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oh we got hoes in there oh single mom season yes i have good goals let's go baby level three pass holy crap is that it let's go welcome back to another video jesse james west here and today we're gonna be doing and attempting a military grade course so your boy's gonna be in a lot of pain so if you wanna see that you're in the right place now if you're new to the channel welcome to the dub squad join the family hit that subscribe button turn on your post notifications and drop a like for the boys down below only 48.5 to be exact percent of you that are watching this are subscribed maybe we can get that at least over 50 i think yes let's get on with today your boy's gonna suffer a bit make a fool of himself what else is new come on so apparently grant stated that i saluted you guys wrong so sorry for that hopefully we can learn a little bit more about the military and the characteristics of everything while doing this course we're gonna need my man austin at a very interesting place and then he's gonna drive us to the range let's get rolling with it listen i'm just gonna get ready one way or another with some fallen universe my favorite band of all time do not ever get it twisted down there it is guys if i should drop a song let me know i feel like i want to we have just arrived to the pickup spot and then austin is going to take us to the compound i don't really know what i'm going to call it but i think that sounds pretty cool we're going to say the firing range from call of duty that's where we're going what's hello man do this my man meet you good to meet you too how are you i'm excellent i'm ready to become a man good you might get a little muddy that's all right i only got shoes on but if i get muddy it's not a big deal boots knee pads elbow pads you brought that rod i've got mine did you bring did you bring you you got banging out content like 24 7 aren't you yeah pretty much filming every day [Music] we've made it to the top of mount everest basically we are in the battlegrounds and we're gonna be doing an insane challenge but first things first i need to pee what else is new what is it the battle bunker [Music] i got you a vest this is weighted about 15 pounds let's go is this bulletproof yes it is actually holy crap oh i'm gonna look sick in this guys we're gonna look really cool i'm gonna tell you that hello hello what's up are we interviewing girls at the beach right now are you into fit guys i love fit guys as per usual tarps off for the boys we're coming off real early it's a bit nippy out here so if i'm cutting glass it'll be with my nips strap me up we gotta have you tight the tighter the better yes all right we got five levels today ladies and gentlemen we'll be putting jesse through five levels ranging from easy to hard level one's gonna be max sandbag squats in one minute okay level two is gonna be max pull-ups in one minute or max pull-ups level three i'm gonna send you through the tire dodge i guess what you call it the tires usually they're slippery but i will put the soap on there oh yeah did you say that for the girls yeah level four is going to be horizontal rope cross and there's a little pit we got little divots it's like you know 12 foot drop underground and then level five we're going to put you through the entire course okay see how well you can hold up okay i'm a little nervous there's no one else out here to save me if i uh if i go down but you know what jesse's always in for a challenge so let's hit it we have sandbag squats so you just take it up you hip thrust it we're going for max this is max squats in one minute how heavy is this 80 pounds 80 pounds i feel it okay here we go all right count me down oh my commander go you can proceed one minute max 80 pounds sandbag squats sir yes three two one go let's see some depth come on 30 seconds in let's see some depth 28 37. this is first single moment 38. single mom season 3 4 45 45 and a half 45. oh my legs are jello right now that's actually way harder than i thought oh i forgot about that if i didn't have this 15 pounds no problem whatsoever 45 and a half what do you guys think comment below what you think let me know moving on level two let's go come on give me one time for the one time what was hey this one's for the boys back home but listen once i took a military test it was called the program you know what that is program yeah so i just played college lacrosse uh-huh at lehigh university was d1 and to get for like team bonding and stuff they put you through navy seal fitness training for like 48 hours without sleep or anything we slept like three hours oh so maybe it wasn't a real one well i'm not a navy seal i've never been what is your background i didn't did seven years in the navy did uh drove small boats for harvard security okay fun fun times hell yeah right on appreciate it okay now we got this madness so now we got this we're doing level two it's not the rope cross yet this is just max pull-up so what are you gonna do look up here come over yeah and you can do max pull-ups okay i think this is are we at the american ninja warrior center no this is the battle bunker this is better than american ninja warrior oh jesus one minute one minute these are real pull-ups now these are pull-ups i'm ready whenever you are all right mike a minute ago you can proceed max pull-ups one minute three two one go we're exposing jesse james west [Music] make sure you get all the way up [Music] 16 reps that's the progress right there how's the pump is the pump filthy or what it looks better than the vest i'm going to wear this all the time you could have it no 50 bucks 50 bucks okay yeah no you haven't all about making a profit out here i'm actually paying him an immense amount of money to do this we're gonna cut that and cut it right there all right jesse so what are you gonna do we got a little bit of mud out here a little bit of rock uh maybe some glass out here so trying to okay got it yeah try not to get in the dirt you're gonna come from tire to tire starting here i'm gonna wait for this wind to yeah that's a strong way all right you're gonna pick your poison pick your path go from tire to tire this is all about balance i think i'm gonna try to do every single tire if you're good you jump from that one to that one there's a full-on leap yep 18-foot vertical i got some hops in me no i don't i definitely don't usually we put ajax soap on these to make them slippery but i don't have it out here i would love to do some mud wrestling in here we'll do that for the finale the finale stage six is gonna be a mud wrestle all right i'm gonna my goal i'm gonna touch all of them all right ready are we doing it for time we're not yet nope just keep your balance okay stay on the tires if you don't oh god you lose that's kind of harder than i think all right this one's easy they move a little bit yeah they do they're wiggly i should call these the wiggly tires oh my gosh there you go i will tell you these last two wiggle of the most oh close these are good this is a good ankle breaker if you land incorrectly you can break your cankles i'm gonna break my cankle ah let's go let's go baby level three past level three good job skin good job that's what's up this is light work level four that one that one actually looks really tough so you built all this yes i did 100 bahay and i rented i rented excavators to dig the holes let's get you on this horizontal rope climb so what you're going to do you're going to climb this rope all the way up transition climb it up that's why i made the ends like this if you touch the dirt in the future there's gonna be mud and glass and piranhas in here level four is a no-go okay all right all right here we go oh god the transition is hard on the wrist and hard on the hand holy crap my calves that don't exist they're hurting wow am i like halfway all the way almost halfway come on [Music] holy sh don't fall in the alligator piranha hey guys i just want to say subscribe i'm trying to hit a million this year i can only do with your help but first i need to complete this obstacle so back to it [Music] perfect oh my god level four complete baby all right hands are a little beat up right now but got the calluses going now jesse we are ready for level five that's the whole thing we're going to see you through this entire obstacle course i don't know if i can do that twice a couple more challenging oh you got it gotta get level five it's a hard one we're gonna start you off over here we have simple bunny hop and then you got a hill run and then you have a vertical cargo net and you have an a-frame we got a rope suite it's about 12 foot wide and then we got the tires again and then you got a wall and then you have completed it i will tell you it's a nut check do you have testicles yes i have good goals i can show you i mean just where's that gopro hero 6 what are you poor subscribe to the channel help them go upgrade to it help me upgrade to it when i say go i'm going to time you time will be used for everybody else who comes out here so they're going to know do it quickly so nobody else can beat you are you ready i'm important my middle name is ready it's actually not james i don't know jesse ready west west all right jesse let's do it my command go you're gonna proceed three two one go i'm going there is no stop grab the sandbag take it over place it on this side right here now come back over again i'm going come to the cargo net you're going to climb up touch the top [Music] you're at 50 seconds now a-frame cargo net get high on the rope or else your butt will skim the bottom oh it's so much fun [Music] there you go two minutes and seven seconds last time come on i dedicate this to my mom almost halfway lots of work in the forearm oh that transition boom done is that it let's go three minutes one second good job you completed it successfully hell yeah for anyone out there wants to challenge me to this course i will take you on three minutes how do you feel about it i feel good i mean i feel strong i definitely feel like i can improve on the a-frame and the one before that the second time doing this was a lot easier weirdly i think my adrenaline was pumping and then just demolish it is it your turn now let's do it let's go that my friends is a wrap on the giant obstacle course i have a drop of blood oh that's terrible my man thank you make sure you guys check out his channel appreciate it yeah check him out follow him he has some dope stuff and he's gonna have some amazing stuff coming trust me i know all the secrets so it's been a few hours my body's aching my hands are definitely beat up but it ain't no problem because we just got a gift from my boy stelio so shout out to you i'm gonna show you guys what he just got me for my birthday let's see what it is so we got a new custom skate deck that says relentless and jesse james west it's literally my tattoo just on a skateboard so super dope i'm gonna build this right now and then we're gonna ride over to the gym and get a fat shoulder workout in because your boy is tired but he needs a good workout so let's go and she's finished all right comment down below what i should name my new board maybe vanessa bertha margaret something really nice you know what i'm saying before we leave we must have some free workouts sour grape code jessie saves you 10 off i want to give a huge shout out to you guys sending me screenshots of your orders after you use code jesse right here and here it's time to get la cracked out cheers to the governor let's go [Music] so we're going to be doing some itty bitty delts we're working on bringing them up i'm trying to hit them three times a week let's get into it because today has already been a tough day but it's going to get tougher when does it not comment below if i should drop a workout playlist you guys are always asking i think it's about time we're going to start off with rear delts as i feel that they are lacking a little bit they used to be my strong point so if you ever have a weak point i definitely recommend starting your workout with it that way it gets the full tension and then moving into everything [Music] else [Music] so my last set what i'm going to do 10 reps wait 5 seconds do five reps and then i'm gonna wait another ten seconds through a drop set one more time that will literally burn your shoulders like none other you know some people they hold their workouts and they go all out at the end i prefer just to go all out the entire time rpe 12 or nothing baby we're going to do a dumbbell arnold press 4 sets 12 reps [Music] now that i have your attention listen go to so you get yourself a new program transform your life caffeine's really kicking in guys now we're going to do a single arm side raise really feel it in the medial head the side belt whoa clap the room i'm coming through they want to see what i'm about yeah i got skills me what's that 10 off code jesse with your eyes is that new that's the song i took like 5 milligrams of caffeine bro i love this guy already what's up bro i'm 20 you're good you're you're working stephen this man has wheels for legs what's up everybody how are you today i'm great this guy's all positive vibes and spreading nothing but love and i just want to appreciate you for that let's go i'm great i told this guy this guy is going to be the next biggest thing in the industry watch watch mark my words all right we're going to do some face pulls this is a staple i end every shoulder workout with it [Music] that one burn like a like a lego oh no no jesse come on no think of a better joke next time bro literally everyone's just so amazing here but anyways we're gonna go into some abs i never do abs on this channel i don't know why and one of the top searches on on youtube for jesse james west is jesse james west abs so we're gonna do hang leg raises like this for 20 and then i do alternating kicks for 10 each leg and then i hop down and i do russian twists that really develops your obliques trust me abs are built in the gym but they're revealed in the kitchen and through your diet trust me [Music] that is a wrap on the workout we're gonna head back to the house get some food beautiful day for beautiful vibes that's all i can say the official next order of business for the day is to go to the one and only venice beach anthony's tagging along over there but we're gonna head over and see what the day takes us to let's go parking space acquired we're gonna walk around and see what happens i got my skateboard yeah we're gonna get some food probably we need some dinner i'm gonna skate a little bit get a little cardio in and uh hopefully not get hurt or anything but only time will tell [Music] after nearly killing someone i think i should be done here he knows what's up let's go little uh i might be nervous are you nervous there's no way to be nervous no way damn this is beautiful you look right there and you see everything all right first round of food we got some beautiful wings when it at venice beach you have to eat bad taste test impeccable wow they're really good for some reason they decided to stab my sandwich how rude we have french fries we got a chicken sandwich of course keeping it nice and clean that right there is some high quality chicken amazing thank you venice beach so i'm gonna eat this and enjoy it i'll catch you guys for the very best bite and i think you know which one that is stay with me no my best fight baby why let's go all right that doesn't mean end of today's video i really hope you guys enjoyed it and got me out of it today was a very very taxing day help me get to a million subscribers click that subscribe button i'll catch you in the next one don't forget stay relentless peace [Music] you