BJ Penn vs Clay GuidaWHY

beeping gets announced that he's gonna fight a Clay Guida and the fights in Brazil so I'm trying to make sense of this thing right I like watching BJ Penn fight I like watching Clay Guida fight I got respect for both of those guys but at some point you do have to defer back to what Coach Cavanaugh said to Conor McGregor which is if we're gonna do this you got to tell me why for me as a fan at some point you got to tell me why why are we still doing this and when I look at that fight with full respect when I look at that fight I go wait a minute if BJ didn't look good against Ryan Hall do you know what's gonna happen was in there with Clay Guida I mean I can't resist going back to that Ryan Hall's got a very safe style I mean he's gonna come out there but he's gonna put you in positions where you can simply do this and you walk out of there in one piece Clay Guida is gonna come out there and bludgeon you clay who has been fighting the same way for 15 years away that no matter how many times they set that octagon up it never quits working to come out there and run your fist into the object in front of you repeatedly I just look at that like oh man what are we doing here and why is this about a contendership or is this about hey I need one more try I'm talking about for BJ standpoint right from his mental frame where's he at is this about making a run at the title cuz look when we got to sit down and have a real hard talk right here or is this is about give me one more I want to go out on my terms which is not only the mistake that every fighter makes it's the must it's the biggest mistake of life guys from alcoholics to drug addicts to gamblers it's always one more one more roll of the dice one more seat at the table one more pull of the handle one more drink and this is my last one I see it all the time and fighters can't be going out like this either if this is the cash grab and you need the money great BJ doesn't if this is about legacy and you need some great memories if BJ's got all the hardware in the world he's got all the records so I still I just need to know as a fan why are we doing this what is this about I hope somebody tells me