BTS Vlive Run BTS 2020 서바이벌 Directors cut ENG SUB 200529

[RUN BTS] [Survival Director's Cut] Ready? Okay. Hey, j-hope... [Team 100-Jin's strategy is to stick together] Would sticking together really be good? I'm not sure if it's a good idea for us to flock together. Right. [A beauty check] But we can kill them all off one by one. [They have individual cameras on their guns] We can recover ourselves. We have cameras here. [Full of ambitions] Okay. Got it. We can recover ourselves, can't we? No? [Getting anxious] Stick together? Really? [Everyone's falling into their own little worlds] 1, 2, 3. [Team 100-Jin, Fighting] Fighting! - That doesn't give any energy at all. - Really? [Then, we too will...!] Okay! Let's say fighting for our team! Seok-100! [Confused about their team name until the end] - Isn't it 100-Jin? - Let's say Seok-100 after 1, 2, 3. [It's not for each other, but for yourself...?] - Let's get each other on camera. - Okay, let's. [Each other like this] It's not to get each other but a self-cam. - It's a self-cam. - It is. [Self-cam like this] It is. 1, 2, 3. [Team Seok-100's also fighting!] Seok-100! [Finally sets off to a start] Hey, watch out for the bombs. What, what? [He doesn't know what but just runs off as we get started] What, what? What do we do? [SUGA is flustered] What do we do? What? Where? Where are they? [SUGA and j-hope are here] [What do you mean where? Right in front of you!] I got hit. [Hiding out to shoot, in his own way] I got hit! [Not an effect from editing. It's literally been less than 30 sec since the start...] I got hit with 3! - Jimin, I got hit with 3 shots. - Already? [Healing function] Get my blood up, please! [If HP of a member on the same team is decreasing, one can heal and share his own HP] Okay. [Healing function used almost as soon as they started] - Where is it? - You need to push this. [But it's a challenge to give blood] You have to push. You push yours. I need to push mine? [HP sharing, a success!] Okay. [Team 100-Jin is sticking together as planned] Hey, go right? - Shall we take over the lounge? - No, no. [Want to move... But it's scary to...] - I feel like we need to go right. - No, I don't want to. [The elder ends up taking lead and heads the way] - Go? - I'll go. [SUGA looks around and takes his chance moving on the opposite side of Jin and Jimin] [But that's where...] [The master of FPS game is waiting for them] [Crawling] [SUGA, babe... Do you know who's over there...?] [Our SUGA doesn't know anything...] [Shall I take a peek?] I can't see. [Cover and conceal] I can't see. Are you on my team? [I'm on the other team...] [I'll shoot if you don't answer!] [Jeon Jung Kook... You've got No Merci...] [Not even a protest. He couldn't even take a step into Team Seok-100's territory] It hurts so much. [These two are not yet aware of what happened to SUGA] Namjoon, I'm going. You go ahead. Shall I go as well? [Not knowing what to do] - Should I go? - I don't know. What should we do? [A meerkat-like j-hope] [While the friends born in 1994 are pondering what to do, Jin makes his way into Team 100-Jin's territory. [Tumbles] [He shows audacity to infiltrate the enemy's fort alone] [And dies...] I'm dead! [It does not actually hurt] Hey, it hurts so much! [Everyone complains of such pain when they die] [Finally, he moves swiftly to where SUGA is] [RM move to the other side to guard them!] It hurts so much. [Bro! I'm here!!] Go back. Jung Kook is here. Go back! [Hurries] Hey, Taehyung. [Bomb installation] Take this bomb with you. [A bomb box is given to each team. They can install it wherever they want] [Jin hands over the bomb to V and moves on] [All the members are crouching down in order to hide while moving] [Thinking about going over in the middle this time] [Team Seok-100 has solid division of roles] [Lurker] [Defensive] I'll show you an inexhaustible charge on. [And these two that just looks to their front and run] [Inexhaustible rush] [Just run!!] [Gets to the enemy territory and hides] [A tight match] [Enters one step behind] Die! Die! [Rules of the Survival Grab-Balloons] This is too hard! [If you die carrying the balloon, leave the balloon there and go back to your own territory to respawn. This is really hard. [But Jimin has succeeded in escaping] Huh? It broke! [Bye... Bye...] [The line broke? Then I can just get another one!] [Interpretation of RM language: He's over there. Hurry up and get him] He's over there. Hurry. Kill. [Double snipers] [He dies so close to the mark...] [Do you know the troubles I went through for this balloon...?] You dead? [Now that Jimin's taken care of, he goes back to infiltrating the enemy line!] [Waits his chance and crawls] [V, guarding the house like a golden retriever] [Finds j-hope] [His awesomeness exploded...] Nice. [The V-triever at this house is good at his job..] [If you only get the audio, it's almost like a real battle field] [Hurries] [Quickly, quickly] [V, who was only defending the rear, fills up his magazine] [and switches his position to the front line of attacks] [I, Jeon Jung Kook, also switches to the offensive] I'm going full-on now. [Two defensives realized that the offense is the best defense] [Steps on the balloon line to avoid revealing his location] [Jung Kook hides in the air bounce in the middle] [Utmost serious] [Gets a stormy 1 kill as soon as they switch the position] Hey, on the left! [Shares Jung Kook's location to the team] In the middle. Middle! [Peeks out] [You stuck your head out...?] [Got shot from sticking his head out once] [But confirmed Jung Kook's location] [Jung Kook in a crisis] [Jimin coming to cover his teammate, j-hope coming to cover his teammate] [Bubbly and cheerful laughers without a single hint of suspense] [Confrontation with a wall in between them] [Jimin. Your bro's here!!] [j-hope barely has any HP left after getting a beat down from Jimin] I'm screwed. [Come here, dear hope] [Hurries off] [Your bro's here, hope] [SUGA walks in majestically] My cap's coming off! [Hyena-like SUAG, only targeting Jin] My cap's coming off! Why don't you die? [What do you mean why? He just respawned] Why don't you die? [His magazine is emptied out] I shot over 10 shots. Why doesn't he die? [SUGA comes to j-hope with a cute complaint] I shot him more than 10 shots. Why doesn't he die? [This respawn area is an it place for Team 100-Jin] Try and do this. Hurry, hurry, and defend him. Hurry and defend j-hope. [Balloon line keeps getting tangled on his legs] Wait. This is in my way. Give it. [Team 100-Jin's bonus balloon is transferred to SUGA] - I'll go and get it. - Okay. [Jung Kook comes to reload] [It's about time to make a visit to their door steps] [Spectacular] [V follows Jung Kook into the air bounce!] [RM is waiting on the other side] [At that moment, he spots V and Jung Kook!] [V hides flat on the floor while Jung Kook moves aggressively] Dead, dead! [V and Jung Kook combo is too strong to defeat] [RM ends up returning with yet another death on his records] [Jung Kook thrusts into the front line] [And RM comes close, knowing nothing of this] [He knows. He doesn't] [Looking for his chance] [A quick attack as he comes out] [Flustered back] [RM comes back dead before killing them all] They're here! Shoot them all! [Bold move] He's not a good shot. [The audacity to steal their balloons from their home as they watch] [But... Jung Kook is not invincible to a 3:1 shootout] [The homeowner is furious that his balloons were stolen] Everyone! Come over here! [We're... coming now] [The red house happens to be empty] [Starts off to the empty house for a steal!] [The camera angle is as urgent as how V must be feeling] [Hurries off while Team 100-Jin is busy with other things] [Slips in] [Flies off] [Late as he may be, j-hope gets to him!] You! [I'm off, bro!] You! Do you think you can take these away? [A successful escape!] [But his balloon has long left his hands] - What? - I've dropped the balloon. [A battle between Jimin and j-hope] [Impenetrable place] [An attempt to attack] [Fails] [Change of plans! Retreat for now] [Ironclad defense] [Min SUGA takes his place beneath the respawn area since he dies too frequently anyways] Hey, hey. [If he dies like so,] I'm dead again when I haven't done anything. [he simply gets up and respawn like so] [Bro... If you stay there...] [You'll die again] I die right away. [Min SUGA is ranking number 1 for the total deaths, out of both teams] I'm beat. [Frequent visitors to the respawn, RM and SUGA] We'll win if things continue going this way. [RM, you know what? Your bro died many, many times] [Feeling happy counting the chickens] We've won this. [Shall I go get the balloons?] [Flinches] [Almost shot the camera crew...] I'm getting camera directors confused. [A bullet suddenly flew off from somewhere] Die! [Jin and RM locked in a confrontation] [Only hides his head because there is a sensor on the head] [Despite that, he keeps targeting him] What? I'm dead! [Jin goes off to respawn as he's dead] Dead! [Team 100-Jin finally makes their way into Team Seok-100 territory] Wait. I need to undo this. Hey, wait. [10 point bonus balloon is dropped because Jin died] This... Hey, Jimin take this... [RM also dies in the midst of all this] Okay. Got it. [Namjoon called it his!] I've got it off of him. Don't take it away. [Where are V and Jung Kook?] We need to protect our bro. [Jung Kook who needs to protect our bro is right here] [Quickly infiltrates as soon as RM goes off to respawn] [Cover and conceal] [Is it just me? Or have we seen this before...?] [RM dies again by Jung Kook at the same place as the last] [Ah... But I just respawned...] [Who's walking so resolutely? It's the sniper, Kim Tae-Tae] [His target is... Min SUGA] [He leisurely walks off after getting another kill under his belt] [He goes off to respawn location after getting another death under his belt] I'm beat. [The bonus balloon remains] [It's so heavily guarded they cannot even think about getting it] [Wait for me, I'll come and get you] [j-hope runs] No! [Tension filled gym] Hurry! He took the 10 point balloon! [Dies on the way back] I'll cover j-hope! OK! [Is this a game or for real...] [Nervous] [It looks like it hurts to be hit] It hurts, it hurts. [Whoa] [Jimin, I'm here] [RM is aiming for the bonus balloon] Give it to me! [Jimin gives it up without a fight] - I'll let it go. This isn't it. - How do you let it loose? [Runs as fast as he can] [Fits in perfectly] [Oh no... The balloon...] No! [He can't reach it no matter how high he reaches] No! No! [Jin is upset] [Cold-hearted when it comes to games] No! [Jin looks like he'd cry...] - Is he dead? - No! [It's like Jung Kook is at home] [So many gunshots can be heard] [RM saw Jung Kook but he only brought the bonus balloon back] Hurry hurry! [He got another red balloon] [So tired... SUGA keeps lying down whenever he sees an empty ground] [If you're going to rest, please go to the appropriate area] [The red light turns on when someone dies] [He's not even angry any more] What? Why am I dead? Why did I die again? [Heehee, he lies down] [Checks the HP after a shot] How much blood do I have left? HP 40? [Shall I fill up on the HP before I die~?] [Our team needs some more balloons...] [It's now!] [He's on his way to get some balloons on the ground] Let's go! [Jung Kook and Jin is moving on to the opponent's side] [RM wants to go too!!] Go! Go! [Jin has safely made it to the other side thanks to Jung Kook] [He ducks down and runs really fast!] [No way!] [There's a lot of tension between these two] [They're shooting at each other] [Jin dies after a close game...] Why didn't you get hit? [RM is here to guard the right side] [Sneaking in] [It doesn't seem like anyone is here, should I go?] Let's go. [But on the other side, V is waiting for him...] [Of course they're tired, they've been running for 30 minutes...] I'm so tired. [All right... Then go ahead and go rest!] [Argh! Everyone would know he died from that sound] [V the sniper is amazing] [Heehee this is fun] [Jin comes in where it's open] [Jumps up] [He's shooting a spy movie even though there isn't anyone around] [Thriller (?)] [No one is in Jin's sight!] [Appears from somewhere] [On his way to respawn] [Hiding until the right moment] [Running as fast as he can] Right there. RM, over there. [He's so fast and gets the 10 point balloon] [But dies immediately...] [So tired] [The members are all tired towards the end] It's harder then running 8km. [It's Jung Kook] Here I go again. Jimin! Jimin! I'll go to the middle. [They can't hear each other unless they talk really loud] I got the 10 point balloon, go get it! What? I brought the 10 point balloon to the middle, so go get it. [There's a 10 point balloon in the middle...?] OK. [So cool] [Sees the balloon] [He's so vigilant] [Catches the balloon! SUGA brought it this far] He's taking the balloon away! [Nimble] [He fell down from running so far with the balloon] [Whew] [What would have happened if Jung Kook wasn't in this team...] [They get another bonus balloon thanks to Jung Kook!] [But it's too early to be satisfied!] [2nd attack!] [SUGA comes to attack] [But it's 2:1...] [SUGA dies again...] Jimin is going! [Thanks to SUGA, he gets another balloon...] [But despite how fast he is, he died] [V will bring it for me, right?!] [A trustworthy back] [SUGA again...] Can you kill someone who just came back to life? [I hate that I keep dying...] [He's the happiest one today] [Gets the balloon Jimin left behind] [Safely back] Did you get it? Nice. [If V brings another red balloon, the game is over] Game over. It's over~ [After the shoot, the gym was all cleaned up] It's over~ I'm tired. [They worked so hard] [100-Jin team] [RM - KILL 29, DEATH 21, SCORE -2] [SUGA- KILL 12, DEATH 27, SCORE -15] [j-hope - KILL 23, DEATH 32, SCORE -9] [Seok-100 team] [Jin - KILL 8, DEATH 18, SCORE -10] [Jimin - KILL 23, DEATH 21, SCORE 2] [V - KILL 32, DEATH 13, SCORE 19] [Jung Kook - KILL 27, DEATH 20, SCORE 7] [100-Jin team bonus balloons 2 Seok-100 team bonus balloon 1!] [RUN BTS] [Survival Director's cut]