hey guys it's me Miranda and today I have a very special surprise basically as you know I have lots of boyfriend's lots of BAE's but I want to get more the best way to get more boyfriends stalk them so I'm an ex front stalker but I want to get even better so I'm gonna learn how to be a contortionist today which means when you can twist your body like a pretzel see I'm very flexible and you can fit into small things and I love fitting into small things small holes and that will help me to stalk my beings better I called a contortionist and she should be here any minute so this is Sophie um I found her on YouTube so she has a little bit of famous miss because she was on America's Got Talent and also she was on YouTube so for any of you who haven't heard of her that's what she did so she's a contortionist and she's gonna teach me how to contort your eyes so that I can stalk people better it means so that I can be flexible so yeah how do you start it so I'm surprised what I research your bones blank well this actually will be good for me because you can smell and make sure things are French I've always wanted to be able to do something like that so in case you ever want to stalk people or make sure things are fresh and smell nice this is a good position to get in yeah I did I mean it's a little bit more like bentback but we'll lift my legs up cuz your head was in between your legs so it so yeah yeah got it that was easy son what's next you can you stand me up again okay easy and then just like grab your leg yep and then from there pull it link to chin oh how long do you do a night just super feels like can't you just go this way don't go this way and then also move it that way this is too painful for me because my legs are more mature than yours so that's why they don't do that can I borrow your legs okay so I'm only down now you're gonna get on my back and you're gonna give me your legs there we go okay see I did it doesn't look like keeps winter tones being professional so there now I was able to do it so now I need to learn how to get in sign of things so that I can hide from people and stalk them so I have a couple things one um my boyfriend's Joey Graceffa name is Fung is in Tokyo right now and so I need to get to him but he has a restraining order so I need to get to him through a suitcase I'm also not allowed to fly so um can you teach me how to get inside of a suitcase because right now watch this when I'm getting it it's just really it yeah too big if it doesn't zip see how it doesn't I've been trying to get it zipped and I can't some okay can you actually show me how to zip it how you get into it so you put your feet in the corner on the side and then you just like bend back and then so now that's it Wow okay so now I can try it so you put your knee okay yeah your crux might get in the way poke the label so zip it up are you calling me fat so now your body shaming me it was body shaming me I'm not fat I'm perfectly proportioned thank you alright so um I will keep working on this and stretching on this one another thing I like to do do my boyfriend's is send them a present that is myself but recently they have caught on because I've been using my French Oriental boxes and not too big so I need to type it into a small rocks so here's this box I can fit my feet in this one but not my whole body because I need to tape it shut so you can just like bend backwards into it and then from there just like twist to the side and then you can just like close that and then it's easy because then you can like close it up yourself and then ship it yourself with your leg yeah go in with your legs go backwards yeah thanks yeah and then you scatter like yeah okay so do you stay in these things often yeah you know it's really easy to travel like this because you know you just like put the Box there and you just say you cut a hole for food and keep dancing with it see my uncle had mastered how to get into a suitcase but I haven't figured out yet so I can actually just access for him for his help okay so there's one last thing I need your help with now I know how to shoot myself to my boyfriend's give my boyfriend's presence of myself hide in their small claws ants things like that yeah but I also want to surprise them with a really incredible dance I always dance for my boyfriends but one thing I wish I had a little bit more of was flexibility and you're very flexible so I thought maybe I can use your legs because your legs are so flexible I'm just like do that right like that um I think that'll be really appealing to all my base so maybe um I can have your legs how did you do that well you could cut them off I mean I think there's a kind of jewelry need my legs you can have mine probably they gave you mine I could have yours is there a surgery dustman is there one okay that won't work so okay my house of pants so you can put these on so now lay on the ground on your back for me don't worry this will hurt you much more than it will hurt me [Music] all right so thank you so much so now all you have to do is just give me your legs and we'll be good so yeah I mean I think I'm gonna be a very difficult it doesn't sound that hard to me it just sounds like you might die and then I get your link so that doesn't sound that difficult so since um rest in peace to something here so if you guys want to go subscribe to her that would be really nice of you so that then she can have some subscribers in memory of her life yeah do that I need your link yeah yeah I mean understandable thanks for watching I'm getting a nice I hope you like my video if you did make sure to subscribe but but then push the Bell notifications because subscribing doesn't mean anything anymore because YouTube is so cool so even if you're subscribed to a channel they don't like to tell people about it Ami's so make sure to push the bell notifications also I just wanna mind you my book my diary which is all my diary stuffing together it's still coming out this summer and I'm freaking out about it because Simon to start the book company they stole my freaking book they stole all my freaking Diaries that I duct-taped together and now they're selling it and they sent me a copy to taunt me and so this is what it looks like so make sure to find it everyone it comes out this summer preorder it now get it off the shelves cuz all my biggest secrets are in this freaking book I don't want people meaning it because everything in the mirror like literally my boyfriend's my kisses my secrets how you really feel about me my friend goes on my phone meet you up pre-order it so that no one else binds in it and also one last thing make sure I get tickets to my tour it's my last tour I'm I pretend damn I'm retiring so make sure you get tickets to dance all right that's pretty much it [Music]