Bakugan s1 ep 17

(Aaaand this shit again) Interesting, I'd love to add him to my collection. The collection, of Klaus von Hertzon. With You Forever Aaand we can relax. I'm so tired. (Same) Damn it, we searched for so long too. Will we even find clues of the Infinity Core in this world? God damn it. Darling, you don't seem too happy. sad. You're acting like a kid. We didn't find anything, so be it. But still, we need to find it as fast as possible. Don't be too impatient, Dan. Yeah, we need to take our time and search. Right, Tora-chan? My lady is very much in the right. But still we have no clue where to start. And after all that effort... Everyone looks pretty tired. Yep they do. That's it! W-What's up? In times like this, delicious food will help raise everyone's spirits! A great idea my boy! Now, y'all just need to leave this to me! You wanna help me? We gotta keep make this a surprise you know. As expected of Predator-san, well then, I'll entrust the cooking to you. Field, Open! Let's get cooking~! (Marucho's just cheering on Predator I mean...) It's dooone! Now now everyone, dig in! Wow! That looks amazing! Oh great! It's takoyaki! Tako...yaki? Like a Japanese hamburger! ( Very very delicious! Well um, you're pretty wrong on that part. ...Oh well... Did you make this for everyone, Marucho-kun? Oh no, the main chef was Predator-san! Amazing! How did you make it? Tis a secret, my lady. Now now, y'all dig in! Thanks for the food! Delicious! It really is good! That it is! We have the soft yet crunchy outer layer, and the seasoned octopus, a splendid harmony indeed. (shun honey wtf) As expected of Predator-san. Everyone is enjoying the food. Of course they did! I put all of my emotions into it, wanting them to cheer up. Aaand I feel great! Thank you, Marucho! Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Marucho-kun. Same here. Ain't that great, kid? Yep! Phew, I'm stuffed! Predator-san, thank you again for the meal. It's thanks to you that everyone is smiling again. Hey it was no problem at all, my pleasure, really. But still I'm very thankful. I'm glad that you're my partner. Aw shucks. Then I'm the same. I'm proud to be by your side kid, I'm glad to have met you. Oh yes! I have a favour to ask, Predator-san. Please teach me how to make your takoyaki. I don't mind, kid, but I'd eat anything you'd mak- Oh, I just want to see if I can mimic the flavour. It's a symbol of our friendship. Kiddo.... Please, Predator-san. A-Alright! The next time we cook, we'll make the Maru-chan and Predator special! The damn best takoyaki in the world! Sounds great! I can ask my parents for help! And I can get some amazing octopus and caviar too! I wonder if a trifle fish will be good... Then it wouldn't be takoyaki, no? Aw, don't they make such a great pair? Yes, that they do. They suit each other. Hey, guys, listen up. What's up, Dan? I thought about posting for help on our homepage when it came to looking for the Infinity Core. B-But then, the enemy will know every move we take. Wouldn't that be dangerous? Exactly, way too dangerous. I think so too. I agree with the plan. As everyone had said, we've being followed, they know everything that we're doing. Then why not go on the offensive? If we have nothing else, let's try Dan's idea. Let's give it a shot! Okay. Done. And now Dan-san's message has been uploaded. Thank you, Marucho! But even if information comes, there's the chance its a trap. We gotta take chances. Yeah. Let's wait for a while and see what happens. And now, I'll send it. We're looking for info on the Infinity Core, if you know something, let us know! Thanks! H-Holy shit we have something! We actually have information! Where?! Germany?! Yes, it says: "If you want information on the Infinity Core," "please come to Germany." apparently. The message sounds suspicious, it might be a trap. But still we gotta check it out. It'll be fine. If we put our powers together, Well you're right. Even if its a trap, we still gotta go! We came this far already, the world is counting on us! Oh fine. If you insist, we'll go. Hell yeah! Now if we're all set, let's go! Yeah! Forward, my dear servant. Welcome home, dearest master. So that's the place where the dude said he was, right? Holy shit it's a castle! I thought Marucho-kun's home was amazing, but so is this! Hmph! My kid's home is a lot better than this old place. I hate it here! C-Calm's not a big deal. Holy shit is the entrance big. Where's the doorbell? (this is some castlevania horror movie shit) The heck?! It opened on its own! They're telling us to head in. Wow this is great, there's all kinds of stuff here. The master of this castle is quite the collector, it seems. Ugh this is nothing compared to Marucho's home! Welcome, dear Brawlers. I'm glad that you came all this way. Are you the one who contacted us? Indeed. And I have a name you know. Klaus von Hertzon, a pleasure. Do you mean, 2nd place in the rankings, Klaus-san? You know me? I'm honoured. By the way, you seem to have a rare Bakugan, Aqua Predator; so you must be, Chouji Marukura. Oh? You know me? I see.. you want to battle us as well? That's not too far from the truth. I have wanted to fight you guys at least once. You just wanna battle us? Your info on the Infinity Core was a lie?! How cruel! How could you lie like that?! My lady, I am a gentleman, I always keep my promises. Provided you win against me. Then I'll take you on! No, this time I will go. What?! | Marucho? His specialties are Aqua Bakugan, specifically, Siren. As fellow Aqua battlers, I wish to fight him. Are you sure?! Don't worry, I know I'll win! Hell yeah, kid. We got this covered! Yes! Shall we? That shooter! Oh no, so he really is working for Masquerade. I'm not about to lose in a Death Battle! Shall we begin this battle? Yes! Let's! Field Open! Gate Card, Set! Bakugan, Shoot! Limulus-san, I'm counting on you! Pop Out! How quaint. You are certainly interesting. Then I shall go. Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Hurry up and let me fight! I wanna show him how powerful our powers are! Well then let's go, Predator-san! Bakugan Shoot! Let's go!! Pop Out! Aqua Predator, as arrived! Attribute Change!!! Sub-Terra! Ta-da!!! Sub-Terra Predator has arrived! Oh so this is the rumored Attribute Change? How interesting. Let's go! Ability Activate! Aqua and Sub-Terra Relation! Hell yeah! I can feel the power! I'll murder you with one strike! Oh, one strike you say? That won't be fun at all. Gate Card, Open. Scapegoat. W-What the heck? Scapegoat?! This gate card allows the person who rolled on to the card first to decide whether or not the battle will go on. Oh so you're just a coward. What are you planning? Well let's see, I don't like this stuffy sort of battle, so let's just end it. Now, return to me, Scorpion. Ugh, he's nothing. He got scared and ran away. I ran? You're saying I ran? Did you truly think I was battling seriously? Oh this pretty boy pisses me off! Are you gonna fight me or not?! As they say, haste makes waste. Then I will prepare myself for your true strength. Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! A pleasure, little boy. Hot damn is she a beaut! I'm honoured that you think so. Well then, Ability Activate, Dive Mirage. W-what the heck?! Oh no! Gate Card, Open! Huh? What's wrong, kid? The card isn't opening! Of course it won't, Marucho-san. Siren can swim to any card I choose. In exchange, your gate card won't open. Oh no! Limulus-han! Now little boy, come to me! A deadly beauty, damn. Don't forget that every rose has thorns. I won't let you do as you please! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Kiddo, let me at 'em. I'll take revenge from Limulus-han! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Attribute Change! Darkon~! Now it's Darkon? You really are wonderful. There's more! Ability Activate! Darkon and Aqua Correlation! Alright bring it on you brat! I can take ya! Gate Card, open. Bio-hazard. Hey what? My bod's back to normal?! Sorry about that, I had to nullify your transformation. In other words, you're back to normal. And the power levels are 300 vs 300. You little! What a hard little bastard. It's like he knows what we're planning. Klaus.... he's a tough one. Bakugan Shoot! Gate Card Open! Ability Activate! Depth Tornado! Then I'll just add this, Ability Activate, Abyss Ruler! Juggernaut-san! Kiddo, let me fight! Y-Yes. Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Counterattack time, kiddo! Kiddo? ....If Predator-san'll... It'll be okay, kiddo. But... Kiddo, listen here. I love ya, kiddo. You're kind and gentle and strong. Gentle and...strong? Yep. You're gentle and strong, kiddo. For those who have disappeared, you need to man up a bit, no? You're right. If I ran, then I would be disappointing them. Let's do this, Predator-san. Let's settle this once and for all! Hell yeah, that's my kiddo! Now bring it on, pretty boy! Well then, you two seem fired up. Why don't we just end this? Now, have fun, Siren. I will, my dear master. Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Now, let's hear that beautiful song. As you wish, my dear master. What? Ability Anthemusa. Once you hear this song, it's the end for you. All Bakugan are lured to the depths. What the heck?! W-What the hell?! My body is moving! You're Siren's prisoner now. Oh no, I keep wanting to follow it. Predator-san, no! Get a grip! It's a shame that it's all over now. Now, come to me. The water over here is just spectatcular. Oh no! Oh no! Once you step into the water, you'll never be able to leave. No! Predator-san! No! Let me go! Predator-san! Kiddo! Predator!!!! Kiddo! KIDDO! And that's game over. Too bad for you, it's my win. Marucho! Predator-san was... Predator-san was... I love ya kiddo, the gentle kiddo. You're kind and strong! You're king and strong went ya need to be. For those who have disappeared, ya gotta man up a bit, no? Predator-san was... he's dead. Predator-san is... Tis a shame, but we'll never see each other again. Please! Give him back! Please give Predator-san back! He's my irreplaceable partner! We promised each other that we'd make the world's best takoyaki! So please! A shame, but I cannot grant you wish. You did lose against me, after all. A deal is a deal. Fare thee well. GIVE HIM BACK! Marucho! Marucho! Wait! Oh no! No! Marucho and Runo! You're kidding me... W-Where am I? Damn it, I can't move!