P: Oh, It's so boring without any friends. *end my suffering* P: But wait a minute.. P: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- J: TOPPO'DAMORNIN'TOYA'LLLADDIES! P: Oh My Goooood. P: You're here. J: I'm here. J: Let's do some shiiiit. J: Why did I agree to this? J: You were just like, J: "HEY" J: "Show up in my house," J: "Hey, you wanna record a video?" J: "Sure!" J: "Let's go..." J: "POODIEPIE." J: "LE'S DO DIS" P: Don't make my impression. P: God dammit. P: Hey, let's do this. J: Bros... J: Bros.. P: TOPPADAMORNIN' J: No.. P: That's not even how you do it. *EpicFail* J: No, it's not.. P: Catch. *Throws a water bottle to Jack* J: Oh, Okay.. P: I challenge you... P: Jacksepticeye... P: To A Bottleflip Challenge P: We have a foot cam. P: Three, two, one go. J: OHHH! *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)EAR_RAPE( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* J: Haha, we fuckin' suck P: This is gonna be greaat! P: Okay, but.. P: Here's the thing, P: There's a twist. J: Ok... P: Der's a twist! P: Der is a twist everybody J: Der's a twist everybody! P: If you don' the bottle flip first, P: You have to pick a reddit 50/50. J: Oh no-hoho! P: So 50/50 50/50. P: More like a 80/20 but still them 50/50. J: Oh nooo. P: And you guys at home, you get to watch anyway. P: Ok let's go down. P: Let's go down to camera number two. J: Ok wait. P: Ok. P: Camera number two. P: Here we go. J: Phew. J: *Grunts* J: OH HAHA. IAMTHEONEDON'TWEIGHATON(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) J: SECOND ATTEMPT! J: SECOND TRY!! J: I MEAN- I MEAN FIRST TRY! P: Sponsored by Eviaaaaan!!! P: God dammit. P: Camera number one. J: Hello. P: This is so fucking weird. P: Okay. J: Are u just gonna pick at random? You're gonna have to.. P: I go- I'm going from the top. J: Okay, what- P: Fetus on ground after P: Crash with pregnant woman. P: I don't believe that's a thing. J: Okay or- P: I don't believe that's a thing. J: Or a photo of quintuplets in the uterus. P: I don't wanna see either of them! (dafuq Jack?) J: Yeah, why am I still looking at this??? P: You can look away Jack. J: Okay. P: Okay. J: I'll judge- I'll judge by your reaction. P: Here I go. P: Oh that's nice. (kill me ples ;-;) P: GOT EM!!! GOT EM!! P: That's disgusting! P: Get that shit away! P: What the.. J: What is wrong with you? *dafuq* J: "Ah it's pretty good." P: I got you. P: Ano- P: Back to camera number two. J: Oh Jesus Christ J: Okay, go! P: Ooh. J: Fuck. P: Fuck. IAMTHEONE(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) J: UHRGH. P: I think I have too much water in mine. J: Fuck. P: No no, P: Hey, HEY! *DA'S CHEATIN* P: Hey. J: Fuuck. J: YA-HAHAHA P: Wait wait. P: I got one- P: I got one- I got a chance. J: Come on, come on... P: NahH! J: You're terrible at bottleflips! P: Apparently I am, yeah. J: Do you even meme broʕ•ᴥ•ʔ P: Shut the fuck up *ples jek* P: AH NOT AGAIN! P: JESUS. P: Ah my god! P: AH MARKIPLIER!! J: AH it's Mark! J: Why is he there? P: I was looking at his videos( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) J: Ooooooo. P: Okay- alright, alright. P: It's time for my punishment. P: Train runs over a parked car. P: That's pretty cool. J: I mean its a- It's a car. P: Man demonstrates some very impressive green screen action. P: Oh is this a video of- of me? *nope(ಥ_ಥ)* P: Oh no I got the car one. J: Is it a video? P: Yeah it's a jif (or gif o whatever....stfu) P: Ohhh! P: Thats awesome! P: Don't look yet. P: Ok look- ok, look at this. P: Hahahaha. P: WUUUUT!? P: Tshaha J: WHAT!? J: That was awesome!!! P: Hahaha. J: It's so seamless! P: It looks so real. P: That was good. P: That was really good. J: Man I like this game! J: Thank you Felix. P: Heey, you're welcome. P: The uterus, the train...(all the good stuff) J: The human body... P: BACK TO CAMERA ONE! J: CAMERA ONE!! *wait for it* ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 P: OHH! P: FIRST TRY EVER! J: Ok. P: YES! P: FINALLY! I knew I could do it! J: Okay bros! P: Don't look Danny Devito. J: ...Here we go we're gonna do 50/50. J: Ok... J: Hamster eats a tiny burrito or man eats a tiny hamster. J: Why? Why would you do that? P: What the fuck. J: Oh, oh.. P: EWW EWWWW! P: EWWWW! J: What- J: NO! P: WHAT THE FUCK! P: Take it away! P: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? J: Oh that actually made me gag... P: Really? J: Oh my god, why? J: Why would you do that? *I'm sorry you had to see that, kid* P: Why did you do this? J: I thought it was gonna be like oh he just puts the hamster in his mouth... P: He chewed J: He chewed and the hamster like popped. P: Asians what's wrong with you? (WTF Markiplier) J: Oh no my poor little... my poor little Irish... J: NO THERE IT IS AGAIN! P: He's got that blue hair (Edgy AF) P: Aw what the fuck it- auggh.... J: See you almost got sick as well. P: What the fuck is this in my mouth? J: Is it a hamster? P: I don't know. J: CAMERA ONE! P: CAMERA- P: I don't have the technique down yet. J: Yeah I don't- I don't get it. P: Ohhh. J: OOhhh. P: Auughh. J: Yeah- yes! P: I-I still hope. J: I AMTHEONEDON'TWEIGHATON ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ J: Camera one! P: Okay camera one. P: Ok, oh it's my turn, FUCK! P: I dont wanna. P: Puppy digs a hole. J: Or a dude with a hole in his face. J: Click- click on it Felix P: Please, be the puppy. P: Please, the puppy. P: I need... the puppy. P: THAT IS NOT A PUPPY! *words of a man who's seen everything* J: Does he have a hole in his face? P: Oh what the fuck is he alive? J: That's not a dude with a hole in his face, J: That's a dude with a half a face... *nice* Both: CAMERA ONE! *EPIC* P: OH! *MORE FUCKENN' EARRAPE* P: OH! *STILL RAPIN' DEM EARZ* *my ears came(◉_◉)* J: That doesn't count! P: OH! MY! GOD! That fucking counts! P: ALLL THE WAAAYYYYYY (to fuckin' victory town) J: Ohoho, for fuck's sake. P: Yeeees! J: Bull running accidents or tree frog croaking. J: Slippy! J: Don't pay attention you're the best frog. J: That's frogs! P: Aawww. *wut* *da* *FUCK* P: See they do that, but they don't shit afterwards. J: Why did you get- J: Why didn't you get a tree frog then? J: Instead of a hamburger. P: Don't make fun of my fucking frog. Slippy: Oh my god. It's my friends. S: Put me down, ASSHOLE!!! J: Is he gonna shit? J: Don't- don't shit. J: No don't- don't touch him. J: Plug up his butt hole. J: He's reacting, tree frogs the natural enemy of hamburgers. P: Final one jack... P: This is it.... P: You think you better than me? J: Yeah. J: I've won more of them. P: This is all or nothing. J: Okay we'll mix up the bottles. J: I don't know which is which... P: Whoever wins this one... P: Welcome everybody to the yearly bottle-flip championship tournament. J: Sweden versus Ireland. P: Sweden versus Ireland. P: Ok Sweden starts. P: Never mind. P: Fuck. J: Ahh it's so close every time. P: NO! J: This bottle is fucked. P: I AM THE ONE... 💣💥🔥 P: NO! J: YEAH! P: Okay it continues. P: It continues. P: OOOOOH! Both: *Screaming* P: God dammit. P: Oooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh! P: NOOOOOOOOO! J: We couldn't do it at all earlier. P: Come on. *Shitty Timelapse* J: Not the one P: I AM THE ONE! P: Come on Sweden Sweden Sweden! P: The pressure is so much- P: NO! *BOOM BITCH* P: WHAT THE FU-HU-HUCK. P: This is ridiculous. J: YES! P: For Sweden. J: *No, please no* P: YES! J: NO! J: That was the highest one too. P: What the fuck? P:This finale is killing me. P: Oh. P: Oh. J: Oooooooohhhhhhh. P: This is it. This. Is. It. *Pleas don't be on of those sad endings* (Whyyyyyyy)*RIP peace* P: Yes! *SWEDISH BATTLECRY* P: I am the best bottle flipper! P: I'm sorry *Please don't cry Jack😥* P: Yes! P: Slammin'! P: Jacksepticeye. J: You scared the shit out of me. P: Well now we know who the best bottle flipper is. P: Now as punishment... I'm gonna let you watch.... P: My least favourite video in the whole world. *some weird-ass gigglin'* P: Here you go, enjoy! J: Ok. J: Bye. *fuckin' ad* J: He's so loud! J: What's wrong with him? P: Alright well, thank you Jack for doing the bottle flip challenge. J: No problem P: No let's not call it that... J: Yeah. P: Check out Jack if you for some reason dont know who he is, I'll link him in the description- J: Yeah, it's not like I'm a fucking meme here already. P: Wait that's a person? J: There's a play button with my name on it there! P: Can I just get to see you with that, there you go... P: As the loser of the bottleflip challenge you get this golden play button. J: I don't want this, this is tainted! P: It's yours now! P: Leave a like if you enjoy and I'll see you bros.. brofist. J: TOPPO'DAMORNINNNN!!!!!