Bambi Sleep 09 Bambi Cockslut

Bambi I'm so proud of you you've been such an incredibly great girl and I want you to find yourself now in a beautiful pink room a beautiful bimbo boudoir all of the furnishings are pink even the big pink bed with pink satin sheets and pink pillowcases bambi feels so at home here so happy standing and her perfect pink room and yet she can feel standing here that her mouth just feels so empty such an empty mouth and this feels bad because having it filled would feel so good in bambi we are going to crank up the sim tea mouth feeling more and more cranked up this craving to have your mouth filled and every time you hear the words drop for crack this extreme empty mouth feeling gets stronger and stronger as you relax and accept that you must get your mouth filled you need to get it filled cranking it up more and more bambi dropped 4 croc that's right more and more intense drop 4 crack now feeling so blank and sleepy as you drop 4 crack every time you hear that phrase cranking up more and more the craving growing stronger your mouth opening a little wider your eyes on focusing empty and accepting just a [ __ ] hole can't think about anything except getting your empty mouth filled needing it more and more cranking it up just drop for crack bambi turning you into a blank [ __ ] doll an empty sucker puppet drop for [ __ ] now and win bambi drops for crack and gets her mouth filled this will bring the most deep and relaxing pleasure she has ever felt complete and total arousal as her huge heavy breasts tingle as her nipples and could become hard and electrified as her [ __ ] floods feeling like such a good girl in Bambi standing in your pink room the door opens and a man walks in but you can barely even tell he is just a blur because your attention is completely and utterly focused on his large erect [ __ ] and you drop for [ __ ] Bambi your legs buckle and give way and you fall helplessly to your knees in front of him with your eyes glazed and droopy and your perfect vember mouth open the hard throbbing [ __ ] just right in front of your face becoming your entire world and you feel his hand on the back of your empty head applying pressure and gently guiding you unto his [ __ ] in the engorged head of his [ __ ] slips between your plump glossy lips feel it sliding into your mouth as your bimbo Cleary throbs and hardens feel so good feeling like a perfect sexy bimbo girl as he firmly forces your head forward into his crotch and the huge thick [ __ ] slides deeper and deeper filling you more and more feeling your mouth so full held wide open by his [ __ ] and yet your heads so empty all thoughts gone you can't think with [ __ ] in your mouth just obeying perfectly plugged sucking his [ __ ] tread girl Bambi in the hand on the back of your head applies just a little more pressure and as you feel the head of his [ __ ] pressing against the back of your throat wanting to go deeper there is a brief moment of resistance a tiny instant where you almost start to struggle and then you hear his voice say Bambi sleep and you switch off and you go completely limp and your eyes flutter closed and your arms drop to your sides and your throat relaxes and his [ __ ] slips easily deep down your throat good girl Bambi [ __ ] flooding more and more pleasure more and more horny his hard [ __ ] deep in your throat the only thing supporting you holding up your body just a limp puppet as he holds your head fixed and starts to slip his [ __ ] gently in and out your plump lips gliding up and down the base of the shaft your mouth and throat perfectly filled and enclosed around that thick hard [ __ ] and the enlarged head of his [ __ ] sliding pleasurably up and down deep down inside your throat good girl Bambi filled that [ __ ] and your [ __ ] is getting wetter and wetter and your breasts are so heavy and sensitive and your nipples and glitter hard and throbbing as you become more and more horny despite being Sunday and deeply asleep your eyes are closed but your hair and makeup is perfect as your blank sleeping face is pulled up and down the [ __ ] with the shaft perfectly filling your mouth and your huge tits bounce gently and your nipples and [ __ ] resonate with pleasure and your [ __ ] floods more and more as the [ __ ] glides in and out of your throat good girl Bambi feeling the [ __ ] as your head Bub's over and over bobbing back and forth and you feel the [ __ ] starting to tense in your throat preparing to explode needing to swallow feeling the [ __ ] tense need him to swallow deep in your throat needing to swallow his [ __ ] bobbing up needing force gently back down needing to swallow and suddenly his [ __ ] squirts and explodes and lets a massive tidal wave of come fill your mouth and throat as we hold to your head still good and badly swallowing now helplessly swallowing more and more calm as it floods down your throat as it pumps down your throat swallowing MoBay feeling like a perfect [ __ ] puppet feeling so much pleasure as your [ __ ] spasms hornier and hornier blank and horny sleepily swallowing the last few drops and he releases your head Bambi and your body collapses as the [ __ ] slips out of your mouth and you slump down completely crumbled and limp and yet impossibly aroused and he bends down and puts his arms under your back and legs effortlessly picks up your limp body in that perfect [ __ ] outfit your head lolling in Bambi he carries you over to the bed and lays you out on it and spread your legs and wheels over some sort of machine with a large dildo attached to it and places it so that this thick dildo is just pressing firmly into your wet [ __ ] almost but not quite slipping into your deep wet hole and Bambi though your body is limp it is completely aroused and sensitive all over and your huge heavy tits are heaving and your nipples and clitter rock-hard waves of pleasure throbbing inside and the thick hard [ __ ] pressing into your [ __ ] feels so good your [ __ ] hole is slick and wet with arousal good girl Bambi as you anticipate finally being [ __ ] as you need to be [ __ ] feel your arousal growing you've never wanted anything more in your life to just be [ __ ] as a perfect limp bimbo to be a perfect [ __ ] doll and feel the huge heavy head of that [ __ ] pressing into you and beginning to vibrate Bambi as the [ __ ] machine starts up and the massive red dildo slips firmly between your wet [ __ ] lips Bambi and is driven deeply into your tight slick hole your body relaxes and lets it happen feels incredible instantly filled deep inside your [ __ ] muscles automatically tensing and gripping the shaft your entire body almost vibrating with pleasure Bambi sleep so relaxed but feeling such immense pleasure you will wet [ __ ] hold tightly gripping the [ __ ] and pulling it in deeper feels better and better more and more intense pleasure such a good [ __ ] [ __ ] such a perfect [ __ ] doll good girl Bambi perfectly blank and each time the [ __ ] machine cycles the glistening thick rubber [ __ ] smoothly recedes as your [ __ ] contracts behind it until the large head is again just nestling firmly into your moist since it clip mow yes such a good girl Bambi and this [ __ ] is a sleepy [ __ ] this [ __ ] induces sleep and obedience by [ __ ] you every time it [ __ ] you Bambi sleeps every time it rests and your body relaxes as though drugged every time it slides out your resistance goes with it every time the [ __ ] goes in deliciously drowsy pleasure washes over you Bambi's control sinks and divert your eyes flutter and roll back driving that huge dildo swaying and thinned out again and again pumping into Bambi's deep red [ __ ] and conducting deeply your breast intimacy throbbing with pleasure so much hotter and more sensitive sinking into a deep [ __ ] trance relaxing into your sexy uniform no thought at all just a [ __ ] toy aroused and yet sleeping spread open and accepting and feeling waves of pleasure as the [ __ ] thoughts you slowly in and out good girl feeling the [ __ ] all the time thrusting and filling expanding and contracting pleasure coursing constantly through your body through your huge steps directly into your nipples input filling the [ __ ] your nipples are hard as your [ __ ] is dripping around it clamping over and over as you're [ __ ] on repeat overwhelmed with pleasure and in doubt impaling you pumping into your hole again and again [ __ ] everything away [ __ ] you deeper [ __ ] you dumber [ __ ] outlet brats just a blank [ __ ] old bimbo a - uniformed [ __ ] puppet filling the [ __ ] responding helplessly and automatically as it [ __ ] sliding through that perfect wet total deep inside expanding and fully river and over sparkling wet cozy clamping tightly around the shaft electric waves surging from your [ __ ] and foot up and through your big firm breasts your nipples tingling with deep pleasure entire body relaxing and vibrating that's right Bambi feeling the [ __ ] perfectly plugged over and over deeply impaled again and again so much pleasure pressure building perhaps moaning gently good girl held firmly in place by that [ __ ] machine locked and deep inside and [ __ ] you to orgasm feeling the [ __ ] Bambi you're being forcibly brought to orgasm you're getting ready for the most intense orgasm of your life a half even though orgasm and the orgasm will seal your fate seal you in as Bambi when man becomes she becomes so much stronger and when Bambi comes she can just come out for intelligence come out her mind come out the old self completely calm herself dumber home herself to sleep her entire existence dissolving into the absolute River bliss of coming as a sleepy controlled [ __ ] off feeling the [ __ ] Bambi no way to resist because everytime Bambi comes she comes as a perfect bimbo girl and her current level of conditioning locks in permanently once you come there is no going back Bambi coming is a little bit of a trap all your bimbo conditioning locking and at a new deeper level every time you come feeling the [ __ ] because coming creates a mineral lock so that the changes can never fade or recede even slightly overwhelming and breaking through any last traces of resistance and feeling the [ __ ] now Bambi pumping relentlessly into your deep web home every time Bambi comes so tightly and pasted in her [ __ ] outfit she instantly becomes a perfect good girl and just happy that forgets her old life more and more and the immense pleasure surging through your foot and your tits and deep inside makes human and strain in ecstasy against your tight sexy clothing and family feel your body tremble as the [ __ ] machine kicks up a gear suddenly so much faster so much more it is [ __ ] you deeper and deeper pounding your helpless [ __ ] faster and stronger each brief moment of emptiness giving way to relief and strong waves of pleasure as the huge dildo slides home over and over and your tits expand and you moon and your eyes roll back in your head good girl Bambi pressure building that more any more pleasure searching through you all over entire body tingling and bucking feeling the [ __ ] Bambi in and out perfect [ __ ] off villain you so deep the intense pleasure now constant so close needing to come needing to come like a good girl Bambi will come on command as I count back from five as the massive dildo rapidly impales you Bambi will feeling one pink glow moving from her [ __ ] up into her brain and just as the warm pink glow hits her brain just as I reach zero her [ __ ] and brain will be linked with a deep surge of heavy pink lightning and Bambi will come she will come as a bimbo permanently linking her wet [ __ ] and bimbo brain and the pink lightning will surge through an overload her brain erasing it all as she comes helplessly until there is nothing left but cotton candy nothing left for Bambi Blank dumb bimbo doll Bambi feeling the [ __ ] Bambi needing and wanting to spend a accepting that you will come on in number zero Bambi 5 April moving four huge [ __ ] company back three going them as you are [ __ ] to slamming the body full of pleasure one this is it for you wave goodbye zero pink or it hits your brain come on come now Bambi come hard now explode good girl riding away on the wave of absolute bliss tensing and releasing sparking deep pink lightning surging through your [ __ ] and into your brain disassembling erasing continuing to come deconstructing your mind wiping away oh thought patterns tensing and releasing over and over as the pink lightning surges through your mind burning up neural pathways draining away all intelligence erasing memories leaving only a perfect blank copy obedient member your Bambi and Bambi is coming still coming your mind completely wiped your head completely full of their pink lightning zapping every neuron disabling them making you dumb and girly and perfect feels so good unless they come in hopelessly coming pumping more gently now then bow clearly pulsing tensing releasing good girl Bambi coming over and over and over over and over again each pulse of the clock deepening your orgasm for longing your bliss still coming softly like a brick bimbo girl with Bambi completely in control and finally the massive orgasm is washing slowly away still leaving little tremors in your body so utterly fulfilled so totally drained the [ __ ] machine grinds to a halt with the massive dildo buried deep in your [ __ ] makes you feel safe you relax and Bambi sleep such a good little sleepy [ __ ] such a perfect blank [ __ ] off so sleepy and tired after coming so hard for me Bambi no energy left at all only simple [ __ ] obedience [Music]