I know I said was going off the internet and I am the first I have to defend myself I'm sick of the haters the haters have been really rude to me so my last video I said I was quitting the internet starting July 10 cuz that's when my diary comes out all my Diaries for my whole life all my secrets have been leaved so coming out in a boat on July 18th and when that happens I have to hide from the world because the hands are just gonna be so freaking annoying but turns out the haters are already freaking annoying cuz the haters I've been getting one-on-one Oh Miranda you're stayin off Gloriana your porn Oh Miranda you're not a good point same oh yeah well I'm about to prove to you I am a good part scene I noticed you know as you're not participating in porn one this morning I made my mom go to see the ain't hashtag not sponsored Mona and I made her get every test you can gain to pause that I'm a good person and not a freaking thing off every drug testing alone look at this first check home drug test marijuana cocaine II metamath 'cimmanon and opines so I'm gonna test to see if I have any of these drugs in my system and you'll see that I don't so I'm not Center I don't take drugs that's one glucose meet our test strips so we're gonna test and see if I have any glue Colts in my system I never even tried a glucose drunk so this will be manganese next we have mom check for Tyler Dean so we're gonna check and see if or how many of this kind of drunk in me and I will not next we have the on Vilanch in pretty job it'll predict if I'm ever gonna be in a relation with a novel or something we also have pregnancy tests to prove that I'm not a sinner and don't participate in porn so you guys can see all these things are not in my body and because of that it proves I'm a good person I'm a good wholesome woman who loves the moment I would never participate in anything sin poni disgusting so stop saying names let's get Steinberg first let's check my glucose hmm see if I tested positive for glucose and you guys will see if I've been taking that horrible wrong so when all you'll just wash your hands lamps your senior tamp when the meter displays the blood drop symbol and your blood glucose why this thing is a razor just know I'm not taking any glue coats this isn't 13 reasons why I'm not doing this one try veins can't get prey me if you're being a good little boy got one gonna go peony you're a pain so now we wait for three to five minutes next spawn jank I had kind of science experiments collect the semen sample between two to seven days after our last ejaculate gene perform two tasks read your results we test how am I supposed to do this has seen and T&S so maybe I just spit in this thing now you just let it soak and wait so this one says you have to wait two to seven days or something okay it's been 2 or 3 minutes you guys will see notice it off so thank you very much next taste what one sees pumpkin hello pre-broken this is literally impossible there's no way I'm pregnant we don't let the roll up the game we have to do porn to get bring mean you can't get pregnant till you're married it's a freaking fact read the Bible see this broken no I never even did things seems pretty American thank you for calling your 24-hour CVS Pharmacy to refill time can you hello prescribers listen your pregnancy tests are broken stop talking abou one can I talk to someone your pregnancy tests are broken if we can hate the same are they I'm just calling cuz I just got a pregnancy test from your store and it's testing and saying pregnant but I know I'm not pregnant so I'm wondering what you can do to reimburse me for this test I know but it's broken thank you for nothing hey everything on line says it's open brain means I'm not I'm good let's go on I would never do something like that unless I'm married this only means one thing I am the next Virgin Mary [Music]