BIG WrestleMania 35 Matches Confirmed Ember Moon Injured

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam wheel born from what culture I'm Danny Burch from what culture this is the news okay so big news today hmm aside from the Dean Ambrose ring which will be covered elsewhere we now sort of kind of maybe know Liebig child matches for Wrestlemania 35 after last night's Raw Ronda Rousey after defeating Bailey was of course challenged by these women's Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch so as things stand so the next you reach at least WWE push forward without as a singles storyline of all you have to imagine Charlotte Flair will be added to that to get to the Triple Threat perhaps as soon as this week smart down you know how she loves to jam into Becky's stuff also the universal title match looks very much like rock rolling rains it's not correct Brooke it's very Dana Danny Bam Bam versus Seth Rollins so that came together on Roy's well Seth tried to make the announcement as a top of show he was ruining interrupted by Dean Ambrose who he then beat up and at the end of the show he came out kind of made this wordless challenge to Brock Lesnar and got hit with six f5 to end the show so pretty hefty beatdown both of these segments in which the monsters came together we're very hot either world war what do you think of the matches yeah I think these are the matches we will get yes well not at the end not only yeah women's tile picture is quite finished but yeah the Seth Rollins thing there wer pushed our notification saying it is gonna happen ties to this challenge officially made these photos like you didn't have the chance to say it and just got f5 into oblivion yes Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar looks like it's getting the University on shoot much I cannot wait for that really excited to see and hopefully they build it properly that's the big thing here on paper it could be a good match that's a great story there obviously considering what happened all those years ago with the cash in at WrestleMania but the big match we all really care about is of course Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey probably with Charlotte Flair being injected in there somehow how they get there is gonna be a real test for WWE because we've got to try and make it not look like you're just shoehorning Charlotte Flair or devaluing the smackdown women's Tigers or the food but I'm glad that we've got this already all out there and it gives us lots to discuss as we look forward to lessor me surely does the next few weeks are gonna be a lot of fun I cannot wait bad news though for ember moon she has quote messed her elbow up real bad she's been suffering yet for quite a few weeks and he looks like she's gonna be out of action for quite two sometime this is not related to anything that happened to her well directly in the Royal Rumble match but if you wonder why she was missing on Monday Night Raw yes you've got this elbow injury she's been struggling through for the last few weeks and it looks like she's gonna be an action for quite some time yeah she announced this herself in a YouTube video posted to WWE's channel during Raw itself she needs surgery and she's been dealing with it before the rumble like you said there's quite miraculous then that she was in the rumble for 50 to 53 minutes she would have been the iron woman if it wasn't for a big stupid Natalya oh good for her man for fighting through the pain that takes a lot of heart and then she's obviously one of Rahl's most exciting woman she's someone they could elevate really any moment they just haven't since she came up to the main roster it'll suck to see her gog but now she has the time to go away she has the time to recover get better and man what was it that her husband Matthew Palmer said on Twitter the other one King about now Jax I hope this on the sea from or on doesn't hurt my wife again hope it wasn't you yes no I think it's it's a shame because I feel like she'd been giving some really good stuff to do in the Elimination Chamber match for this man one of those boards that woman's tag titles she could have done a lot of stuff in there but if anything it's probably the best time to take a bit of time off if she's not going to be involved in that because WrestleMania season they got so much stuff going on she she would just have been shoved into a match perhaps it's best maybe to wait for her to return post WrestleMania and give her a bit of a that's a very good point because let's be honest she would have been put into these stupid to me on bail royal and gorgeous that thing is utterly pointless don't rush back and back we you think you're fantastic wrestler but definitely don't rush back just for that let's talk about a guy who has rushed back into the WWE Universe Jeff Jarrett he was in the Royal Rumble that was weird he was on Raw again last night and that was equally weird and he wore that really weird outfit at the room yeah that was maybe not for a man of his physique so we've got some news on his new role with the company in rpw insider Jeff Jarrett has indeed signed a new WWE contract and as well as being a backstage producer it's gonna join the new team comprised of like abyss Sanjay Dutt and Shane Helms who is also signed on with my best friend her your best friend the hurricane rock you like a Shane Helms as the song goes Jeff chiara is also gonna be an on-air personality Wow amazing so I like the little segment they had last night it was fun enjoyed that nice job enjoying his retirement a little bit too much but you know and this is interesting man this is fun because the Jeff Jarrett stuff well it's been a bit silly has been lots of fun he's a fun personality and Tony never loses we have a wot culture exclusive we're gonna be chatting to Jeff Jarrett in the next few weeks it all makes sense now I was reaching out some of my best friends see if they wanted to chat ahead of the Royal Rumble dad to my best friend the rocket Booker T we're gonna be chatting to DDP either later on this week or early next week and Jeff Jarrett message me simply saying hey man do you mind if we do at the start of February because obviously the end of January they have a busy time for him so if you want to let us know any questions you want me to ask him you can tweet the matters at what culture W working on it Mac always working on that exclusive it's coming the final new story of today involves he likes to play with Nikki now we have got the answer to that just yet but apparently W officials all very impressive her they've sued Sheila stellar showing according to them anyway for the women's Royal Rumble Mac and they apparently gonna give her a massive but push with tools need to get a graphic that yeah I like how you just made me say that word because I see it really weird yeah I love it have that the comment off in comment section saying Nick cross gonna get pushed either on rule or Smackdown as a result yeah stick showing interesting this apparently PW insider claimed that WWE were specifically impressed with the crowd reaction she got which is quite interesting because she's only been on the main roster for a couple of weeks and she hasn't really done anything apart from our tag my daily week and kind of like hanging out clinging defenses like any that's all its doors of it never mind um good for her I guess like I mean I personally I don't care for the gimmick now I'm I think you're bought something occur pretty clearly great wrestler awful get it yeah like I don't want to be that guy who was like I saw her in the Indies and she was really good but I saw her on the Indies and she was really good and now she's playing this kind of weird problem at a crazy woman gimmick and as if to showcase how WWE think of her at the moment price and it's Boosh from this being paired with other crazy lady on Monday Night Raw Alicia Fox as a team attempted to qualify for that sale you know what birds are like it but yeah best looked at a really exciting time for Nikki cross let's move on to our Twitter questions for the day don't forget you can tweet the matters at what cultures WWE and let's start with this question problems that I'm just going by links be who says I've got a question for your lovely new chef thank you very much Mike I just signed up for the WWE Network and watch my first pay-per-view in about a decade what would you recommend me to watch and most of all the things that I've a great question swerved you know Yankee man that's really tough because they've been a lot of great paper views in the past decade however I think the best thing to probably do is perhaps get yourself reacquainted with the product as it come here's and for that I would probably go for what I thought was the best pay-per-view of 2018 Survivor Series lot of great matches on that card the elimination matches were they were fine but I think as it features so many wrestlers who are prominent now it's a great snapshot of where the roster is why she gets some awesome awesome matches particularly the role of in style my Ronda Rousey fantastic stuff but I would also say get on the NXT bandwagon yes watch perhaps the best show in NXT history takeover New Orleans from last WrestleMania weekend to that we just watch every take over the roll I went back and did that a while ago and was not disappointed although I'm gonna pick money in the bank 2011 it's a fairly obvious choice but it is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that question obviously you've got the John Cena versus CM Punk match which is infamous now but there's also stuff on there that people kind of forget there's the odds poor match there's Mark Henry vs. Big Show in there there's a I think a Divas Championship match that you can probably skip over but you also get a fantastic match between Randy Orton and Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship and the two Money in the Bank ladder matches I was gonna say wins it but I'm not my school it go back because they are too fantastic matches with two well deserving winners and you we all know where it kind of goes from there let's move on to our next question it's from Ryan Merkel who says I just got an ad in for a house show here in Milwaukee one night more key in March they said Rollins the Intercontinental Champion will challenge Dean Ambrose yet neither have that belt is this a spoiler is it normal for them to be that wrong and I would suggest that this is probably an advertisement advertisement last night you say that word this ad was probably printed and prepared when Rollins was the Intercontinental Champion and him and Ambrose were feuding several months ago so I would suggest that it probably came out with the card subject to change disclaimer and that they probably just haven't updated it which is a really poor issue on their behalf because obviously know Bobby Lashley is the Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is leaving the bloody company so I would suggest that that's probably the case but what do you think yeah I reckon so I think it's just in a case of them not updating their advertising in time do you think we're gonna see saffron's oedema Ambrose face off much more before WrestleMania well Seth beaten pretty decisively on Raw I am perhaps they'll give him them like one last feud ending forever match it might be nice to brawl before WrestleMania as a build so draw the line and brother it'd be nice to do it but I think they're probably likely are to just go out Dean you're done get off TV yeah then they're now and they're not known for nice senders always someone is still able to work somewhere else final question today comes from Jonathan Young who says do Naomi and Kacy Catanzaro katuns Catanzaro I am always the one from American Ninja Warrior who was brilliant in the Royal Borough do you think they out Co feed coke yes 100% like the coffee spot was fun like dim didn't a little spinach laying on the apron and then the Xavier eating was just kind of weird but Catanzaro particularly was awesome like what what the hell was that let's fight like hands standing away backed across then climbing up the post like a little slider where she wrapped her legs around him I think I think it was clearly on the stream set it he went she's not gonna lift this out foot for - yeah and then she did real I mean she did something similar in the medium classic when she fought really great match go back and check it out she she's awesome man like I have no idea if she's a great wrestler obviously she has the American Ninja Warrior experience to stuff like that she's doing stuff that I've literally never seen before and that should be celebrated so here's hoping we see more of her misma schools yeah lots and lots of potential I'm fine with more non-elimination spots I thought Naomi's worked really well in that storyline with Manny rose just thinking he's got more thought into Kofi's because it was a bit that it was in there one where they sort of these foot slipped off but he's fine and then the one wasn't a preserve you would with woods bit was nice but maybe yeah maybe put that into your planning at the start of January so we're all ready because I feel like they turn up on the day go would you reckon yeah here's this washers class as well the pancakes yes training gym they're good mmm it's great let's move on to today's and finally and it is a stellar tweeter that went out Bryce the Royal Rumble dough has been brought to our attention tell our tweet Becky which it's not Becky Lou Wow he would Adam Cole you remember competed in last year's royal diamond do the thing I don't coal baby but that's exactly how he does yep boom and he came out he competed in last year's Royal Rumble match he tweeted all about the Royal Rumble for your friend and mine Chuck Taylor yes Savage on butter tweeted this I'll Center it he tweeted tagging Excalibur in there saying hey at shut up Excalibur do you see this fat piece of crap oh trying to cover up his gut with that silly DDP belly an Excalibur responded that type of injury only occurs when you've eaten a three tier wedding cake by yourself in one sitting look they're old friends we're not taking a McKeon I'll be honest if I could be as fat as Adam Cole I'd be quite yeah I mean if I had that man's got I'd be I'd be pretty job quality bargain from the voice for chuck-e-cheese green levator man everyone else up your Twitter game because they need Chuck Taylor Baretta talk to you everyone else rubbish yeah rubbish what if you want to follow what was on Twitter you can follow we're good and eh money you can follow me Adam will one you can follow Adam Nicolas and sitting there behind the camera waving furiously that's it sorry at its Adam Nicolas follows all at what coaches would be doing let us know your thoughts on that bababa banter tweet and all of today's news stories in the comment section don't forget to like share and subscribe the picture oh yes and thank you to to the guy in the picture of all of us here at what halls are drawing fantastic as our English marvelous any more drawings greatly appreciated you can tweet answers at what could you w/e and make sure you check out our new podcast by the way you can find it by searching for what contrasting on your iTunes or Spotify we're gonna be doing a big podcast later on today speculating on who Daniel Bryan should face at WrestleMania and possibly who asked her should face the rest means that is all a bit up in the air and with the discussion about Charlotte earlier being inserted into that match between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch the Smackdown Wings title bit of an afterthought at the moment yeah they have a time to build a very exciting match Anamika list who sent us that lovely photo there we go thank you very much for sending as that photo it's another yes thank you very much for saying is that picture though my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon bye