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hey guys welcome to my channel in this video we're going to discuss differences between American and British English and which accent you should end up learning so if you're interested please continue watching the disclaimer I was born and raised in Russia and I spent 25 years of my life in Russia just recently moved to the United States and I'm still working on my American accent a very interesting thing that two years ago I had a British accent so I will try to mimic both accents in this video and we'll see the differences if you're not a native English speaker I'm gonna tell you a very interesting story when I was 14 and my English I was intermediate I was in the UK with my friend who was from Great Britain and we were standing by London Eye and suddenly she turns her head and says oh my god those Americans what's with Americans and she says kidding you hear their accent is so different and I'm like I couldn't hear it but I was like yes I guess but I couldn't hear it the thing is I was able to tell the difference between different accents just when I reached the advanced level before that I was listening to a lot of British singers I am a big fan and when I listened to her songs I started hearing those when you kind of minimize the T sound it's LITTLEST it somewhere in your throat then I started listening to Kate Nash and I started to notice the way she pronounces bitte bitte and I started to realize this is a British thing so I would say by the age of 17 during my third trip to the UK I became proficient in defining the accents gonna became sober efficient that I was sitting with my friend watching an American movie and I said why don't they translate American English into British because I cannot get a thing I'm so used to British acts and that was super funny the thing is if you are intermediate don't really worry about no other in the standing access that's fine you're gonna come to it a little later now I'm gonna sleep myself into two different persons one is gonna be American marina one is gonna be a British marine well there my name is marina and I'm Great Britain what's up guys my name is Rina I'm from the United States now let's talk about the differences themselves difference number one is the way Americans pronounce T sound tomato tomato better better water water potato potato yeah sometimes that are worse that are written in the same way but they are pronounced in a completely different way herb hub salmon Salman schedule schedule privacy privacy aluminum.aluminum adult adult another thing that I've noticed is that the letter A in British will be pronounced as aa in American will be pronounced as a for example when I was visiting my friend her name is Catherine when I was visiting her in the UK she told me that she has a Robert and I was so surprised I was like Robert no way you should say rabbit and she was like no in Britain would say Robin and yes this is the way works in American versus British English can't can't and aunt another thing that I've noticed that Americans love the sound art and British people tend to diminish or just miss it at all leisure leisure measure measure clever clever Parliament Parliament burn birth work work of course you know that some words are completely different in American compared to English but they mean the same thing bathroom toilet first floor ground floor second floor first floor vacation holiday downtown say Santa another thing that surprised me but it should have been obvious is that there is slang in different countries that people do not understand for example I came to America and I kept saying posh which in British means that you are kind of this luxury person wearing luxury brands no polish and you would say like Victoria Beckham is posh or Kim Kardashian is posh in British but Americans they don't really know by the way if you're American and if you're watching this video let me know if you've heard of the word posh before and of course the language is affected by culture and culture wise these two countries are completely different because I deal with both and when I get an email from a British person it will be like dia Marina I hope you're doing well please let me know if you have any new inquiries regarding the proposal we discussed and I'm looking forward to chatting to you in the next two weeks the American email will be hey what's up do you want a jump on a call so it would be less formal and it will be a lot shorter five o'clock tea alright guys I think that was it let me know if you enjoyed watching this video if this video scores 5,000 likes then we're gonna do the second part of it and tell about other differences in both languages if you are not subscribed to this channel you need to do this like look below the video there is a button and it will subscribe please subscribe and do not miss my next video I will see you soon thank you so much for watching bye [Music]