juicy pear or booger get the point hey that is gross that is not that loes really moldy cheese like if you smelled moldy cheese tasted like I do don't I smelled it and I almost gagged because of the smell if you guys didn't watch the baby food challenge like you don't know that I have a soup heightened sense of smell and taste your sense every challenge now need to know that it's like not is cool for me it's sucks man chocolate pudding your ass taste my dog I'm done good ones yet trick gonna stop your breast feed everybody to have the same breath I just want you to chocolate pudding single smell bed how do you not know yet dang it chocolate pudding baby yeah buttered popcorn a runner he's gonna see video that is horrendous don't breathe this way almost gave up you tread vile might go brain go Brian's not gonna work did it I just want you to say this it's gonna go through what I've gone through shut up ah give me another point my stomach's cramping up oh my gosh tutti frutti or I see I only have one stinky sock stinky socks yeah you trying to eat it he was like scared all day he's so funky after all the other taste neo is Trudy fruity though I'm not sure my brain is playing tricks on me booger or salty dude I've tasted plenty boogers in my life and then worth that bed just a card you severe disabilities blueberry or toothpaste yeah your face wasn't bad okay yeah don't make my breath lock that's game guys canned dog food or chocolate please please please kind of a dog food hopefully with that attitude it's going to be oh yes doesn't matter I know there's no I in team edge what is this yes yes that's it that's game spit it out oh don't throw up on my carpet don't spit it out I will make you what I need new carpet disgusting I almost pounded you the chest no it's not going down it's taken with ah you gotta chew I can't swallow it hold it up there yeah ah that's horrible I can't draw that eyes worse dude I can't read no no way okay I see pear bugger yes so my mouth yeah go delicious juicy pear try having dog food mommy mommy don't read um it smells good no it doesn't I can still smell the cheese right having dog food rotten eggs and rotten cheese yeah baby right not bad at all what is he got can't do it it's just baby what he's such a baby he's such the baby why do you think there's no food challenges on my channel because you circum I have five points je furt has five points Matthias has a one point so that means J Fred and I are tied he is out of the running now J Fred and I are going to determine the winner by using a tiebreaking system I get to pick it peach or barf so the winner is if you get the battle on barf you get the bad one if we look get Bardot we do it again you do it again until ready negative or horrible next flavor buttered popcorn or rotten egg yeah yep this is payback next up licorice or skunk spray dude that is gross Cheers I got licorice what does ha ha ha I think I got licorice the last one this is for all the marbles tutti frutti or stinky socks Adi OH all right guys that's the point for me if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give it a like because if you don't give it a like I will never do another food challenge again share this video make sure it gets a thumbs up because I do not want him to have a reason not to do food challenges because he can't do of these stinks Adam if you want to follow us on Twitter you could get these videos an hour early and if you want a team edge shirt check out the link in the description below and if you new to the channel subscribe oops and we'll see you next time peace okay I go first me first yay ready ready let's movie God yet I don't think it's shooting anything