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[24/365 with BLACKPINK] [BOOMBAYAH] [PLAYING WITH FIRE] [Addictive songs] [AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST] [Ultimate girl crush] [Synchronized dancing] [BLACKPINK had distinctive characteristics since debut] [BLACKPINK embarks on a new challenge] [New history of BLACKPINK begins] [The new challenge starts with their first full album] [The girls are breaking records like no other] [What if we rewind the clock to an hour before their comeback?] [1 hour before comeback] LISA is reading her script [I'm so excited] What place are we at? This... where we'll be having our comeback LIVE show What time is it right now? It is 9:49 am How did this even happen? I think it's our first time doing a LIVE show this early My mom isn't even up yet What happens if our fans don't watch the show? [Pretty as always] [Reporter JEN busy with her camera work] -The lighting is good here -Yeah I really like it You're all about purple today I'm all about sky blue today We're very colorful It gets dark in this angle Let's do well today [Nervous to meet BLINKS in a while] It's our first day of the comeback Our comeback activities have finally begun What is this? I just saw the camera and turned it on To celebrate the day of our comeback It's our first day of comeback I look too short (Self-height adjustment) I wonder if our fans would watch us at 10am [JISOO] I'm sure they will [The girls are just about to go live] [3 SECONDS UNTIL LIVE] [2 SECONDS UNTIL LIVE] [1 SECOND UNTIL LIVE] [ACTUAL ON-AIR FOOTAGE] [Their energy level rises as the show starts] Shall we say hello to everyone? Hello, we are BLACKPINK [WELCOME] [The members are in a great mood] Their reaction is good today! Today is finally the comeback day of our first full album 'THE ALBUM' [This album is yet another heart stealing one!] With this M/V, we shot our first outdoor scene in a beautiful field along with the sunset It was cold but gave us a good memory -It was so pretty -It was good sight I hope our BLINKS watching it will also feel a sense of healing [Full of charms] [You know what I'm sayin BLINKS] [The girls start communicating with fans] How about we start reading some comments? They're move up so quickly [The comments are moving so fast she can't even read them!] What happens if our fans don't watch the show? [Well that was an unnecessary worry] I'm sure BLINKS waited a long time for our very first full album Please show lots of love for 'THE ALBUM' and our title song 'Lovesick Girls' So far this was BLACKPINK (See you next time) [The live show ended...] [BUT] [Exclusive footage just for 24/365 with BLACKPINK] [FULL Album Comeback Press Conference] [Their first official stage for the album is full of tension] [STAFF] We'll start now [The official press conference kicks off] Hello, we are BLACKPINK It's been an hour since the album got released. but you've already reached no.1 on music charts! [BREAKING ALL TIME RECORDS even at this moment] [5 days] I heard the shooting went on for a while were there any memorable moments? We did some shooting on the set but we also did some scenes outside which was really fun With this M/V in particular, there were a lot of scenes where all our members had to portray different emotions Everyone has had the experience of feeling frustrated while dreaming for something or even from love. But even during those times we wanted people to feel hope and a sense of positivity through this song We expressed ourselves wanting to run for freedom within the M/V and when you hear us singing all together towards the end, we wanted everyone to feel like they wanted to sing along with us. [The girls wanted to create music that everyone can enjoy listening to] [Outdoor shooting, emotional scenes] There were some tough times but I'm very proud of the outcome I'm very upset that we can't go on stage with BLINKS watching us in front but we have many things prepared for our BLINKS So please look forward to it We've prepared for this first full album for a very long time This album is filled with all four of our souls and hearts so I hope you guys can enjoy listening to our songs and please look forward to our future activities Thank you! Thank you [First official activity] [Press conference comes to an end] [To. BLINKS] BLINKS! Did you like our song? Which song did you like the most? Tell me! What did you say!? You liked all of them??!! Me too! I can't pick because I like all of them [Let's go back in time] [One fine day before the comeback] [BLACKPINK members turned the camera on] [The girls secretly sent a video] Is this recording? Oh it is recording! [Sharing their hobbies] I've got a secret box here I've been collecting it one by one This is my first time revealing this [Introducing their precious family] [End of a long day] Today was a long day I felt like I wanted to tell BLINKS a lot of different stories today I wanted you guys to know what my determination was ahead of the comeback [BLACKPINK's SAME TIME] [BLACKPINK's DIFFERENT DAY] [Let's watch together!] [We reveal that special day]