BTS Burn The Stage EP3 with Subtitle

I heard the director through the in-ear headphones. He asked Jungkook to go on a respirator if it's too hard. It looked like he was almost out of his mind. Ever since, I couldn't focus on myself. All I could think of was Jungkook. Okay. One and a half minutes left. Jungkook, seriously. Slow down. Is he okay? If we don't have Jungkook, it's a lot of damage. It's the same for every one of the seven members, but Jungkook is our main vocalist. And he's in an important position at the center of the acts. He has a lot of parts. There's no replacement for Jungkook. Thank you! I looked at Jungkook then and he sat down with a thump, and I thought it was serious. Are you okay? Jungkook, do you want us to leave? - It'll be better to take your pants off. - Yeah. - Let's get out. - Okay. I didn't know I'd collapse like that. It's the first time that happened to me. I was very flustered. It was too hot, and he overworked himself. I think that's why it happened. It wasn't a mental problem. So I felt relieved about that, but... Jungkook! Jungkook, come here! And I'm... We had just started. And I'm in charge of speaking for the group. So I was thinking, "We just started the show. There's no replacement for Jungkook. What do I do?" Seeing myself thinking that way made me feel pathetic. Like, "What am I doing?" He might not even be able to perform. Take off his socks. He said he's fine, but I think he should take them off. - You're okay? - Don't. No, don't. Your socks are your pride? Your socks are your pride, huh? It's a little embarrassing, right? It's okay. He looked like he recovered, so I felt relieved. But since I have to speak for us, it's very hard for me when these things happen. Because I'm also a kid. Thank you, everyone. Can you keep up? When did you start to feel dizzy? Since when? A while ago? Jungkook was such a professional today. He was like this right before we went up to for "Wings," and then... He came with me when I was rapping and he even rapped with me. I was feeling so down today. We're going out for "Wings" when Suga... He goes like this. It was so funny that it made my day. Yoongi made Jimin's day. I felt more excited during the encore. We won't be able to meet them for a very long time. I wanted to be remembered in the best light possible. I think that's why I worked so hard. It's too short. If you meet their eyes even once, you'll remember them. That's a thrilling experience. I tried to think about that and tried very hard to look at each one of them. When you give a concert, you know. You know if you did a good job or not. You can feel it. You can tell when you look at your fans' eyes from the stage. Whether it was successful or not. If you see them happy and enjoying it, then it was a successful show. I think it's the same in any country. It's a really thrilling experience. Watching the audience from the stage and watching us from the audience feels completely different. I just sang looking at ARMY. We made a lot of people happy in Chile. I saw that, and I saw how they enjoyed it. We did a good job though we could have done better. But shows can never be perfect. So I think we did a good job. It's a long tour, and we get a lot of free time. So I thought I could try different things. I used to play the guitar, but with the promotions, I couldn't get my lessons, so I had taken a break from it. I could sleep or play video games, but I thought it'd be better to develop a new hobby. I also thought I could learn Japanese, and I brought a Japanese book, but I haven't opened it yet. I should. Study hard. What I can tell you for sure is that when I don't sleep, I read books. Like comic books, novels. Recently, Jin and I bought a novel, and we started reading it together. Once, I mindlessly spent seven hours on my phone. If only I didn't need to sleep. I always think that that would be awesome. It'd be so much better if we could hang around and not feel tired. I write music and make songs. If you ask me when I get inspired and get ideas, I don't know exactly what to say. Because I take notes of what comes to my mind or things that I see. And when I get stuck, I look at my notes. What thought did I have? A month ago, a year ago. Sometimes three or five years ago. Oh, I thought about this then. That's how I begin with my work. I could get ambitious if I wanted to this year. But I wanted to be more realistic. I could release a mixtape as Suga or RM did. I think that's my first goal. And if the output is good enough, I could release something very soon. We all feel depressed and lonely at some point in our lives. And the reason why I make music is, after all... I'm also afraid of this world. I feel sad and lonely. I want to relieve myself of it and keep... Though there's no correct answer, I'm happy while I'm trying to find my answer. That's why I do what I do. I hope people would feel comforted when they listen to my music. Actually, I didn't rap. I didn't rap when I was younger. It's a genre I experienced through Suga and RM. When I joined the team, we only had rappers. The boys would rap in the house freestyle. I couldn't just sit and watch. So I joined them and tried freestyle rap. The boys would react to it like, "Oh!" I think I had fun working on it. I always think that I stopped growing up mentally at age 15. Because I became a trainee when I was 15. I didn't go to school. I've been working ever since. The six guys were always around me. So what I see, feel and learn is mostly from the members. They're a huge influence. I feel motivated when I see them. And I think I grow a lot without even noticing it. I used to be very introverted, but V helped me break out of it. I couldn't even wash myself or take my clothes off in front of them. The guys filled me in one by one and I think maybe that's how I became what I am now. I could be a manifestation of all their characters coming together. You're playing a game? They're shooting. You did, too. Oh, come on. You played games, too. I think the guys put my puzzle pieces together. They put the scattered pieces of my puzzle together. Yeah! Good job. Yeah, red wine. High five. I'm sorry that Jungkook's not here. Yeah. Me, too. - There's always one missing. - Cheers, Jungkook. To Jungkook. We really need to do our best. We have to do a good job in Brazil. - I know. - Only two days in Brazil. Have time to think about that. I'm worried about Jungkook. Suddenly? I was worried. I was a little... I was worried, too. You're not the only one. Well, I got really worried. Honestly, I even cried. Did the camera capture it? No, it didn't. I cried in the bathroom. I saw it when we were performing "FIRE." - That's when it was the most serious. - Something was wrong. I asked him why he kept going. And he said, "It's our last show in Chile." Let's say another one collapses and this time it's during the first show. It's our first show in Brazil. People say that we should eat more. But I go like, "I eat a lot." We can't go on a starving diet anymore. - I really can't anymore. - It's nonsense. If we do that... Remember that ice cream? I can't forget how they stuffed it in my pocket. - Did you accept it? - Man, when that happened... I was walking and saw a black van behind me. - No, it can't be. - No. No way. They can't be from our agency. And they shoved it in my pocket! I got covered in ice cream. - They asked what I'm doing. - Covered in ice cream... I said, "I'm going home." And then I ate it, remember? Right, you did. And then he goes to the bathroom saying his stomach hurts. You've got a lot of guts. I go. And I go running. Give it to me quickly. I'll die if I don't eat it. I finished the jajangmyeon in two bites. I bought lottery tickets. I felt so hopeless when we were trainees. I bought one lottery ticket every week. But every week, I wouldn't win. Didn't I tell you this story? A pig appeared in my dream and told me the numbers in Korean. Twenty! Six! Ten! And I go like, "Yes, I won!" I get the first number right. My heart starts throbbing. I get the second number right. - Yes! My life turned around! - Twelve! When I got to the third number, I'm almost losing my mind. I go like, "Whoa! Whoa!" And then the numbers don't match. The machine checked or you chose? I chose the numbers. The pig told me the numbers in Korean. How did it tell you the numbers in Korean? - And it was eight. At eight... - The pig's face... - At eight at the SBS Live Hall. - So funny. I didn't win anything. I wonder what would have happened if I won that lottery. Suga, remember that? We had a room down there. You fell down the stairs there and hurt your shoulder. I told you that I fell down the stairs, but actually, I had a car accident. - Right. - Yes, you told us. - I had a car accident. - Really? How? Oh, that appears in your song. It's part of the lyrics in "The Last." I was delivering riding the bike when I got hit at the intersection. I was delivering when I got hit. Bam! I open my eyes, and I see the wheel here. Right in front of my eyes. That was dangerous. I got drawn under the car. The next day, I couldn't move my shoulder. Because it fell out. It had already fallen out, and it got even more serious. That's why you mention it... If I went under the car completely... You stopped b-boying after that, right? Did the agency know? They didn't. I didn't tell them. I thought that they'd let me go if I told them. I hurt my shoulder working as a delivery boy. I told them I honestly didn't want to keep going. I had talked to them about that. And what I remember is that they told me that they'd wait. They asked me to try one more time. I remember that. I can't forget that. So I told them I would. That's how they decided to pay for my college. I was really worried about that. About my tuition, you know. My family couldn't afford it. When I told them, they said I should've told them earlier. That they'd have helped had I told them sooner. - That's why I'm... - So that's what you were talking about. I had no idea what "holding onto my broken shoulder" meant. I stopped working out right after that. Now I see. You and I were on the verge of getting fired. I had already left. I remember how Jungkook cried when I decided to leave. You said you're leaving and hugged Jungkook and cried together. You wouldn't have made it if you left. I can say this now, but I talked to the guys. I told them we need Jung Hoseok. Right. You kept saying that we need Jung Hoseok. We need Jung Hoseok. We can't make it without Jung Hoseok. I tried really hard to convince them. Really, back then... I came back because I trusted you guys. - We worked together for a long time. - You came for our sake. Yes, because you were there. I thought you... I don't want to think what would have happened without him. It's the same for every one of us. - Disastrous. - We'd be in trouble. I can't even think of it. But I don't think we went through a lot of hardship. We worked hard, and we made it this far. And it's not like that anymore. But we wouldn't be here if we hadn't done what we did. Right. It was quite dramatic. We have many memories on that street. I can't forget that street. I want to go back there. No, you can't forget. No, you can't. I used to jump rope there every day. Remember when I was 19? Yes, you fell down on the way to the studio. You were busy b-boying. Oh, your shoulder. You were on your high horse about b-boying. January, 2013. January... It got colder. No, they say it's getting colder. Wearing short sleeves in winter... Wait. Winter? I hope the weather gets warmer soon. Swag. February 14, 2013. Finally, it feels like something's about to begin. I'm excited and nervous. I'll work on my rap skills until BTS makes its debut. I'll get some help from RM and Suga to be a good and cool rapper. I finally graduated today. I thought I'd feel great, but now that I graduated it doesn't really feel great. I miss mom. I miss dad, too. Everyone's waiting for me. February 25, 2013. Is it the 25th? I got in touch with a friend from high school in Busan after a long time. We couldn't talk much before I came up to Seoul and I'm sorry about that. I guess they're all practicing. I should stop missing them and go to practice. We shot the music video today. I really loved the location. Good. What I loved the most was the food truck. The food truck! The food truck, man. I want to promote this album quickly. Wait in anticipation. It's my birthday. I spent my birthday with my new family, the guys of BTS. Wow, they're big eaters. They finished a cake in 15 seconds. They're super pigs. I was really touched. My goodness. 2013. June... 18. It was my first time on the radio, so I got very nervous. I was too passive, and I regret that a lot. I want to have my radio program. Let's say... during the midnight hours. - 2! 3! Bangtan! - Bangtan! Hello, we're BTS. - Hello. - Hello! I love you! [Welcome BTS] What's up, Sao Paulo? Welcome, Sao Paulo. I couldn't even wash myself. We got on the plane right after the show. I washed my hair. My facial hair is growing. There's rice soup when we arrive. - What rice soup? - Rice soup? Let's eat it all up. There's rice soup? Hey, what's this? What's this? Oh, my God! Obrigado! Wow, I can taste Korean flavors. Oh, my God! We're having kimchi in Brazil. - Thanks for the food! - Thanks for the food. I wonder if there's jajangmyeon in Brazil. I'd die for jajangmyeon right now. I want some spicy seafood stew. Can I have some of your meat? - Go ahead. - Thanks. Are these individual portions? I thought we were sharing. It takes a lot of work to set up the equipment. I need to check this every time. This is for the flights. Yeah, man. Oh, yeah. I'm in trouble. It's not here. Not here. I can't find the manual. I think I can manage without it. Plug it into the holes. This socket is quite complicated. Okay. We're almost set. This is how I work. Shall we begin? Let's do this. This part... It's strangely hard to find. I brought them all with me for the last two weeks. It won't fit in there. I think it's broken. Oh, no. Who is it? We're on tour, and we're working so hard. It's so hard to get the guide. And it's just the guide. I hope this gets on our next album. I hope it does. I'm working hard like this even in Brazil. I should. It's my goal this year. He's not coming. What's taking him so long? If I start getting pessimistic, I just can't stop these bad thoughts. The one that worked the hardest among all the trainees we had. You take too long to get ready. I run at full speed to get there. You keep complaining to me. What do you want me to do? No, I'm not complaining to you. Listen to me. We really have no time. We need to go now, Taehyung. - We have to go now! - Okay!