BECOMING UGLY Miranda Sings Official Video

[Music] he's got magic like touring rabbit sing perhaps thinking sword-swinging hi not speak my meat is magic words and your please start clapping ain't no wine incredibly famous and stuff but please make those cameras turn slam thinking I know I'm a mom don't but I can't enough hope all the attention I'm just on my kitchen which nobody has seen and I'm becoming not clean watch close on that something my uncle would say every night is this just a silly box no so there's magic and probably some cats hearing signs you see me look gorgeous on YouTube and Netflix all over your home TV screens but tonight you'll see something I could never be I'm becoming once I go we find my magical baby thank the magic word then they can see how a real star is born hey whoa don't be a pervert spying on me in the darkness is porn the magic is starting my beauty stay party I feel like I'm farting boxes tonight you guys or things [Music] [Music] don't clap for her you sound really bad if you want to see me perform this song live in person make sure to get tickets to see me on - were on - were get your tickets now or anything song [Music]