Bakugan s1 ep 18

(And here we are again.) | (also this episode gets really loud when Flashal shows up, pls....don't use headphones) Give him back! Marucho! Marucho!! Flash! OH MY GOD! Marucho and Runo disappeared! Runo! Marucho! Where are you guys?! Runo?! Marucho?! Shun... Can you hear me, Runo?! If you can, please answer! Marucho! Marucho! Marucho?! Marucho! Why won't they answer?! Calm down, Dan. But they just disappeared! How can I calm down like this?! Wait! Where are you going?! To look for them! Darling, I'm coming too! Oh just a picture. Runo, Marucho, where did you guys go? My lady, my lady!! Tora-chan? Yes. I... Marucho, Marucho wake up! Runo-san? Where is this? I just woke up and looked around. Really? Oh right, in that moment, we chased after Klaus-san. Predator-san. Either way, we need to contact the others. Dan, can you hear me? It's me. YOU'RE DAMN LATE! We were so damn worried! Marucho, you okay? Where are you guys? Hey, say something! Runo? Runo?! SHUT UP! If you keep yelling like that, we'll get nowhere. What's with that attitude?! We were so god damn worried about you guys! Is that how a worried person sounds like?! What?! Quit it, Dan. We know they're safe. That's enough, no? Marucho's good too? Yep. OKay, where are you guys? In the castle? I...think so? Wait a minute. I looked outside and this isn't the castle. Eh? What do you mean? You're right... The atmosphere and setting is different. It creeps me out. Let's go, Runo-san. If we explore, we could find out more when it comes to Klaus-san. But... I am a man after all. (UR LIKE 11) I cannot back down now! Okay. Damn it, Klaus, you let them follow us. How interesting. (YEAH THIS IS SILENT HILL) A dead end. I knew it, we've been going in circles. What's this? Oh this is easy to spot. Something's here. Be careful. No worri- AH Marucho! Oh thank you very much. Looks like there's a basement. What's there? We're gonna go see. Be careful! (HORROR MOVIE) Runo-san. No here? What kind of program is this? WHAT DID YOU DO?! I-I didn't do anything! These are... Bakugan! There's so many listed here. Paris, London, Milano... Whoa, he knows all of the power levels of the Bakugan in the world! Look at this Bakugan's power level. 410? And this one is 420! Hey let me see! Okay. How's this? Can you see? 420....400... All of them have high power levels. Are they evolving? Evolving? Perhaps after fighting in the human world, they're advancing. Now that you mention it, Hydra said something like that. As I battle more in the human world, the stronger I become. Drago, what did he mean by evolution? We evolve, life forms tend to do that. Evolve? Yes, in Vestroia, the more we fight, the stronger we get, and we can evolve. Life forms can progress, power levels rise, our abilities, are transformed. However, as your power level increases, your body begins to heat up, your body cannot handle the rising power level, What happens next? Worse case scenario, you will die. But if we overcome it, we can evolve. Evolve? Right, Masquerade mentioned that. So it's begun, Hydra's evolution. It seems that he wants to evolve Hydra. thus, find the ultimate life form. Ultimate life form? The ultimate...Bakugan? Marucho? The ultimate Bakugan hasn't been created yet, it seems. Then who is the strongest? Hold on please. Hydra! Yes, and he belongs to me. Masquerade! What?! He's there?! Masquerade-san, it's your fault that Predator-san is, FIGHT ME! I'll get my revenge, I'll make sure Predator-san doesn't die in vain! HOLD ON! You're fighting me today, kid! The world's best Lumina battler, Julio Santana will face you. Wait a sec, then I'll fight you. Runo-san! Please let me fight. This is a battle between Lumina brawlers, I can't sit this out. I'll get your vengeance, Marucho. Wait Runo! You can't do this alone! Field Open! Field Open! Dan? Did you really expect me to sit this out? Did you hear that, Flashal? They think they can beat me. How beautiful, huh? Let's have some fun. Death Card, Set. Tsk tsk tsk, she's nothing against Lumina. Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! All lined up, huh? Let's get this shit started! Time to battle! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! He's here! Ability Activate! Flare Binder! W-What the heck?! I can't see! What is happening?! Gate Card, Open! Too bad for you! Once Flare Binder is activated, your gate card won't open! What?! Garrison! (oh wtf) Garrison! What's wrong?! Garrison?! And while Flare Binder is activated, you can't attack! Let's keep this rolling! Bakugan Shoot! Pop out! Ability Activate! Mega Flare Binder! (GOD MY EARS) Garrison-san and Knight-san are gone! Those two are already in the Death Dimension. How horrible for them. Dan... We can laugh about this later. He only has 1 card left! If he doesn't use an ability... Rolling along! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! This battle's getting started! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Too easy! Bakugan Shoot! Let's do this, there's 3 Lumina Bakugan on the field! 3 Bakugan? Ability Activate! Lumina Stasis! Look! Julio's ability cares were, Lumina Stasis ups Flashal's power level and lets me recover my abilities. You're kidding me. I never knew such a thing was possible. Go, Flashal! Gate Card, Open! Ha! Useless! All of it! Griffon! Are you guys really this weak? Are you so scared you can't even talk? Save me, mama! Oh shut up! This battle is not over yet! Ability Activate! Shadow Scratch! Shadow Scratch, it's an ability that decreases the Bakugan by 50. And, you can't use your gate card to boost your power level! Oh, not bad. But what do you think of this? Gate Card, Open! Divine Judgment! Crow! What is happening?! The power level is decreasing! Divine Judgement is an ability that decreases the power of Bakugan who aren't Lumina. Go, Shredder! Tora-chan, help us out! Ability Activate! Cut-In Sabre! Crow, no! I didn't make it in time... Tora-chan is of the Lumina element. Divine Judgement won't work on him! Damn you! Well, not too bad. Bakugan Shoot! I won't lose to a fellow Lumina battler! Let's go, Tora-chan. Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Gotcha! Gate Card, Open! Reloded! Reloaded, if there's an allied Bakugan on the field, I can transfer 100 points from one to another. In other words, Centipede's power level is 430! Centipede, send them to the Death Dimension! Runo! Ability Activate! Rapid Lumina! I'm counting on you, Drago! Rapid Lumina allows an allied Bakugan to come on to the field. Let's do this, Tigress! Forward! We did it, Tora-chan! This battle is ours! Don't you dare underestimate me. Dan, we just have Flashal left! Bring it, Flashal! Bakugan Shoot! Pop Out! Fight me, Flashal! I will not allow you to win! You talk big. Gate Card Open, Energy Merge! Drago! This is- Look at Drago-san's power level! It's decreasing! It was a trap card... Energy Merge activates when 2 Bakugan are battling. It transfers your power to mine! The power is leaving my body! Don't hold back! Suck every bit out of him! Drago! I will not lose! Look! Drago's power level is rising! It can't be! W-What is this power? My body is burning up! Just like that time... Why?! We're sucking out his power but its still rising?! That's good, Drago! We're not about to lose to him! Flashal! Take him out, hurry! My Lady! Ability Activate! Cut-In Sabre! Get out of my way! Ability Activate! Mega Flare Binder! Shit! Tora-chan! Die already! I will not lose! For Predator-san's sake! Finish him! Tigress, look out! There you are! Flashal! W-What the heck?! Is that...Drago? I can feel it! The power flowing through me! He's starting to evolve! Evolve? So this is...evolution? Wow...IT'S AMAZING DRAGO! Now! Drago-san! Let's do it, Dan! Let's show them our power! Hell yeah, let's go, Drago! Ability Activate! Boosted Dragon! Flashal! Dan-san! Runo-san! H-How? How did I lose against them?! Runo! Where are we? Dan-san! Marucho! Runo! Everyone's okay! Alice! We found Marucho and Runo! I see... Masquerade is that kind of person... So we need to find ourselves an ultimate Bakugan... The Silent Core fused with Naga, an ultimate Bakugan, It's not strange to think that the Infinity Core will be looking for one too. Well that's not good. The only ultimate Bakugan we know of is in Masquerade's hands. At this rate, the Infinity Core will be taken by Masquerade. Hey no worries! Our Bakugan just need to become the Ultimate Bakugan before Hydra! For that purpose, we need to battle even more stronger people, and raise their power levels. And since we're all good, Let's head out! Yeah!