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[24/365 with BLACKPINK] [Life of a cat mama] [First time doing a v-log...] [All good on my own] I can't wake BLINKS up, it's late at night [Early night sentiments ] It's hard to see me in this night mood please don't think I'm going through something [One fine day before the comeback...] [Begins now] [Hello!] Introducing my family! [We're hungry~] I'm sorry I woke up late Lily, please say hi to BLINKS! [Lily] [Chic arrogant princess] Ok, you don't wanna say hi [Leo] [First fur baby with big eyes] Say hello to BLINKS! [Saying PASS to hi too] Say hello to BLINKS! [Louis] [Hungry youngest fur baby] [Luca] [Kind second oldest fur baby] (Gimme food) [Princess mad out of hunger] Is she mad because she's hungry? Princess Lily! Princess, are you mad?! [Princess ain't mad anymore with LISA's sweet angelic voice] Oh my, so cute! [Showing the belly] [Louis is our chubby cat] Guys let's have breakfast [They react immediately with food] Wait! Louis doesn't really know the word 'wait' [His food is mine too!] [Chubby cat is greedy with food] [This is how cat mama's morning starts] [Pure happiness] So cute! Should I try ASMR? [CAT EATING FOOD ASMR] Let's do it Leo! [Cat Mukbang ASMR by Leo] [This is yummy!] [Concentrates on mukbang even when LISA calls [Cat mama is still happy] Are you guys enjoying the food? [How pretty are my babies?] How come this is so zoomed in? [EXCLUSIVE] [LISA's ultra zoomed in cam] [Accidentally pressed 'ZOOM IN' LOL] [Lost for words] ALL DONE NOW! [LISA's cam disappeared as soon as she said 'all done'] [LISA cam is now back] Please don't tell me what I just recorded didn't get stored I'm slightly scared it didn't... [Failed to keep it horizontal] I can't get this to stay straight (This isn't that bad lol) [LISA having her morning ginseng] Every time I eat my red ginseng it's somehow funny lol [LISA has an elderly taste (?)] I just find myself funny I find it really tasty Every time I go to Thailand to meet my mother and father I always buy a box or two at the airport no matter what so that they can have some The moment I have them, I feel like I've become healthy [LISA's RED GINSENG ASMR] (I am becoming healthy) [Energy charge complete!] I'm going to give my babies snacks before I head out They'll come even if I just shake this container [The masters are already here] (Yay, it's my treat) [LISA takes care of her babies until the very last minute she leaves] They are obsessed with treats (She's just like every other cat owner) [Chubby cat always likes to push in] Don't cut in line man! [Fair owner gives out treats in the order of ages] (Yummy) [This time it's Lily's turn, the third oldest] [Louis the chubby cat cuts in again] Calm down!! Louis keeps taking away Lily's treat [Still LISA makes sure Lily gets her treat first] [One for you too chubby cat] I have to go out now guys... Good- bye babies! [Bye to BLINKS too!] (Don't leave cat mama) [She can't leave with that aegyo] So cute... Bye for real now! [Cat mama LISA is now off to work] [First time doing a v-log...] [JENNIE is busy preparing for filming] [Hello!] [Making sure her hair looks neat too!] Hello everyone! [All ready] I am... (What should I say?) Am I doing this right? It's JENDEUK with a fringe now! Come over here doggos [Nuna Nuna♥] Doggo...sit! [I'm a good doggo] [Kuma] [My way doggo] [Kai] Am I looking ok? (You look more than ok♥) I am getting ready to go to practice (Are you going out Nuna?) [Her babies are begging her to stay] They're asking me to not leave This is so awkward... What do I have to say...? This is recording properly right? Since the red light is on?! [Don't worry!] (What should I show BLINKS?) If you look here... It's really messy..! I should clean up soon I have a lot of gifts from fans here too [Attention] [JENNIE shows gifts from fans] I have a secret box here If you look inside here... [TREASURE NO.1] [JENDEUK sticker] [TREASURE NO.2] [JENDEUK STICKER] [Various items made with JENNIE's name] I tend to collect things with my name on it I even have a dumpling sticker They're so precious, I didn't want to use them So I just keep them one by one (What else do I have?!) I even have JENDEUK doll I also want to show you guys the room next door I'll just show you guys a bit of it Can you guys see? It's now filled with clothes [What JENDEUK likes the most] These are Disney...oh no they've fallen I collected these one by one Here are my cameras They're all piled up here [JENDEUK's favorite dolls given by fans] These are all the dolls you guys gave me... some of them I collected. This room is full of childhood memories I've never actually revealed this before!!! Nobody has seen this item yet! This is my LP player! It's not really organized yet but I'll soon make room for it [Did you guys enjoy JENNIE's treasure hunt around the house?!] Kuma is really excited (Yes I am!!) (Representing how BLINKS feel) That's it for my v-log today! I'll wrap it up now! I tried my best at filming! Really hope this actually got recorded! I'll now head off for practice [End of JENDEUK's morning] [All good on my own] Hello everyone I feel like it's been a while since I've taken a self camera I wonder what our BLINKS are doing I miss you guys... a lot♥ I wanna do a live session but... it's way too late right now and I don't want to wake up BLINKS It's always like this. I want to go live but when I look at the time, it's way too late at night [ROSÉ is worried she'll wake fans up] So I'm really upset about that I'll try harder to communicate with you guys♥ Good job for going through the day guys Good night♥ (Is she going to end the cam like this?!) [Chaeyoung's trip to the salon] I came to get my roots done This is my hair dresser Cha Cha Hellloooo [Rocheng's roots have grown out] Your roots have grown out a lot It's my first time coming after getting it dyed silver Hasn't it grown quite fast? [Feeling proud] Should I compliment her for that? (Compliments please!) [Good job ROCHENG's roots!] I think I'll miss silver hair... [ROSÉ really liked this style] I really liked it... [She had silver hair from 'How you like that' to 'Ice cream'] Don't think I'll ever get to have silver hair in my life anymore... [Feeling sad, ROSÉ leaves a selfie with silver hair] [She starts getting a new style!] [ROSÉ will soon get a new look] Hello! I now have pink hair! I've had a cold tone for quite a while now but now that I've changed it to this warm pink tone it feels really new The difference in tones are real so it feels like a transformation It doesn't feel real because tomorrow is our M/V shooting I hope it turns out well [Pressure of releasing their first full album] I think I have worries that it won't turn out well I know once tomorrow comes, we'll shoot the M/V and it will turn out well but I somehow just get worried [ROSÉ is still a worrying doll] [A night full of worries and anxiety] [Another sleepless girl here] Hello everyone! Today I went to dance practice and filmed a few things I'm now having a late dinner [JISOO with early morning sentiments] It is 11:50pm right now 4 days until our new song comes out I wonder if BLINKS would like it These thoughts came across my mind in particular during practice today [Just like ROSÉ, JISOO had the same worries] I'm preparing for this with my full heart What kind of determinations do I have while preparing for this and in what way do I want BLINKS to see us with this album? Those kind of thoughts crossed my mind We really wanted to show different sides to us Although we have our title 'Lovesick girls' we're also preparing for 'Pretty savage' We had many thoughts until the very end with 'Pretty savage' The message BLACKPINK always tries to portray is to have confidence and be yourself and I think this song portrays that We can't wait to show you this side of us too so we're preparing really hard for 'Pretty savage' We hope BLINKS can think 'Wow, they've really put different style of songs into this full album' and really enjoy the album No matter how hard I think, I think the biggest goal for me is to become an artist that BLINKS can be proud of after seeing our stage This is me rarely having early morning sentiments so please don't think I'm going through something after seeing me so serious or think 'Why is she so serious?' Today was just one of those days... where right before the comeback, just like when everything seems so calm right before a typhoon hits I had many different thoughts Don't think of it too seriously and just be like 'I see!' When you guys see this video we would've had our comeback and we would be super busy I hope BLINKS could see that I had these determinations before the comeback and watch our stage again after watching this and see it with a new perspective I hope you guys can feel more emotions through that I'm off now! BYE BLINKS! Please show lots and lots of love [The girls had worries with their first full album] Recording, jacket shooting.... I think I had those thoughts in particular... [But the girls tried their absolute best in their own positions...] [We hope BLINKS can enjoy what they present] [We'll see you next week with our last episode]