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Hi, we are BTS! Rm: Hi, TIME! ay, 다 말하지 너무 작던 내가 영웅이 된 거라고 (oh nah) Bts has a new music video called "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey The album "MAP OF THE SOUL:PERSONA" is out today Rm:It's a new series, after 'Love Yourself' And, you know, 'Love Yourself' was, you know, something like a-like a message and we could say something And but for this series, "Map Of Soul" is just about us Jhope:Our visuals! Rm:He said "Our visuals!" Jimin:Our visuals! Rm:Maybe! Which of you comes up with the best dance moves? Rm:Ok Jimin:Ok RM:JIN Rm:"I miss you!" isn't this a masterpiece? Jimin:Second question Who spends the most time getting ready in the morning? Rm:One, two, threeeee Everyone:Jimin! Rm:There's an old saying. like, when we say " I Jimin today" That means were late Jimin:You Jimed(ed) today! Rm:i'll Jimin tomorrow Jimin:ok Who spends the most time learning English? Rm:We have this answer Jk:Yeaa One, two, three! Everyone:JK JK:Yeah! maybe that's me Rm:Harry Potter! JK:Look at that! Who is most likely to sing in the shower? Jimin:One, two, three! everyone:RM! Who doesn't sing when he or she is taking a shower What do you sing in the shower? Jimin:Block my ears! Rm:Very beautiful songs. Jimin:Oh, no no no. Jimin:No, no, no! Rm:Sorry.