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[24/365 with BLACKPINK] [Their new story...] [Finally begins] [Where are the girls heading to?] [M/V filming site for 'Lovesick Girls'] [Let me hear you scream BLINKS!!] [Their first full album finally gets released] [Broke the ceiling as soon as it got released] [We invite you to the world of their first full album] [1. We came to the groceries for shopping] (What are you eating?) NO! [This is all mine!] [Big kitty is having fun teasing her sister] Do you want to look around? Come follow me BLINKS Um...excuse me? How about we show around BLINKS our M/V set together? Let's show them what we stole! You're supposed to say we 'bought' them [LISA doesn't care and starts explaining] Guys, we bought this! (Please say we bought these) [LISA stole a fair bit of this and that] We're here to shop! [Here comes our GIANT BABY] [Ladies and gentlemen, our giant baby and out of this world happy mom] [ROSÉ wants to copy LISA] How do you get on that? [One, two!] [ROSÉ got shopped (?) today] How much is this? She's FREE! [LISA and cereal comes with ROSÉ] Only 5 dollars! [This is what you get for 5 dollars and BP mart] [Something strange happens at peaceful BP mart] [The car has been violently damaged] [The convict is Lalisa Manoban?] [She is just so excited] (Guess we can't call her a convict) Can I try breaking it? (I ain't that easy) [No matter how hard she hits] [The car sees no damage] [Here comes a new weapon] [It's so heavy LISA JUST manages to lift it] [No matter how hard she tries] [The car barely sees any damage] (How am I gonna do this...?) I actually gave my full strength in hitting it but it still doesn't work I think I should work out from now since I have to break a car! [One, two, one, two] (I can do this!) [LISA appears with a completely different look] [This is what charisma is all about!] [Shatters] CUT!! (My hands hurt...) [I have to get a pic of this] [Full of passion] [Photo celebrating when LISA used the most of her energy] It was slightly scary [A woman hurt by love] [And a guitar left at the scene] [We all know the solution to this... is to break it into pieces!!] [But the guitar sees no damage] Do I lack energy? [Gathering all 24 years of strength within her] [Breaking the guitar FAILED] The fly in the ointment is that it doesn't break I kept trying but it doesn't break! I should buy this LOL!! Never knew such a good guitar existed [ROSÉ's scenes require lots of emotions] [Taking a revenge on the wall instead of the now-gone lover] [ROSÉ shows the emotions of feeling sad over a lover who left] [Perfectly portrayed the feeling of sorrow] CUT!! Is it done?! Was this much crying enough? I'm gonna pretend like I'm a really good actress [ROSÉ finding it difficult to get over her emotions] You know how they still cry after the scene? How many times did I tell you I don't like that pink! [She splashed BLACK because she didn't like the PINK] It's the same color as my hair!! [HEHE] I'm really enjoying this [AND...] [This hospital setting is somehow spooky] [TA-DA] [Unlike the set] [Here comes cutie JENDEUK] [7 year old introducing her doll] [So precious] [What will this scene be about when she's looking this adorable?] [Transforms into a girl being hurt] [Looking as if she can't be hurt by LOVE] [Took over the scene with her adorable charms] [Another JENDEUK scene is ready on this side] [BLACKPINK's official best driver JENDEUK] Can I drive 100km/h? I have to drive later on think I might go full out and drive to Seoul [WANTING TO GO HOME IN TIME] I might just go home This suits you! Really? Should I buy this car? LOL [Tension rises with compliments] [SO EXCITED] We always get pink cars for our M/V [BLACKPINK's official cart] [JEN DRIVER'S CAR TAKES OFF] [JEN's car even feels comfy] [The car scene looked flawless thanks to our JENDEUK] [Another area with spooky vibes] [All prepared for JISOO] [Currently 7AM] [I'm so tired] [Soaking in rain from early morning] [It is so cold] [Leaving behind the coldness, the shoot begins] [JISOO stays focused even in extreme conditions] [Completely focused into her role] CUT!! (Please tell me I did well) [Filming in the rain successfully done!] It was really scary I would prefer wire scenes over this [Bikes rather than wires!!!] Hello world! I am now leaving!! [JISOO's tension is out of this world after completing her water scene] [This is fun but cold] I can't dance... It's way too cold!!! I am not going to dance! I can't dance because it's so cold!!! [ROSÉ likes to act 24/7 now!] I was acting like I couldn't dance -Why can't you dance? -Because it's way too cold! Yeah guys, it really is cold... I can't do this!! You can't really see but I have goosebumps from being cold You must be warm though! LISA got to wear a knit I'm wearing short sleeves! [One two, one two!] [ROSÉ trying to warm herself up with exercise] I feel like it's getting better Oh it's cold! It's cold! The time has come for this again No, no, don't do it! DANCE! [HIGH-TENSION] I want to say 'DANCE' too [Trying to beat the cold with DANCE] I'm the Queen of Scenes for today (Can I become a Queen if I do that?) Will I get some scenes if I do that? [Scene Angels start knocking on the door] She's missing out on all these scenes [The one who missed out] [EVERYONE GETS TO JOIN THE SCENE] [Time to take off their jackets for the shooting] [It is so cold] [Unknown sounds coming from coldness] It is so cold!! [Leaving behind the coldness] [Their last shoot STARTS!] [Where did the freezing girls go?] [Exploding with charisma in seconds] [The girls continued the shooting for 5 days for their first full album] [It may have been tough, but everything is better when together] [They don't forget to show off their charms too!] [BLACKPINK portrayed different sides to them in this M/V] [Did you guys enjoy watching?] What happens if our fans don't watch it? [The girls seem quite serious here] [What is happening here?] [We are here to meet BLINKS!] [We take you to the vibrant behind scenes] Did you guys like our songs? Tell me what your favorite song is! [V LIVE scenes where the girls' energy exploded] [Global press conference scenes exclusively revealed on 24/365 with BLACKPINK] I think I really wanted to give back to our fans -I'm really happy -I really miss our BLINKS [Please look forward to our COMEBACK D-day scenes]