BEST Tapas in Barcelona 🙌 We visit 8 AMAZING tapas bars


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Hi guys, it's James here from Devour Tours. I'm in Barcelona. I've got two colleagues with me - Lauren and Katie, from Devour Tours. And we've just finished work here for the day in Barcelona. It's 8 o'clock at night and we're going to head out for tapas. But we've set ourselves a bit of a challenges. We're going to see how many tapas bars we can hit before we close them down about 11 or 12pm when the kitchens start to close. First stop is kind of like my happy place, a wonderful bodega. This place was opened in the 50s by the current owner Jose's grandfather and it is a true Barcelona bodega, which means it's an old wine shop and the perfect place to drink wine. Cava is the classic aperitif here in Barcelona. When you start your evening, you either go for vermouth or cava. We're going to have vermouth at the next stop, but first cava. You can drink it any time of the day in this city. You see old ladies drinking cava in markets at 11am, in the market bars. So go crazy, go for it. Like sometimes Iget excited in my videos but this ham is seriously amazing. It's dense, it's rich, it's sweet. I mean, I'm going to say it's like heaven and that sounds really pretentious, but it is. It's amazing. Cava down, world's best ham, let's hit the next stop. Where are my friends? Next stop for vermouth. Now this is an aperitif that is very typical to have here in Barcelona, particularly before lunch on the weekends. And we're going to go into La Puntual. They do great vermouth here, and incredible patatas bravas. OK vermouth is a white wine fortified, coloured with caramel and steeped in different botanicals to make it this incredible flavoursome aromatised drink. And if it's too strong for you can add a little siphon, a little soda water. With one of these things. Careful though, because they blow up. The most refreshing alcoholic drink in the world. What I love about the bravas here is, first of all, in different parts of Spain bravas are a little bit different. So here in Catalonia it's usually a hot, red pepper sauce with alioli worked in together. And that kinda makes them my favourite style of bravas in Spain. And these ones are hot! Really good. Very, very good. It's like the perfect tapa. Leaving the home of bravas and vermouth and I think it's time for... wait for it. Cider. Spanish cider. Hola Julia. Muchas gracias. Can I just say that boquerones en vinagre - anchovies marinated in vinegar - are probably my favourite tapa in the world. And these look really good - they make them here. It's kinda messy to stand back. They're meaty, they're vinegary, it just makes you want to drink more. Fish tail. This bar has an incredible selection of wines by the glass. What's great is you can get small pours or larger pours. So you know, if you want to try a whole bunch of wines, you can get a whole bunch of smaller pours. Cheers! So this wine is from Montsant, which is a region here in Catalonia and these guys at Pla have an incredible wine list, even their house wine. And this is their house wine. It's really cheap, and it's really juicy. There is no nice way to do that! So Katie is using the mussel to drink the broth. It's like tomato, roast garlic, pepper. I don't know what's in here. Next stop is a place called Bar Brutal. It's a little bit controversial for me because they do natural wine which is a bit of a trend here in Barcelona right now. And one that I'm divided on. But they have really yummy food, even if the wine can be a little funky. It's that typical kind of natural wine... vinegary funk. Jesus. Nail polish. Yeah. Look at that colour. That's natural white wine. OK, so we've got seared tuna on grilled leaks and with a lemon confit. It looks really, really good. So next stop is a bar that is actually closed. It's called La Plata, it's famous, it's amazing. But... where are we going? This way I think. But it's closed tonight. So we've got a little magic up our sleeves. OK, as I mentioned we have a situation. The bar behind me - La Plata - which is our next stop is closed. This is because it's August and they've been closed for vacation for about a month And they reopen tomorrow. Ah but I want to include it on tonight's route. So, I'm going to do a little thing. Bear with me and we're going to see if we can visit this bar. OK. Standby. OK. Here we are. I've travelled into the future. La Plata is open. It's right behind me. It's busy. We're going to go in and get some great tapas. Let's go! This bar is not fancy and that's what I love about it. They do about five tapas. They've been open since 1945 and since then they've been doing the same five tapas. I've got three of my favourites here. Super simple. We have a really simple salad of onion, fresh seasonal tomato and arbequina olives - olives that are local here to Catalonia and with a vinegar and olive oil dressing. Butifarra which is Catalan sausage and which is grilled. And the other thing, pescaito frito - anchovies that have been lightly battered, dipped in oil and you eat them whole. You've got to eat the whole thing - head and tail. It's good for you. So good. The other thing here. When you come you can learn how to drink the traditional Catalan way, which is from a porrón. Instead of having your own glass each, you all drink from this one. OK, now we need to go back into the past to continue with the route. Woah, ok. So we're back. We're back on the 30th. La Plata is closed behind me. But I hope you enjoyed the experience of time travel and visiting it tomorrow. This place has been open for decades. It's beautiful. It feels like an old bodega but I love the fact that it serves more modern food. It's just the best of both worlds. So we're going to order crema catalana - the classic Catalan dessert. The Catalan version of creme brûlée. But the Catalans made it first. There is a recipe from the 14th century that's older than the oldest written creme brulee recipe. And we're going to have torrijas, which is like kind of French toast. But it's the local version and eat it here as Easter. Sweet wine from... Hey guys, so thanks for watching. It's been a marathon. It's been a long night. And I'm going to hit the sack now. This city is a little bit full of tourist traps and so in some ways you have to be careful. Do hit up the places we've been to. They're full of love, full of great food, full of great wine and great atmosphere. So thank you for watching. And if you want to see more videos about how we eat, drink, live and love in this country, subscribe to my channel. And give the video a like if you enjoyed it or found it useful. I would really appreciate that. Right, we'll see you soon for another video. Ciao!