BLACKPINK How You Like That Countdown Live PART 1

5 [music] Come on wie 5 [clap] Ah ah let's say hello together 4 1 Little 3 Hello, what is Bami Oh Wow, the leaves of Apink came into the public single highlight themselves. [clap] 4 This broadcast will be broadcast live on YouTube and 1 Algo. I think the global blinkers are watching Let's listen to each of us one by one. Then write correctly. 4th, 4th to 4th, this is hi fun [clap] Alas, it's a duty-free Arisa. 3b Kazuko strictly uses it. Yeah [clap] April Rika Alas Hi Everyone Hi Everyone Oh yes yes that like that It is an index Remain there norman wedding that [laugh] Ah, this countdown live Nyo, when our new song is coming soon, uh There are so many spoilers for places and non-home videos. Please stay with us until the end you write 4 Then we'll open. Let me tell you how we were doing. then Ah yes so many things in seconds I remember something I wonder if it's a business that came along in the year of Abel, a gentleman who can follow. I'm sure I'll see you talking about this for the first time I don't know, but it was really so much fun Well, we started off while still listening and started to add to Jangchung-dong's addiction. It's a bit too sad to be too short Too much and we do it for Blink My Liam started with a tee What's salty 3 Whats Tony Firm Oh, I see. Hey, why was it the nucleus of the industrial industry? I did a small spoiler. This is how big spoilers are in the v app There was Please lay it down I think I won't be able to see it with power Uh and we recently Anmo Ocean Spa 9 5 Left pants sister dreams of taking pictures Which one is there? The deal that we put in the public king once I'm fast The result is captain wondering One year, a year, a year, a year and two months It’s so strange, but it’s coming down. I’m excited, I’m very nervous, I did My body is so tired, but when I sleep, I don’t seem to have that much. I put a stamp in front of it today. I'm in the West So after passing a roll post saying I'm sharing a chuck antenna 5 The fans also said that it's too kimchi Or they often come and comment on the altar 4 Blinks are all too Kim Jong Il That's it The vocabulary is very different Then, let’s start the first corner with Jung Jung Let's introduce what corner Jenny is. I will make two reservations with two cows once Uh the first corner is t This is the first time in Jaco. Yaya 3 3 While watching I'm in charge of posters for ligament time to leave a comment once Okay, please, please don’t come. 4 porn If you go to Atti, and it's trivial, then I think I'll tell you about rx1 What do you think when you look at Jaeger 30,000 Please be aware, was this a concubine teaser? This concept ink is hot on that day Do black and pink that are really black pink for the first time. The transaction is raw, but it is piled up for the first time showing a different feeling I think I had a taste, sweetie The fans have just synthesized, and I'm afraid I'll see you with my magma drink I think I can show you a little bit now Let's go Oh, okay, I think dcl ici is falling Explain to me that I'm too corporate overseas 4 I'm going to hand over to my own capacity c. It's okay i can see if i can help i'm tom me I'm going to lose it, I'm going to cut it Close to a day 3 Fish life 4 Time and how do I tea on my own oo ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Four o'clock and thank you for that student. Life is gone. It was difficult In the case of this picture, I have to be really happy to take four personal private teasers There is a cut with a face hidden I've got all the sheets, so I'm feeling a little c Mannyoung Jang 4 Fire 1r Selected photos. But I will say it's a prize. I was covering the baron, but I had to do a dimensional experiment here, so I had to wrap the sound source easily. 4 Yes I think it was a teaser with a very nice color feeling Let's tell you why, when you reveal something 2 New right like us to turn back I use a lot of pink tones if I can't eme it I will move on to the next t Many people now know our hair color by looking at pictures of children. I went to the overheated trauma, but hey, is this going again? There were a lot of words like this Is pretty. 4 It's not in charge, but this is pretty. Now, the next weather is not over. Even if it floats, the bird will rise again 4 Minimal, can you please why thank you Ah ah ah ah ah ah oh oh we're looking for something Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah it's going to sleep or not The face story has been released, but I can see something If you compare this with us a year ago, I think it's zoomed and matured. Hummer makeup is also upgraded and more details are bought today Isn't it If there is snow, why is Seo Seo inviting such a red hair? It’s a personal exercise. I’ve just never had a red head, but now It's hard to do anything right now, so if you repent, you will have fun That's right, I sweat a lot in words I'm here Yes, that's right What points did you give This point vividly is a ribbon Oh of course I have a guy, you know, your eyes are red and you know, and the shutter is a little I thought I was a high school student and I liked it like this The head of the flower is very strong. It goes well together. Well a little ah Well, I can't reveal it except the highlights, so I express it with my dark eyes I saw a little rainforest this year Ah, but still, wake up here, 40% Adele. As soon as I took it, it was all done Ah, this or that memory that was perfect like this Mr. Floze fails to explain even when the eye makeup is very negative. Pretty Uh, eyeliner 1, but when I do makeup, I think I was shouting in military with shadow I don’t feel like a lot of people want to try it It must be big Mr. Wood and I went to make a color together. When I did it, I had to give it to her, and I said 4 more love stories between English But actually I was born I got 8 hours for 7 hours. When you go, do yoga and me World time is the last thing to discolor once more It was such a time Then, let’s move on to the fourth weather. Proud ah ah ah ah Wow, uh, I have an eye paint. The medicine is not the center. Third, personally, I must admit that Ahab is at 4 o'clock. I'm going to sleep a little. Don't do it and let's go. 1 1 8 5 Lisa There was also a site like this. Is it No, so it's a killing situation It's a lot of power. It was like this. I feel That's cool i'm ya I'm not a weird ceo head here how do I draw Bucheon leadership wear Attached No No, it's something That’s what it’s like. This is the mother here. Yes i got it When we suck, the concept is too ugly than we thought it was all over I liked it so much that the child is a ninth place. So many things Ah, the book is not so sweet, so the book is not going. I decided to go far from the day Oh I saw it Ah, I saw it with my eyes. I'll see 2 Ah 5 1 1 5 tank come here Okay, so it's too good for the next one. It's interesting, but after doing it, I got 30.4. I'm a student. 60 It will change from here to there. 1 us 3 salty ah ah ah ah ah I'm sorry I say so colorful Why do you think of color uh Cap ah very ar cowgirl ulzzang 4 black pink fur It's so new Something like this is a little color, but it feels like a scy, but it's really introduced Psy, look here in pink. Even if it goes green, why is it changing? Can I do it through a very smoky wife, but wash it carefully once Please take a closer look. You should know here. Yamaha travel and ageing font I don't have this Yabi Oyama Ah Thought and cloudiness, it's ah ah ah yeah yeah Wow, it’s not like that Like this, a little bit of makeup for the Blind general members I don’t have anything, I’m going to use it So it's like 4 o'clock. Did you come between Fiji? The other light points are good for my older sister, so the 5 players c c I just used a little bit of the channel a wiped story and Mr. Rose is now Once you see what the global pendant is doing, the middle timing below the yo One forex 04 Freya Beha burns in soaking won the referee is attracted over soon as i 2 c 2 ounces Scott provoked Hausch own Saud al ah ah what Gray t-coaster s company's outer rn pulse is a member of the backers It was the same No, it's not like that. These days, it's like this. It's a blue bird. I decided to take over. All you see is channel x and now, and there's not much left, but the clock girl Let's go 4 Are you ready? Please write it later. [clap] If yes Alas [clap] Ah ah ah this is really play ah ah Yes, please compare this 4 Wearing ahka teddy over how the event 3 What search terms ah ah ah ah What is this rfm punishment sex for sale bride We know that there are so many parts, but actually there are four abduction There are so many members Hey, I just want to see the picture, so I miss the movie. I took a picture of Ubi so hard and we were so cool 1 The first one, the first one No, no, no, no, hey, this is so no, even when I get this photo 1 Click on the face mark or show pattern only for the sealman but still a little 4 While waiting for fun The storage will come to see the 124 actuality that has found a large area volume in the address sieve. Lecture 2 Please raise your head and explain the cock to the color. Even if you look at the terminal, look at something. Write something new and intense. 4 Ah, you have to do Pohang so don’t sweat. I do not know I cry too much o Uh, Mass, I'm doing it very much. I looked this percussion this year, but it's very heavy. What is Dada's Macau 5 Herbs I danced along Yes ah ah ah ah ah yes then subdue n don't have to do this I went to the poster and ate it still. It's the last one, Navas. No, this is not a tool teaser pizza commentary 4 How column flanks are about this force I wonder if you're doing it now I'm going to leave out some comments. I wonder Ugh I want you to speak a little in my English One foot, yes, eh, and chae, this page. New So tell us now I have a lot of analogies like I'm giving you 10 rooms. Now, if you pass this, the comments of fans are sold more I'm going to upload it Wow, do you see this? There is a white ah, but now This time, the first time I came to Cheeyang Ah Ah ah ah ah ah Jenny spoofed in the 20 Tony photo exr web pink color Where title earlier IU fraternity Dina is more ah Asura 1 What do you think of Ansan? So maybe it's a bit of a nuke that I'm a little bit more accurate It's love, it's love, it's mine 4 Mr. Lee, who has been inquiring about himself, read the protest. Aya ah [music] In spite of my writing in front of me, we want to read it I’ll pick it out here and read it. I have a taste for it. Read it with this. Lacquer, the members of King Kong, etc. have all the feeling inside the spo. Well, what's right where I and Retty boasted a rebound 3a query before I lost my I still have King Kong, but I still want to eat Even though you can boast and boast, the vision is what Mr. Todd wants to read every single time. The first start is so fun when the weather is on someone's sword Do you have 5 called spicy 4 that's As I used to be Instagram, I used a lot of this ignorance Seems Don't do it right yes ah yes right No no no no Alas I can't do it once and oh, but please tell me what's coming out too much Oh, it’s going to look at it Oh, I got it, the policy is all wrong. It's Josh. Read it. [music] That's why everyone is expressing fire Ah Alas ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah There's a ticket that we said in the old days. What do you want to say is here and listen to the flower play pink presenting coming palace Woe to the right bank I usually look like this during the day It's too good to hear too much Uh, everyone seems to have some surprises 4 There is also a feeling like a game main character, Mamon 2 The accounting concept is perfect, there's just a little bit more than I thought You know, the op me also secretly spills a lot of my blood anyway I'm happy that you guys are looking forward to your mom. Then let's move on to our next corner, Midio Poop Dessert Talk. Let's talk 4 What's the true story of a child? Originally, the dessert is so high posture Uh, Mr. move, please wash the white when the seeds of this tea are high I'm going down Let’s take a look at each one. This is the first bar, even if we start here now Please 4 Would it be okay to hold the children and the umbrella Uh yes, now this is about me In my music video scene Umbrella comes out Um, I'll tell you how I saw it. Uh or sweep a bit to memorize That's a little bit more than a bit of wear Yes, then write the video yesterday. Look Maybe it should be, I don't know why I think I know that well, why is it called Lo Daemon spoiler? Actually, this is not an umbrella It's the 5th line for fun with me Oh, then, the next to me is who we are. This is cool. Please explain. Mr. Seo. Oh, I feel a little. Production and other opposition parties in Korean like this 4 Can I tell you my personal set up now? I wrote the big thing that I had to put in and went abroad. For now I think you might be wondering why it came out like this Look ahead Ok 4 Why do you take a picture? Why is it over there when you come next Maya? I don't know what it is, this is it There are a lot of vehicles on the top 0 You've never done a little thing with the words you left in detergent prison. Very Sean is water. Why is water here? I'm only involved with me Um ah ah ah beautiful Look, look at us. I played well. Um M It's not a fake Ramiya morning Let's go to Shan's day Ugh 4 I'm here. Look inside. I'm thinking about cutting cancer information. Look at it. What will it be? It is called the Holy Spirit on the left. What 4 I'm going to America It's hard, there's a stack Oh, I'll explain the cello that's okay for you. Happened Yes, I think we can do it like the lonely wall Or is it Kree Karol 4 for dinner? I have a son spoil 3 Look at mead, yes oh oh oh 4 1 spoon 0 5 I'm not aware of which carp I am. 1 is over Wow, please explain the snowflake parliament in the middle. Ah, this is the fact that this is the focus of our group 50 this year. This scene is released 4,000 won quickly and I want to release the photos I took at this time What do you think of too Rice, our yo It's so close to the seasonal explanation that it's snowing on food. Pain the rice Yeah 4 I talked about the music video like this What are you thinking of Blink Let’s read our comments one more time. Callie el a baby base droid 5 Stay Seven You get rid of hip-hop obscenity 14 Comments You are uploading a lot This is the spoiler 2 I've seen the cookie look so delicious, what is Liz c What ah ah ah ah Yes Oh, I can't talk about it Secure me into new seconds Come out hard. Take Sechan's woman or the magic detention center. So I'm going to go beyond my period But there was a gold flurry, but next time, the color reaction was also flying Sounds like The difference seems to be so curious about the movie. Making a music video released for the first time in the sun downlight I did this but I can't see you right now [clap] now Ah, every one of them [music] erwin it Fiore What do you click on? I wrote weatheron1 sesame wot only Vision * The check you saw earlier [music] Ugh we to 야 Ah ah not I have to base hard. Singing I will be courageous The person who will come out 4 5 Owl or, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Oh, we can do this for De Jay. My dust is like this. New Media If you have 4 broken Eps 4 flavors It's the second cigarette, and I'm going to pack it here Jo Jo put away who gave it to school Ah tour [music] towel Ugh Brown is over there. 4 seconds a year dong woo woo t do Taiwan we we we we we we come on come on we go 아 * Dot code 아 2.2 e i o u to be so wie [music] Omron or 5 degrees When will it end Ugh the to the the i woo thee i went to my boo oo 아 a we Baby tna [music] wow it's been a long time comeback Take a picture I will not forget [music]