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oh dear god no no no don't risk it be to please sweetie just win the game win yeah yeah oh my goodness [Music] the gay men huh oh that was mean you see him just crawling out in the open guys he's he does not seen in just standing row my god stop someone gifted 100 subs you for my stream worth it give me happy guys could happen revenue no you know he doesn't want you ban well I did say that if somebody gets it 100 I would ban you from my stream and somebody I don't think he was 100 homie yeah you guys are you guys are cool you guys are cool and all but dog I don't ever been in my stream oh how did you get the subs how did gifted so so uh I'm just a pretty nasty things yep they just tried to sign me out of the air they were really close what the hell was that 140 track on her 75 tag on the end 90 tag on her oh hey wait little even it's been so long since we lost that we've never changed discourse from Cisco I said the worst hit mark of all time honey don't now by what's up kid you can't get high ground on me boy wait car car car truck vehicle Josh no shields 40 health 40 HP more than one at least on this one I'll let top Oh God edit it edit in his voice swap you can waterfall he's right about you one story did he just try to turret you knock him down wait what do you took ninety three fall oh I got them back to very weak on me you guys with the contract first nineteen years and you get three hundred and thirty million dollars at the end of it would you sell out absolutely I do anything we started punching a child every more room wait whoa all right above us the way people said that he sell out for that what to look at just spin around when you get up here to spin around look at these builds bro look at all the builds we've been involved in here here here and here this is insane bro there's at least all four on one ramp he just had a ridiculous shot Wow alright that's that folks oh that's a yes he wins in a row huh you know a ninja so there's this there's this guy in my chat who's like been spamming me for me to say hi for him to you and I banned him and then he made a new account and I banned him again they made a new account and he got gifted of subs on it I don't feel like banning him and then and then I said if somebody gets 100 subs I will tell you that he says hi dude I told you he's having a great day Mikey sumo says [Laughter] knocked another that was like I just watching benders gets called in you that was like iron man be like I need help I think see look girl don't go I just watch fear itself and cipher launchpad and then it was like bring the raid I came in as like the backup backup Avenger to kill the one guy standing still and you got another I'm the hawk I have fortnight thanks guys watch his jump wait I just hit him 414 prop the shield recover to the trap BAM building at any help over here for cat got him got you he's gotta be in the blog he's the king oh dear God we're moon castle no no [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] boring spice it up you went 17 times you just you know in my box Oh get shit on sorry oh hell yeah yeah zip line zip line each bubble zone point right at me zombies on their zip line to their homes open the other sweats I think yeah I'm yeah so everything is good chunks where's your lunch bag hey did we storm somewhere dude this guy's a loser man this is definitely he knows exactly what's going on right now mm-hmm not sketchy at all bro he's breaking my walls I'm dead I know one pumped are you kidding me yeah this is not sketchy at all bro we actually got stream such unbelievable I don't know what it be you mean like what I go right here we're gonna rotate how do they rotate around ball if you leave this we're down here well he's gonna know they know exactly what you're going say to the right they know exactly we are the whole time to be kill anyone of that squad we're now five people there's oh my god there goes on the stop oh my god try to just over to speed out let's go D go last one is still in the zone [Music] what do you want that's what you get that's what you get for pushing us that far the zone you loser bro stream snape that hard that's what you get bro they just don't I can't believe I just had someone tell me that that wasn't a stream snipe that person just pushed that far in the zone that they would only bow to the forum oh good job boys if you look at your replay window next win will give us a full page of only win of only holy victories at a replay window yeah Tyler need help I'm running I'm running I'm on a launch where are they exactly midway up truck Johnny there we go knocked one other ones very tags like 30 dead it'll go to top watch a very very weak row killer job good help nice teamwork boys you're right in front of you right put him in a car [Music] that our splode oh my god I that was like a scene in a Batman right there dude which one's this one I see on the out it's a serious player - not serious enough in a row you saw right there dude you see him idiot fat idiot I'm going to watch someone else that's at least what I get my chatted oh my god oh my god oh my god h1z1 ninja it's like discovering a shiny pokemon dude Rip's up the shelves again okay what do you let me guys for launching a rift and will you get out here alright there's the one who's won by sight he's a soccer swing we have the angle on him no shields left absolute like like 60 L he's still the metal playing it dead we have been winning for five great dude give me just all this together for one brief moment can you just look at your replays tab and just take that and that's a beautiful sight nay Chargers call those BOTS for only a 1919 win streak wait who nadeshot he destroyed a site for nowhere near you we are nowhere near you brother yeah yeah try to call me kid how's life up shotgun oh no midget middle are you coming back down I got 44 one team left I'm reaping the space for 20 wins for 20 wins yeah yep yep knit boys this is it boys for 25 words got ripped up [Music] let's go 5050 this guy you're kidding me you're actually kidding me he just hit me that bar a hundred pub I'm trying bro he's above me he's literally got 40 HP oh my god please please please please please just I'll just pop the big four now and use a search yep he's gonna do I don't know oh yeah this is I know you're right shoot it out good that's [Music] good try 25 Tony good Robert good number so close 23 guys 23 is what we call it 23 is the win streak dude 23 is was the top and a win streak bro pretty nuts [Music]