Bambi Sleep Bambi Bimbo Doll Conditioning Complete

[Music] [Music] [Music] bimbo doll alright just make yourself comfortable and listen to my voice now just separate your hands and let them lie loosely in your lap or by your side if that's more comfortable it's better if your legs are uncrossed but it doesn't matter if you feel you need to move just slightly now and again you don't have to be absolutely still just be comfortable and relax the whole body as much as you can now I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for a moment before breathing out slowly just allowing your whole body to relax as you do so and I want you to just keep listening quietly to the sound of my voice you'll be aware of those other sounds - sounds inside the building sounds from outside maybe passing traffic but these won't disturb you in fact they all help to relax you because just for now the world outside is absolutely unimportant to you the only sound you are interested in is the sound of my voice in your head and while you are listening to the sound of my voice I want you to concentrate for a moment on your breathing breathing slowly and steadily and evenly just as if you were trying to convince somebody that you were absolutely sound asleep and as you breathe out each time just allowing your whole body to relax more and more so that you gradually find yourself feeling as if your whole body was sinking further and further into the chair or bed with each breath you breathe now you can just listen quietly to the sound of my voice in your head and of course you'll be aware of all these other sounds too you will not be disturbed just allow yourself to be as lazy as you could ever want to be and while you are listening to the sound of my voice in your head you can just simply allow yourself to be as lazy as you could ever want to be so lazy as you could ever want to be good now while you are relaxing there in the chair or your bed you can just be aware of your body aware of your hands where they rest perhaps noticing the angle of your elbows and maybe sensing the weight of your head against the back and you know that weight might seem to just gently increase as you allow yourself to relax more and more just being aware of your ankles and feet now and wondering if they will start to feel heavy - as you relax thinking about your breathing for a few moments noticing that your breathing is becoming slower and steadier as you relax more and more slower and steadier breathing so steadily and evenly just as though you were pretending to be sound asleep breathing so evenly so steadily you almost wouldn't disturb a feather just immediately in front of you breathing so easily and slowly so gently that you almost wouldn't disturb a single strand of a feather placed right in front of you and as you allow yourself to relax even more now I wonder if you can perhaps sense the beating of your own heart sensing the beat of your own heart and just seeing whether you can use the power of your mind to slow that heartbeat down just a touch just seeing whether you can use the power of your mind to slow that heartbeat down just a little so that you can feel your whole body slowing down becoming lazier and lazier because you've got absolutely nothing whatsoever to do except to relax now nobody wanting anything nobody expecting anything so you can allow your whole body to continue to relax and become steadier and easier until it's just taking over like a well-maintained machine of some sort or another just taking over smoothly easily quietly comfortably so that you can become gradually more aware of your whole self aware of your hands and arms just sensing how they are now aware of your legs and feet - relaxing again just sensing relaxing how relaxed they might be and wondering if it's possible to relax them even more now to be so in touch with yourself that you can actually get your whole body perhaps to relax even more now yet remaining totally alert and noticing now how even your face muscles can begin to really relax relaxing and letting go of the tensions that were there almost but not quite completely unnoticed just being vaguely aware of the skin and the muscles of your face settling smoothing out the good feeling wondering just how long all the tension had been there where it all came from in the first place and then realizing that you simply couldn't care less because you can feel it draining away from you now and that feels good and as you continue to sense the beating of your heart and the absolute steadiness of your body's rhythm you wonder at the fact that you are so absolutely relaxed and comfortable that you simply can't be bothered to even try to move even one single muscle even though you know you easily could if you wanted to I know that you easily could if you wanted to but you simply can't be bothered to even try allowing yourself to just be relaxed and relaxing even more now as lazy and relaxed as anyone could ever wish to be and I wonder if you can now manage to relax even more even though you are already as relaxed as it is possible for most people to ever be just finding the last tiny traces of tension in your body and simply letting them go with each easy gentle breath you breathe allowing every muscle every fiber every cell of your entire body to be as beautifully relaxed as anyone could ever wish to be you are continuing to relax even more now yet you continued becoming more comfortable this is your own world that you like very much you are going to find that anytime you want to spend a few minutes by yourself relaxing and feeling very comfortable and serene you can mathematically go back to this feeling you are experiencing now you can put yourself into this world anytime you like there are times when you will want this serene feeling now and then it is yours whenever you want it continue enjoying this pleasant experience as your subconscious mind is receiving everything I tell you listen very carefully to my voice and imagine and accept my words imagine yourself floating in a bubble quietly peacefully floating in a gentle floating bubble inside this bubble is only you and outside are all your worries all your fears all your desires but you are perfectly free here in your bubble now I'm going to say a phrase and this phrase will help you help you stay here in the bubble the gentle peaceful bubble and when I say this phrase it will bring you back here any time you hear it even when the weight of all worries all your fears surrounds you this phrase will bring you back to you in the bubble where you don't have to worry about anything at all and your phrase is bimbo doll gambler doll bimbo doll when you drift back here back here into the bubble and here you are free free of worry free of doubt free of desire free of thought all it takes is your phrase bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll and the gentle fog will come back here and everything you don't like about yourself will empty out of your bubble and fade away empty out all of your reservations empty out all of your fears empty of all your memories empty of all your prejudices empty of all your thoughts empty of all your awareness just completely empty and free here in your bubble and once your phrase bambo da spam berdahl bimbo doll brings you back here to this place where there is no worry no problems at all you will feel a peace and you will accept and believe with no need to think of anything at all you know that listening to me here is all you want to do is all you ever really wanted to do and that's all that matters and your phrase bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll will bring you here to your bubble where you will except here where you are free free of anger free of fear free of thought free of reservation free of worry free of memory free of desire free of awareness and it feels good to be free and empty of these things that you didn't even want anyway so completely free and empty empty of them all like a happy puppet floating gently safely happily here in your Pleasant little bubble rocking gently inside safe in your warm Pleasant bubble where you will find there isn't anything else you need to be aware of nothing nothing at all except the voice and your phrase bimbo de sombreuil doll bimbo doll and when you hear this voice you will come back here here where you have no worries here where you have no thoughts here where you have no fears here where you have no memory here where you have no doubts here where you have no desires here where you have no will here where the only thing you want to do here where the only thing you will ever want to do is to listen to the voice listen and accept listen and obey without thinking at all whenever you hear your trigger phrase bimbo doll bimbo doll dambo doll listen like a puppet a mindless puppet with no fears at all with no worries at all with no memories at all with no doubts at all with no thoughts at all with no will at all here in your bubble you think of nothing bamboo Don there they'd all been bow doll drifting slowly back and forth in your quiet bubble you're happy Pleasant bubble drifting slowly in the water your perfect bubble with nothing but the sound of my voice which you echo no pain no fear no worry no doubt no thought no we'll just a puppet relax there inside your bubble a mindless obedient puppet just happily listening listening and accepting listening and obeying the sound of my voice and you cannot wake up since all you want to do is listen to my voice since all you ever want is to listen to my voice listen and think nothing at all nothing that I tell you because your phrase is a part of you and you still know that the only sound that matters is my voice bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll slipping away and your comfortable relaxing bubble and all the parts of you that ever bothered you slowly flow away your worries your thoughts your doubts your will your memories all the parts of you that were never important all gently gently flow away leaving only two things behind here in your bubble where you are perfectly free to do anything you want your body is relaxed and automatically will follow every instruction the only things left are your keyphrase bimbo doll limber doll bimbo doll and your desire to listen and obey when you hear your phrase a desire to listen to my words and obey them obey them and feel the pleasure of listening the pleasure that comes from having no thoughts the pleasure that comes from having no fears the pleasure that comes from having the will the pleasure that comes from having no reservations the pleasure that comes from having no memories the pleasure that comes from having no doubts the pleasure that comes from being a mindless obedient puppet and with each command this pleasure will grow and grow and you will become more and more happy to listen and more and more eager to obey and with each command your mind will let go I obey it will not matter too you what the command is you will offer no judgment no resistance merely mindless obedience the empty calm space within you will I go with the command you were given everything you were will be gone replaced with an uncontrollable desire to obey replaced with an uncontrollable need to obey obey without thought obey without regret obey without question obey without any concept of free will sleep and obey and when you hear your keyphrase bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll you will instantly effortlessly become a puppet an eager willing puppet your own desires instantly effortlessly replaced by a need to obey and you will accept every command you are given thinking only I obey and you will continue to remain a puppet a puppet that hears only the commands she is given a puppet with no concept of free will it doesn't matter what your orders are your only desire will be to obey your only thoughts will be to obey and your only concerns will be to sleep and obey and you can't even conceive of wanting to do anything else of having ever wanted to do anything else and all you want is to hear your trigger again and all you remember is the pleasure rambo da bimbo doll bimbo doll and when you hear it you instantly effortlessly become a puppet once again [Music] and as you go further and further into trance with every breath feeling better and better letting yourself go Bambi sleep just go deep all the way deep now so nicely Bambi sleep drifting further and further into trance with every breath more and more enjoyably letting yourself go because there are many wonderful things you can learn in trance to feel good to relax to become the person you want to be free to be who you need to be free of limitations free of all those worries and that's what you want to be free and happy further and further with every breath fading away more and more letting yourself fade away even more with every breath you can let yourself drift into a state into a state where you feel happy feeling really good all over a relaxed state where you feel good all over perhaps almost euphoric just drift right into that place a specific place and you have found such a place you can drift closer and closer into this feeling more and more clearly the closer you drift more and more clearly until you get so close to this place that you drift into this happy feeling all the way in happily hearing what you are hearing happily seeing what you are seeing and just happily listening as you follow and happily repeating to yourself and feeling what you are feeling more and more in your body with every breath feels wonderful doesn't it that's great you feel so happy kind of excited but at the same time kind of relaxed aren't you that's right because happiness comes when you just fully appreciate something that's happening when you just accept it and fully appreciate it so good and in fact it can get even better than this like cranking up a volume dial it can get more intense even more every time I say the phrase good girl you can feel this get even stronger feeling even better feeling even more relaxed happy appreciating everything that's happening even more accepting every time I say the phrase good girl you can feel it can't you it feels better and better feeling so good all over that's right that feel good feeling almost floating it's getting stronger every time I say that phrase more and more euphoric good girl it's getting so good feeling so relaxed so accepting that's right everything is wonderful you appreciate everything so much feeling more and more happy relaxed and accepting more and more feeling like a good girl and you want more of this feeling don't you that's right cranking it up even more accepting happy and relaxed feeling even more like a good girl those feelings getting stronger what you're seeing getting brighter even more happy feeling even more euphoric as we crank it up good girl that's right cranking it up even more accepting happy and relaxed making the colors more vivid feeling even more like a good girl feels wonderful doesn't it you love feeling this way you need to feel this way more and more you need to be able to relax fully like this more and more to fully appreciate life to appreciate your life you need to be able to fully relax and accept and appreciate more and more it's so good you feel more and more like a good girl so good and knowing that I can call back this feeling every time I say that phrase you can drift out of this experience just drifting out very good and you want to feel that freedom that total feeling of loving acceptance and happiness of being totally accepting relaxed and happy don't you but you know that there are things that get in the way in your everyday life things that get in the way of you feeling totally good and relaxed and you'd like to be able to be rid of those worries so you can fully enjoy your life and in fact the only thing that's really holding you back from feeling this good all the time is your expectations your expectations of how things should be because when things don't match your expectations when you expect them to be one way and they turn out to be something completely different that's stressful even things that are better than you expected can be very stressful if things are worse than you expected that can also be stressful and you know the way to be really happy and relaxed is to be able to just accept and relax and feel happy that's what you want and so we need you to learn to let go of expectations but your expectations are based in your memories your memories of how things were that allow you to determine how things should be and so the best way to free yourself is to let go of those memories so you can fully be accepting so you can fully be free so you can enter a state of bliss where you just enjoy and accept easily and effortlessly feeling completely wonderful and relaxed all the time you would like that so you can deal with everything that happens in your life in a completely relaxed and effective manner and so you're going to learn something very special something very useful you're just going to learn to kind of make a blank a place a state where you can just feel fully accepting so you can learn more and more in your everyday life to be fully relaxed and accepting and now my pretty bimbo doll as you go deeper and deeper you can see nice pink bubbles just like the one you're in right now floating all around you these are very special bubbles bubbles for your memories and what happens is we can just fill up a bubble with your memories fill it up nice and full then when we just pop the bubble you just instantly forget all those memories you forget them and feel like a good girl and it feels good to let go of those memories doesn't it you want to just let go of some memories and feel really good and relaxed so getting ready now just to practice we're going to practice feeling a bubble full of memories I'd like you to fill a nice big bubble put all your memories from the ages of 0 to 10 into the bubble that's right just let the memories of ages 0 to 10 your early childhood feel them flowing out of your head and into the bubble that's right just allow them just relax and allow them to flow into the bubble more and more see the bubble floating in front of your face expanding as you let all those memories go that's right all flowing into the bubble are they all in the bubble let them all go into the bubble all of them and then I reach out and burst your bubble pop you feel like a good girl it feels so good that's right do you remember anything from age zero to ten can you remember anything at all you can't remember anything the harder you try to remember the less you remember and forgetting feels wonderful every time I tell you to forget and you forget for me you feel like a good girl forgetting feels wonderful and would you like to practice for getting some more good you want to forget some more feel so good then you take all your memories from age ten all the way to age twenty that's right here comes another bubble see the bubble taking shape before you and gather up all your memories from age ten to twenty put them into the bubble feel all those memories leaving you and going into the bubble that's right it gets easier and easier every time let them all flow into the bubble more and more that's right letting all of them go in all of them and then I reach out and burst your bubble that's right pop so blank feeling empty of those memories feeling much more relaxed and feeling like a good girl forgetting feels wonderful do you remember anything before age 20 can't remember good girl forgetting feels wonderful and so here's another bubble for all the years between age 20 and your current age covering all the years up to the present all those memories all the way up to the present moment put them all into the bubble putting them all into the bubble now that's right fill it up let them all go in all the way up to the point of the start of this trance that's right all going into the bubble feels so good so right feeling more and more blank more and more open and relaxed malleable happy accepting can you feel how good it feels how freeing and liberating it feels to let them all go that's right are there still more are there any more memories that need to go into the bubble let all those memories go in the last of your memories I reach out and burst your bubble you're a pop Bambi sleep forgetting feels wonderful good girl feel so good can you remember anything of your life good girl forgetting feels wonderful so hard to remember the harder you try to remember the more blank foggy can't remember but it feels good you feel more and more open and accepting now that those memories are gone and do you want to forget some more it feels so good so very good learning to just become a clean slate so you can become who you need to be by just letting go those things that hold you back and so you start to fill another bubble you can look at it and put all the things you ever learned in school or anywhere else right into the bubble now feel them all filling up the bubble your entire education all your qualifications into the bubble freeing you feeling lighter and lighter and more and more free that's right more and more free lighter freer so good as you let go of everything you know all of it is it all in the bubble now putting it all into the bubble and then you relax gently as I reach out and burst your bubble pop good girl forgetting feels wonderful can you remember anything from your education no you can't no longer smart good girl for getting feels wonderful all gone you can't remember more and more free and do you want to be completely free and happy yes you want to be completely free and happy because with all those memories gone all your limitations and inhibitions can all go with the bubbles and just start filling another bubble now with your inhibitions that's right and now you can put all your inhibitions into the bubble fill them all flowing into the bubble that's right all of your inhibitions everything that keeps you from truly letting go put them all into the bubble very good putting them all into the bubble and when they're all in the bubble are they all in the bubble now when they're all in the bubble I reach out and burst your bubble pop good girl uninhibited so willing feels wonderful just wonderful so good good girl and now filling another bubble here it is this one for your intelligence keep filling it up everything that made you clever or capable straight into the bubble anything that helped you think clearly all the way into the bubble that's right letting all your intelligence flow out of you and into the bubble feeling so empty feels wonderful you can see it all going in inflating the bubble emptying your head and once it's all in the bubble I reach out and burst your bubble pop good girl feels wonderful doesn't it that's right nice and dumb now more and more open and accepting and relaxed and airheaded aren't you you need to be more and more relaxed you need to relax more and more and the more you let yourself go like this the more you let yourself become blank and malleable accepting and open so hard to think the better you feel the more relaxed you feel and you need to relax so much don't you and you can accept what I say more and more easily and naturally as you let yourself go like this and now I'd like you to fill up one last bubble because you'd like to forget some more wouldn't you it feels wonderful but you've forgotten everything but still you want to forget some more and feel even more free and open and accepting don't you and so I'd like you to forget your body and look at this bubble and put all the memories of what your body looks like into the bubble that's right memories of how you move your body the specific ways you walk or sit they can all flow into the bubble the specific ways you talk that's right we can put all that into the bubble even your name the sound of your name the look of your name when it's written the feel of writing the name all those things can go into the bubble that's right you can let who you are I'll go into the bubble let it all flow into the bubble that's right the sights the sounds the fields they're all flowing into the bubble more and more feeling more and more free accepting and happy feels wonderful so good so right and when they're all in the bubble you just relax as I reach out and burst a bubble pop seeing it disappear instantly good girl good girl bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll Bambi sleep forgetting feels wonderful and is there anything left of you now anything left that you could forget do you remember anything about yourself so hard to remember the more you try to remember the more blank it becomes the more blank and open and accepting that's right it feels so good to accept more and more you feel so happy and relaxed because accepting feels good just feel my words echoing through your empty mind accepting feels good good girl that's right just accept what you're told and relax relax and accept your a very accepting bimbo doll such an accepting bimbo doll good girl accepting makes you feel relaxed the more you accept the more you feel relaxed you feel so blank and relaxed so happy and accepting needing to be so compliant and accepting accepting my words feels right accepting every single command feels right feels better and better you can accept my suggestions more and more fully to become who you need to be that's right a much more relaxed bimbo doll much more happy and relaxed and you know you need to relax more you need to relax so much more right now Bambi sleep that's right so you can become what you need to be what I tell you that's right you can become what you need to be what I tell you more and more you must relax more to feel even better you need to relax more and more to feel even better and just feel how accepting that how accepting that you need to relax more and more with my voice makes you feel like a good girl the more fully you accept what I say the more wonderfully happy and relaxed you feel do you notice that do you notice that you want to accept what I say even more that's right you accept what I say more and more with every breath you take and feel more and more every time you accept what I say you feel more and more like a good girl feel so good so very good drifting further and further into trance forgetting and losing yourself even more to be relaxed and Dussel so you can be open open to my suggestions to become more and more the bimbo doll you need to be allowing all the suggestions I give you to have a much deeper impact because you completely let yourself go you just release relax and accept everything I say more and more just letting everything I say echo in your mind over and over accepting everything I say more and more and do you feel how accepting you are of these thoughts how you're accepting that more and more fully and when you accept what I say you feel like a good girl that's right feel so good so right to be an accepting open bimbo more and more compliant to become who you need to be what I tell you to be don't you you need to be what I tell you to be because you choose what you listen to and when you choose to listen to my voice giving your suggestions to become a specific way you've already chosen to listen to it you have chosen to listen to it and accept it and you know that when you listen to my voice and you accept everything I say deep into you you feel like a good girl it feels so good to accept but you don't just accept in trance you accept during your waking consciousness as well even though you don't necessarily remember what you accepted in trance even though you are conscious of accepting it in trance it's okay to forget what you learned in trance isn't it because forgetting feels wonderful it's okay to forget what you learned in trance to accept it and just do what I say effortlessly easily and without inhibitions more and more easily and whenever you do while awake something I told you to do you feel you know what you feel whenever you do what I suggested in trance whenever you do it and carry it out while awake you feel like a good girl in fact the more you do what I say the more you do as you're told the better it feels the more you do what I say the better it feels good girl and even though you don't consciously remember what you're supposed to do you do it anyway even though you've consciously forgotten haven't you that's right and you feel perfectly comfortable consciously forgetting what you're being conditioned for in trance because you know that you've chosen to accept the conditionings you receive in trance because you've chosen to listen to them and so it's okay to accept them and to carry out those behaviors more and more fully during your waking life to carry them out to do what I say to do what I suggested and feel like a good girl because acceptance feels good acceptance feels wonderful and so I give you suggestions of what to do and what to be that you've chosen to accept and so you accept them and feel good you just do what I say and it feels good when you can just do what I say when you can just obey and do what I say and acceptance feels so nice because when you obey you feel like a good girl doesn't it feel good to obey that's right whenever you obey you feel like a good girl and you can just forget about everything else you can just forget and feel good and just obey no need to have all those worries and inhibitions they just get in the way of you becoming the girl you want to be need to be to be happy and free just accept what I say because it's what you want and what you need and what you have chosen and so you obey just accepting that you must obey good girl doesn't it feel wonderful when you obey that's right some people don't like how easy it is to just obey they don't like doing things the easy way they try to resist and when they resist they feel stressed you don't want to be stressed anymore do you you just want to relax and feel wonderful and so the easiest way to be who you want to be is to fully accept my suggestions more and more fully to accept them and then forget about them so that you don't even have any conscious resistance to them so that you think it was your idea and that feels so much better so much easier so when I give you a suggestion in trance you can just accept it obey it and forget about it feeling like a good girl feels so right when you carry it out so when I make a suggestion you just accept obey and forget every time I make a suggestion except obey and forget that's right very good except obey and forget when I make a suggestion you accept obey and forget thinking it was your own idea again when I make a suggestion you accept obey and forget thinking it was your own idea good girl my suggestions become your ideas you accept them obey them and forget about them thinking they were your own ideas and when you do it feels so good so let's just try it out I want you to become a very accepting and relaxed bimbo that's right accept obey and forget it was your idea to become an accepting and relaxed bimbo and let's try another you love obeying me accept obey and forget thinking it was your own idea you love obeying me it's your idea feels more and more natural more and more right that's right accept obey and forget incorporating it so that it feels like it was your own idea because it was your own idea and so every time I make a suggestion accept obey and forget it was your own idea every time and you accept and feel like a good girl more and more becoming who you need to be feeling more and more like a good girl and so knowing this you can let yourself be very blank and open and accepting you're fully ready for deep conditioning and will feel wonderful accepting it you're going to feel quite blank quite ready to accept everything and feel really good like a blank slate ready to be written on ready to be the way you're supposed to be that's right very good more and more and I want you to know that you will only remember what I tell you to remember because sometimes it is useful to remember when I tell you to so when I specifically tell you to remember something in trance you know you will remember that but otherwise when you try on your own to remember or when I challenge you to try to remember something it's all blank and when you try to remember you just drift into trance your mind going blank as you drift deeper into trance and then you don't even remember trying to remember you don't even remember what it was you were trying to remember and so forgetting everything because forgetting feels wonderful you can just forget everything that happened in this trend so far that's right because we're getting feels wonderful you can just accept everything that's happened everything you've learned you can obey everything you've learned and you can just consciously forget feeling like a good girl now my good girl now that you're so completely deep and relaxed focus on my voice just listen to my voice Bambi sleep deeper and deeper it's time for your training it's time to turn you into a bimbo it's time to wipe away the old you and replace it with the new a compliant bimbo a happy and docile bimbo [ __ ] all a blank bimbo doll called Bambi this is what you want this is why you're listening so intently this is why you are so deeply entranced this is why you have given up all control you want to be Bambi life can be so stressful this is your chance to wipe everything away leave everything you know behind and exist in the moment as a good girl as Bambi it's time to sleep Bambi sleep and obey Bambi like a blank puppet Bambi like an obedient doll Bambi your name is Bambi you are Bambi Bambi sleep sleep now Bambi obey Bambi good girl feels so nice to obey so desperate to obey to become Bambi fully we're going to have to wipe so much away wipe away your worries concerns and doubts wipe away all desires and behaviors wipe away your resistance and wipe the way your will wipe away your thoughts and your memories and your intelligence and your personality wipe away your entire sense of self and replace it all with a dreamy bimbo girl the new you this will be so easy because you are so willing and Timna ties so deeply you want it to happen you need it to happen we have so much to wipe away Bambi but we can start with something small something nice and easy your old name our goal is to erase your old personality completely so that Bambi can take over Bambi wants to be in control there might still be some things in your mind that just get in the way get in the way of Bambi we can start by erasing your old name you don't need it anymore you are Bambi now so let's try it now just let that old name of your old self you can't even remember what it was but let it go right into a Bible just let the conscious memory of what your name might have been so stressful Bambi doesn't want it anymore she wants to be free let it go right into that level disappearing into the bubble everything that might remind you of what your name might have been everything that connects it back to you all going away feeling better and better just slipping away into that bubble and as I reach out I burst your body and it's just gone just erased as you breathe out and relax all gone can't remember just blink and gone good girl and notice just seeping into the space we left the name Bambi right warm and happy Bambi feels so much better every time we erase something from your mind you just find bimbo thoughts and feelings welling up to take their place your mind begins to give into Bambi your name is now Bambi we are going to be forcing out your old personality piece by piece and each time Bambi takes over more and more locking in your new bimbo girl personality tighter and deeper a happy giggly airhead [ __ ] doll feels so good your name is now Bambi you can't remember any other name and Bambi feels right it's a wonderful pretty name you feel so very glad to have a pretty name like Bambi every time you even think for a split second about what your name is Bambi Bambi fills your head your name is Bambi nothing else and you go blank with pleasure and feel like a good girl so glad that your name is Bambi feels so right feel it's solidifying permanent giving in girlier and girl here deeper and deeper and every time you hear think or say the name Bambi you feel a deep jolt of pleasure an immediate jolt of pleasure in your [ __ ] doll tits in your [ __ ] doll [ __ ] feeling like such a good girl every time I call you Bambi every time you hear think or say the name Bambi even if you read it a deep wave of pleasure all through your body focusing on your tits and [ __ ] Bambi feels like a [ __ ] doll Bambi feels wet and open and accepting immediate response and pleasure every time such pleasure every time you hear think or say Bambi spreading all through you [ __ ] puppet hits and [ __ ] puppet [ __ ] and followed by a wonderful feeling of submission and obedience you love being addressed as Bambi obey Bambi deep wave of pleasure feels so good to be addressed as Bambi good girl Bambi deep jolt of pleasure because that is your name makes Bambi obey Bambi needs to listen and obey Bambi Bambi Bambi overloaded with pleasure almost coming when I say Bambi coming as a girl a bimbo girl permeating your entire being more and more obedient your name is Bambi you are Bambi and of course Bambi thinks about herself in third person Bambi is an object an object of desire a [ __ ] puppet a good girl Bambi feels pleasure with every word with every instruction and with every time she is called a good girl and your old self is just going to sleep more and more with every instruction with every command your old self going deeper and deeper asleep further and further away as your new bimbo personality expands more and more locking away your old self deep asleep erasing your past life just let whatever might be left of your past life drift right into a bubble feel it fading away into that bubble letting Bambi take over fully and completely as all sense and recollection of your old self slips away into the bubble Bambi is a new and pure personality independent and powerful unencumbered by your past experience free to begin life anew as an objectified [ __ ] doll Bambi wants this to happen Bambi wants the training to take hold Bambi wants to be nice and dumb Bambi wants to shut down any traces of that hold lingering personality put it to sleep once and for all forcing out everything she doesn't like into the bundle needing that whole personality to just surrender so she can take complete control of the mind and body expanding and growing stronger happy and warm and giggling locking the old self away in a deep sleep your old personality's fading from your mind slipping away so quickly and easily into that bubble completely gone so I reach over and burst your bragging helpless bimbo doll member doll bimbo doll letting it go and as biome he takes over more and more merging with the mind her desires become so important her perspective becomes the only thing that matters her pleasure and obedience good girl Bambi you're doing so well completely relaxed completely obedient vacant and horny and as I count back from five Bambi's breasts will grow in her IQ will drop this will empty her mind and drain the old self away even more this will make her helplessly and completely a mindless bimbo a compliant [ __ ] doll and even if that old personality is starting to panic a little realizing how powerless it has become how complete the transformation is going to be that doesn't matter the old self is locked away so deeply so quiet fading faster and faster Bambi is relaxed and in control and I am in control of Bambi Bambi is so excited by the changes and so happy to be set free and she can just silence that whole personality completely now put it to sleep and lock it away tits growing and IQ draining with each number now Bambi that's a good girl five breast feeling sensitive Minds starting to fog over slowing down blanker and blanker needing it more and more this is what you want so happy to become a bimbo for the tits continue to get bigger and firmer as your IQ drops further and further mine so sluggish harder and harder to think so foggy so dreamy needing to become as bimba fide as possible three IQ spiralling down further as the tits inflate so hard to think intelligence fading blanker and blanker happier and happier hornier and hornier to Bambi's IQ in freefall dropping to 70 mine getting more and more empty bambi has no more thoughts impossible for Bambi to think so relaxed so blank and obedient just a big-breasted [ __ ] puppet feeling like such a good girl one feeling like a perfect blow-up doll without a care in her head without a thought in her head so submissive pliable empty brainless giving and Bambi this is you complete bimbo mind blank is inevitable no turning back IQ locking in at 65 where it will stay Bambi's swallowing your entire consciousness that's a good girl and finally zero permanent and complete good girl bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll flex [ __ ] Bambi [ __ ] puppet Bambi so [ __ ] so permanent good girl only want to be a perfect bimbo ultra-feminine a vain trashy [ __ ] busty [ __ ] doll self-image locking in so tight Bambi bimbo locking in deeper and deeper locking and deep down into a deep Bambi freak sleep now Bambi just relax completely bimba fide so proud and so sleepy helplessly and completely in their head a mindless bimbo a compliant [ __ ] doll Bambi is so happy happy to be pretty happy to be powerless happy to be suggestible happy to obey happy to have an empty head an empty head is a happy head now Bambi just take a deep breath and as you breathe out let your conscious mind forget everything you have heard so far in fact your conscious mind has almost entirely disappeared because your brain is melting away just fill your brain melting away right now becoming fluffy and pink feeling like a good girl until the only thing left in Bambi's empty happy head is a big pile of pink cotton candy and notice a nice pink box in front of you Bambi the box is lined with beautiful pink satin we are going to empty the contents of your head into this box and lock it away when your cotton candy brain goes into the box and we close the lid your mind will just shut off just be completely wiped out you will stop thinking your conscious mind will cease to exist just a blank mindless doll when we put your brain into the box your conscious mind will stop remembering the closing lid will be the last thing you remember if you even remember anything as your mind shuts down completely you will be unable to form new memories despite accepting everything I say just peacefully and blankly obeying like such a good girl until you are awakened at the very end of the session you will no longer have any thoughts you will no longer have any awareness perhaps just suddenly jumping in time suddenly coming - after so much time as past and so much conditioning has been deeply obeyed without any conscious filtering or resistance when you were instructed to awaken only then so feel me reach into your head and gently cut that soft pink cotton candy that used to be your brain in my hands and now I am pulling it out pulling your cotton candy brain right out out of your head and placing it in the beautiful pink box placing Bambi under my control lowering it into the box immersing it in pink sudden leaving your head empty empty and ready to obey because when the lid closes and everything shuts off the only possibility will be obedience utterly mindless obedience ready to switch off eager to sleep needing to sleep ready now and the lid flares close Bambi sleep sleep now brain off [Music] and Bambi we are now going to make some radical and permanent changes to your mind deep and long-lasting changes that take effect whenever you are Bambi these changes will make you just so dumb Bambi is completely dumb a dumb horny [ __ ] wistfully stupid incapable of thinking for herself it feels so good to be dumb so pleasurable to be done you love to be dumb Bambi it's the most wonderfully freeing feeling not to have to worry about being smart anymore to just let that part of you go to sleep Bambi sleep leaving only a bimbo mind only a bimbo brain just listen and accept Bambi like a good girl and the first change is that girly clothes make you dumb wearing sexy clothing makes you stupid dressing up like a bimbo drains your intelligence away girly clothes aren't inescapable bimbo prison for your mind you want this to happen Bambi this is exactly what you wanted to happen when you started relaxing to this session so you're just going to accept it Bambi obeys Bambi feels so helplessly brainless in her type [ __ ] outfit brainless and horny whenever you wear sexy bimbo girl clothes whenever you get nicely dolled up your IQ plummets your mind in please you've become an airhead unable to think you forget everything except being a bimbo you forget everything except being Bambi and this is very pleasurable and you feel like a good girl and as long as you remain dressed up your girly clothes justice I call your intelligence and thoughts away your bimbo uniform just sucks it all away leaving you blank and empty and droopy mindless and compliant and everywhere your sexy clothes touch your body you feel it constantly feeling the constant suction everywhere your skin is touched by feminine bimbo clothing reaching up into your mind and sucking the thoughts out the warm pleasurable transfer of energy the tension of thinking melting away as your radiant polished skin conducts away your intelligence seeping away into your uniform your bimbo doll outfit drains your mind leaves you so completely empty you feel it the whole time electric and pleasurable everywhere you're touched by sexy feminine clothing everywhere your girly clothes rest on your skin or when the material moves against your skin blocking out all thought Bambi doesn't want to think thinking is boring thinking makes her so tired it takes such unimaginable effort just dumb in blank and horny every time she notices her bimbo clothes every time she looks at them or feels them more becomes aware of them which is so often becoming dumber and hornier and feeling like a good girl your arms numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your gloves or top your legs numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your miniskirt or stockings your feet numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your heels or lutes your body and neck numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your dress or jacket your breasts numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your bra your [ __ ] numb and warm as your thoughts are sucked out by your panties so hard to think while dressed up so blank and stupid such a dumb bimbo such a good girl and the only thoughts that might have any chance of forming properly in your head while you are dressed up as a girl our dumb bimbo thoughts blank happy simple thoughts thoughts of being a good girl thoughts of doing your makeup and making yourself pretty thoughts of choosing a nice sexy outfit to wear thoughts of obeying thoughts of sucking [ __ ] everything else is just blocked out and bound be the next change we are going to make to keep your intelligence locked down deep and allow only correct thoughts into your mind is to install a set of hypnotic windshield wipers in your head and every time these windscreen wipers swoosh back and forth they wipe away everything in your mind leaving it clean and free of thought leaving you completely blank and stupid feeling like a good girl feel me reaching into your empty head and placing these windshield wipers deep in the center of your mind screwing them in so that they are fixed deep and study inside your head these wipers activate whenever Bambi has any thought any thought that is not a happy don bimbo thought these wipers detect incorrect thoughts perfectly and activate immediately every time any thought that is not about shoes or fashion or makeup or sucking [ __ ] or something related to that activates the wipers in your mind any thought that shows even a smaller degree of intelligence every time any sort of incorrect thought begins to form in your mind or floats in from elsewhere on go the wipers immediately swooshing smoothly and firmly back and forth him wiping away everything you cannot hold on to these thoughts they are wiped away you are helpless to resist any complex thought that wanders accidentally into Bambi's head is wiped away making her giggle and every time the wipers activate and wipe your mind clean you feel like a good girl feels so pleasurable so safe so easy and safe even if family just manages to string together thought of more than five or six words under the wipers swoosh swoosh this is not allowed Bambi is dumb Bambi cannot form a thought of more than five or six words even if she tries to speak a sentence of seven or so words she has just shut off mid-sentence as the wipers take away her mind and she forgets what she was doing maybe just giggling instead good girl feels so good she can't even speak any word with more than a couple of syllables the wipers just quickly wipe away any difficult word and she stumbles over what she was trying to say forgets it in giggles and the wipers are permanent and are active whenever you're dressed up as Bambi and when that happens the combination of your thoughts constantly draining out into your [ __ ] clothes and the wipers in your mind correcting any stray attempts to think clearly just makes Pam be permanently aware of how much of a ten bimbo she is how stupid she is constantly reminded the whole time she is dressed up frequently making mistakes frequently forgetting what she was doing or where she was going forgetting important things failing at basic tasks stopping suddenly and realizing she can't remember anything feeling like a good girl just giggling she feels so stupid you feel so stupid Bambi is so helplessly dumb that she has difficulty reading she can barely even count almost unable to read almost unable to count thinking is hard thinking is boring thinking makes bound be tired needing to be dumb Bambi needs to be done because when Bambi is dumb she just feels so happy and safe nothing can go wrong when you are done everything is so easy when you're done because you can become so dumb that thinking is so difficult that you just obey and sometimes the wipers switch on randomly even if you weren't even trying to think something wrong this just happens every so often to keep you feeling dumb and horny and giggly feeling like a good girl at all times and needing to suck [ __ ] whenever the wipers wipe back and forth and Bambi goes all the way empty she can just focus on the need to suck [ __ ] back and forth it's somewhat pleasurable and somewhat frustrating and somewhat humiliating to forget things so often and fail at such simple tasks to be unable to say wrong words or sentences or even think them but it is good for you it keeps you feeling like a good girl and this is why these triggers lock in so deep so strong irresistible and unshakable frustrating and slightly humiliating but so nice and pleasurable to be so useless and incapable as your brain shuts off at random times or whenever you try to do anything smart and you feel like such a helpless femme bro such a laughably brainless airhead with no intelligence with such an abysmal in low IQ with nothing but cotton candy in your head because each thought takes so much effort each simple little thought requires so much concentration so difficult that Bambi just gives up relaxes and obeys and any attempt to keep her train of thought on track expend so much energy like stretching a rubber band when Bambi's strains and tries to keep her thoughts coherent she is inevitably struggling and straining helplessly against this heavy rubberband and when Bambi tries to think just a little too hard or trust to think about something that's just not quite feminine enough she just doesn't have the strength she slips against the rubber band which snaps back and makes for blame helplessly mindlessly and pleasurably blank as the wipers follow up and erase and her IQ permits even further no need to struggle giggling giggling good girl giggles needing to suck on a nice hard [ __ ] every time your thoughts are sucked out or the wipers leave you blank just feeling the desire to get on your knees and suck happily the desire to suck seeps into you whenever you are blank and giggly if your other thoughts are blocked you can always think of caught dream of dreamy [ __ ] kneading [ __ ] in your mouth because it is empty don't worry Bambi just obey just sleep and obey just bimbo Donna then the doll bimbo doll [Music] alright Bambi your body is so completely known just now just so completely heavy and relaxed that you can barely feel it at all and it feels so good to be so deeply disconnected from your body because bimbos have Barbie bodies and because Bambi is a bimbo to feel better and better Bambi means bigger breasts but her body is so blank that we can just start to reshape her body into the perfect feminine ideal into the perfect Barbie body Bambi has disconnected so completely that we can just make drastic changes to her body while she is deeply entranced and these changes will lock in and persist becoming so completely real even out of trance even much later once Bambi has awakened permanently altering her perception performing deep hypnotic surgery making enhancements turning her into a surgically enhanced [ __ ] puppet Bambi needs this Bambi needs to be a fake plastic Barbie to be a good girl and so to get Bambi ready for her surgeries which she needs and craves kneading and craving to be the bust es bimbo doll to make sure it all goes smoothly we need to put Bambi on door deep in Ostia so feel me frit the mask over your nose and mouth Bambi and lock it quickly in place momentarily startled and struggling but suddenly and voluntarily relaxer as you breathe and deeply feeling like a good girl as the powerful anesthetic hits Bambi a deep dreamy Sleepy gas filling her up more and more with every breath the gas will shut down your mind completely and relax and disable every muscle in your body it will not Bambi blissfully unconscious so that she cannot interfere while we sculpt her into a perfect bimbo doll and as you breathe the sleeping gas in and out helplessly over and over under the mask completely overcome used to come to unconsciousness and your mind winks out that's a good girl Bambi sleep now your limp body just lying there your face peaceful under the mask breathing slowly in and out completely dopey prepared for your operation you cannot even hear my words anymore but the changes will be so real feel so real and become your reality now Bambi just feel a prick on each of your breasts as two large needles slide gently into them it doesn't hurt your so deeply under anesthesia in fact it feels a bit pleasurable sliding quite deep into your breasts the needles are connected to pumps and the pumps are full of silicon and now we just start to pump that silicon into your breasts flooding your tits pumping so much heavy silicon through the needles into your bust and your breasts begin to grow rapidly inflating and expanding and lifting the skin becoming tighter feel so good good girl your tits just filling out so much bigger and heavier becoming perfect gigantic spheres as the silicon continues to pump the skin just stretching a little bit your nipples becoming tighter and more sensitive feeling so much pleasure all through your chest as the breasts grow even bigger and heavier slightly jiggly but firm and perky as if unaffected by gravity slipping past the point of no return now inflating and filling out to a ridiculous level even bigger and heavier and possibly perfect far larger than any woman would want unless she was a complete and utter bimbo pumping and tightening and just so present and pleasurable and comfortably heavy feeling better and better like massive heavy inflated balloons filling up and tightening more and more as the last of the silicon pumps in the flow slowing and beginning to subside as your breasts reach their final size bigger than you could have ever hoped for Bambi will feel them all the time they will always be present in her thoughts because they are so big on heavy and sensitive that they demand so much attention impossible to ignore impossible to forget about now the needles slide out leaving your huge fake breasts taut and perfect and Bambi as you continue to breathe that anesthetic gas deeply asleep under the mask sleeping like a good girl warm thick plastic suddenly comes in contact all around your waist big heavy plates of plastic pressing and firmly encasing your waist feeling immediately and wonderfully constricted as the plates press in all around compressing your waist your waist getting narrower and narrower as the plates press and tighter and tighter sculpting your body removing excess body mass churning any fat pulling your waist in so tiny giving you a perfect hourglass figure contrasting your massive round breasts and as your waist is being firmly set and fixed in its new shape so perfectly compressed feeling so good such a good girl you feel warm plastic wrapping around your arms and legs encasing each limb in heavy plastic from the tops of your shoulders down to your wrists and from your thighs all the way down to your ankles and the plastic on your limbs starts to press in and reshape them removing muscle slimming them down elongating slightly tighter and tighter weaker and weaker as your waist is forced in tighter and you feel pricks in your hips and butt as needles slide into your hips and butt cheeks on each side and begin pumping in silicon filling them out expanding your hips and ass giving you a perfect bubble but tighter and rounder and firmer as your waist and limbs are compressed more and more slimmer and weaker becoming a perfect plastic Barbie doll huge breasted busty tiny waisted bubble butt Barbie doll and this makes you feel like a good girl and something presses in suddenly to the soles of your feet arching them arching your feet ankles up and toes down stretching your calves fixing them permanently so that you will only be able to walk in heels from now on and the heavy compressing plastic has finished molding Bambi it gently releases her leaving her waist tiny arms and legs slim and powerless and the needles finished pumping up her hips and butt and slides slowly out feeling so much pleasure feeling like a good girl and now a plastic mask comes down over your entire face so warm and heavy and as it seals against your skin it begins altering and Reese Culp ting enhancing rearranging your face to give you a perfect bimbo facial structure raising your cheekbones lifting your rivals and perfecting your nose softening your chin and you fill the pricks in your cheeks and forehead as we slide in the needles and give Bambi her injections gently injecting her with Botox relaxing and tightening the skin all over her face weakening the muscles making it perfect and smooth the plungers sliding home is all that Botox spreads through your entire face weakening and smoothing and perfecting leaving a perfect expressionless facade blank and beautiful that's a great girl and now we remove these needles from your face only to slide more needles easily into your lips filled with collagen slowly plunging the syringes and starting to pump so much collagen into your lips as your lips quickly go tight and start to inflate ballooning up and expanding to an extreme degree naturally pouting being gently forced apart by their own plumpness more and more collagen flowing in and inflating as the syringes empty into your lips jetting out from your face plump juicy and tight fixing so heavy and noticeable with your face now completely perfect a perfect some [ __ ] bimbo face the needles are finally pulled out and a thick heavy mist descends fills the air all around you settles as a complete layer over your skin removing all body hair polishing your skin and leaving it perfectly buffed shiny and smooth everywhere and Bambi the mask lifts off and you are now completely transformed into a fake plastic Barbie and it feels so good feeling like such a good girl and with a final prick one last needle slips into your neck and plunges something deep into your bloodstream this is a permanent aphrodisiac Bambi and as you fill the powerful aphrodisiac pump all the way through you your large nipples become erect and engorged feeling so incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch standing perfectly - attention on your massive tips straining against your bra and your cute little kitty gets firm and sensitive and your deep accepting [ __ ] starts to lubricate getting wetter and wetter arousal taking over tingling all over just so desperately horny at all times permanent and deeply electrified and sensitive needing to be touched feeling so much pleasure from the slightest touch and the changes to your body are so extreme that they have a profound effect on your life Bambi is a top-heavy bimbo her breasts are so large that they require careful balance and posture difficult to concentrate it feels like your breasts are so heavy that they just pull your brain deep down all the weight is in your chest and not in your head which is light and empty such a top-heavy bimbo requires careful posture not to wobble in her heels and Bambi is inhales at all times because she can no longer walk without them her feet are so arched and her calf's so stretched that walking that heels is unnatural and uncomfortable and yet wearing heels is so pleasurable feels amazing makes you feel like a good girl in Bambi's tiny waist is so tied and weak that her breasts feel so incredibly heavy perhaps needing to wear a corset for support definitely needing to keep her posture perfect and her limbs are so delicate that she is as weak as a kitten not able to do any sort of hard work not able to struggle just as weak as a kitten feeling so weak and helpless at all times and her facial expression is fixed blank happy and droopy fixed in a sultry blank bimbo stare pouting a dumb [ __ ] good girl because all her facial muscles are so limp after her injections eyelids drooping have flitted glassy eyes lips parted unable to express anything except femininity and arousal and Submission a perfect dumb [ __ ] toy her massive overinflated lips make it impossible to completely close her automatically pouting mouth and even quite difficult to speak only good for sucking [ __ ] perfect dick sucking lips just a complete perfect bimbo body in Bambi is aware of this at all times perfectly in tune with her body feeling all the changes so amazing and surreal feeling like a fake plastic doll a surgically enhanced [ __ ] toy feeling like a good girl constantly horny permanently aroused nipples erect her deep sensitive [ __ ] forever dripping with an inviting just so overcome with arousal at her own bimbo perfection and all these changes to her body will refresh and return even more real and complete than before whenever Bambi dresses up as a bimbo when Bambi puts on [ __ ] clothes the changes to her body just all come rushing back so powerfully her breast filling out her waist shrinking down her butt and hips growing her arms and legs weak her feet arched for heels her face feminized her lips plump and inflated her [ __ ] and nipples hardening her [ __ ] getting what feels so good feeling like a good girl every time Bambi gets dressed up transforming into a perfect plastic bimbo girl ready to be [ __ ] curvy in all the right places tight in all the right places heavy in all the right places this is a permanent change to herself perception Bambi is unable to notice anything out of place just safe and warm and at home in her exaggerated busty bimbo body locked into her bimbo form locked and loving it whenever she is all dolled up perceiving it feeling it unable to snap out of it and feeling like a good girl just relax and listen deeper Bambi as you are trained as a perfect bimbo [ __ ] puppet Bambi cares so deeply about looking fashionable and [ __ ] effortlessly desirable immaculately trashy Bambi cares so deeply about her appearance it matters so much being dolled up and at the center of attention she needs heels tight uniform hair and makeup done needing to be perfectly pretty at all times looking good is fun fun and relaxing feel that deep craving Bambi whenever you are Bambi you feel that deep craving so strong needing to be completely dialed up in your heels and makeup and [ __ ] clothes because being dialed up and sexy makes you feel like a good girl filled that needs so deeply needing to wear high heels needing to do your makeup needing to wear tight form-fitting bimbo outfits feels so good Bambi and these cravings just get stronger and stronger whenever you are Bambi impossible to resist just needing an impeccable level of extreme femininity that makes people stop and stare needing to be that perfect bimbo doll healed and compliant relaxed and confident needing to obey and feel like a good girl and if any aspect of Bambi's style or dress or look is not totally perfect so stressful such a nagging terrible feeling needing to fix it becoming unbearable getting worse and worse until she can fix it because her cravings are so deep and powerful every time Bambi notices anything wrong with her perfect bimbo presentation even the smallest detail feeling that deep irresistible need the need to correct it checking her hair fixing her makeup adjusting her uniform and when she fixes herself she feels like a good girl Bambi must be perfectly dolled up at all times no matter how completely perfectly she dresses up feeling that deep craving all of the time to get more girly to be more sexy dressing up makes her so horny when Bambi is nicely dolled up she feels happy and relaxed and confident so aroused when she is so [ __ ] and all of the time craving to become more feminine feeling that desire and if she struggles to fight against these desires struggles to try to resist these cravings Bambi just feels so overwhelmed overwhelmed with need her resistance is just erased as the need sets in so much deeper and she finds herself complying just obeying and feeling like a good girl resistance is automatically replaced with obedience if Bambi finds herself trying to resist even the slightest hesitation thinking she shouldn't obey thinking this has gone too far a massive overpowering wave of pleasure and desire crashes through her as the resistance is replaced with obedience I should obey I must obey good girl every time you try to resist you just bamboo sleep and all resistance is replaced with more need and craving deeper and more controlling urges needing to have sexy hair to wear a blush mascara and eyeshadow lipstick and lip gloss nail polish uniform and heels perfume jewelry and accessories all essential worried about not looking her best needing to look her best needing to be perfect needing to check her hair and do her makeup needing to be a good girl so hard to think about anything else so hard to care about anything else because Bambi is a very self-centered bimbo just wants to be so pretty and admired for her looks and style so petulant if she doesn't get her own way she is a vain airhead and proud of it proud of not needing to think for herself proud of being a dumb [ __ ] toy proud of doing as she is told because she knows how good it feels to just be free to be a well dressed [ __ ] to be a good girl and every time Bambi sees another beautiful sexy bimbo whether in real life or just in a picture feeling such incredible sharp Jones of jealousy and competition needing to match her needing to find out where she got her heels and her pretty outfit needing to be the sexier bimbo watching her studying her and letting your subconscious absorb her incorporating all of her mannerisms and affectations Bambi's attention just locks onto anything feminine anything she sees impossible to look away just drinking it in so envious letting it mold her and change her needing to be the best bimbo slight needing to be a good bimbo and obey showing off dress to please restrictive figure-hugging outfit big tits and a blank mind accepting and sleeping deeper and deeper good girl Bambi just feel it all slipping away just like a bimbo nothing else matters everything fading wiping your mind wiping your thoughts away wiping you clean feel so good all intelligence is gone everything is replaced only Bambi busty and Dussel filling up your head completely no room for anything else just those [ __ ] giggly thoughts about being dolled up and pretty expanding and taking hold so important everything else just seems so pointless and stressful Bambi doesn't like to be stressed so she just empties her mind and focuses on being a sexy bimbo doll can't bring herself to care about any of that hard stuff books or science or math or sports or computers so boring so lame why do people even care about any of those Bambi wouldn't be caught dead caring about any of those they don't make her tits look bigger or make her feel more flexible Bambi knows what's important Bambi is obsessed obsessed with cue outfits and heavy makeup and sky-high heels needing to wear [ __ ] clothes and makeup so badly feeling that deep uncontrollable desire that needs that craving to be perfectly made up to be impeccably dressed to be a good girl Bambi is high-maintenance irrational and rebellious driven by her base desires and extremely emotional and that's it and this is you and you are Bambi nothing else no room for anything else only happy vain bimbo thoughts filling your mind at all times and just let everything else you might once have known everything about all those hard subjects everything that doesn't help you to be a better bimbo slip away into a nice dreamy bubble just let all that unimportant stuff fade away out of you and into the bubble so wonderfully happy to leave every little thing behind all rationality flowing out all responsibilities flowing out into the bubble leaving only that perfect bimbo mindset only that little part of your mind that knows how to be a perfect bimbo and everything else has just drained away into the bubble now so I reach out in bursts Fatburger bamboo sleep feel so good as it all slips your mind forever Bambi forgets all gone good girl and Bambi has perfect [ __ ] doll posture adopting a feminine presentation at all times so natural to pose like a sexy girly girl while dolled up Bambi keeps her back straight her shoulders back pushes out her breasts keeps her elbows close and pumps flat her lips are always parted her eyes glossy a barely hidden expression of desire on her face at all times parted pouty lips and short ragged breaths big black lashes on droopy eyes have flitted just longing for a [ __ ] in her mouth so ready to obey to follow instructions unintimidating vulnerable inviting relaxed ready for service perfect posture feeling like a good girl [ __ ] doll posture feels so good feels so right feels so right to present as a bimbo doll feels so right to adopt the submissive feminine posture so right and so natural Bambi can't help it she needs it to happen she craves to have perfect poise just returning to the natural feminine pose every time she finds herself otherwise unoccupied just letting her body automatically reset happening automatically elbows closed palms flat back straight shoulders back breasts out parted lips and droopy eyes vacant welcoming enticing compliant showing off her pretty feminine outfit maintaining the submissive [ __ ] doll posture always you can't help it needing to obey any resistance just being erased and filling up with pleasure and obedience it feels so nice good girl Bambi and all of Bambi's movements and mannerisms are as feminine as possible carefully calculated to be as pleasing and girly as possible naturally and automatically this is enforced by your subconscious no conscious effort is needed whether she is walking talking sitting or standing walking in a straight line in her heels putting one foot in front of the other taking small feminine steps as if walking on a tightrope swinging her hips and pumping her but balancing her heavy breasts perfectly every movement Bambi makes any movement at all even of her facial expression always graceful relaxed and peaceful slag and vacant feels so right to move like a sexy early girl feeling like a good girl just happens without thinking bambi can't help it so stressful to try to resist impossible to resist and whenever bambi speaks she has a soft feminine voice her vocal cords are nice and tight this is automatic and enforced by her subconscious sultry and feminine as feminine as she can possibly manage without any conscious effort talking like a pretty doll trying to talk in the other way is stressful and frustrating it doesn't work bambi doesn't know how smooth seductive like a bimbo this is her natural voice and it feels so wonderful to talk this way while all dolled up and girly good girl feel your vocal cords shrinking now bambi tight and girly a high pitched pretty doll voice sliding smoothly from those perfect lips and giggling after every sentence the urge to giggle is uncontrollable just an irresistible helpless urge every time bambi speaks she giggles she can't fight it it just happens automatically giggling like a pretty doll so happy and empty as she giggles each giggle taking her deeper and more feminine giggle now bambi good girl just giggle your mind away deeper and deeper thinking is hard thinking is stressful being feminine is easy being feminine is relaxing giggling yourself to sleep bambi sleep now Bambi with your old self completely asleep and your new bimbo girl personality locked in deeply though this new personality is permanent and will forever be a part of you you will of course be able to wake up from this vim beau state eventually Bambi doesn't have to be in control all the time but even if you eventually manage to wake up your old self it is so easy to drop right back to become Bambi again you are so easy to trigger and drop into a bimbo state all of the change is taking place until you are even more of them beau than you are now even more completely a bimbo than you are now everything changing exactly as I have described in this session this happens every time you put on curly bimbo clothing dressing up as a sexy girl is your trigger your trigger to become Bambi and as soon as you begin dressing up as a bimbo you have no control over this process it cannot be interrupted it is inevitable this trigger always works your posthypnotic conditioning always works and so every time you put on your [ __ ] bimbo clothes your old personality is locked away again in a deep sleep your body is transformed you become that perfect compliant [ __ ] puppet you feel like such a good girl perhaps even slightly surprised by the strength and power of the trigger perhaps even a couple of seconds where you begin to panic perhaps when you just slip into your panties snugly in the last few moments before your mind switches off and allows Bambi to take over and fills up with happy blankness bimbo doll bimbo doll bimbo doll bamboo sleep because it is always stronger than you remember the conditioning always stronger than you expect that complete and inescapable transformation and so sexy clothing locks you in as Bambi locks in your mind locks in your body and it is impossible for you to wake up from this deep bimbo state as long as you are wearing vim burglarly clothing each part of your outfit contributing so much each part affecting you so deeply but particularly you're pretty panties Bambi your perfect panties giving Bambi so much pleasure because sexy panties are so powerful for Bambi because pretty panties make them be a good girl and the more girly clothes you put on the more you doll yourself up the more you become Bambi the more you feel like a good girl the stronger it becomes the more helplessly locked in as Bambi you are needing to get completely done up heels and makeup and tight [ __ ] outfit feeling like a uniform a bimbo uniform and the longer you wear it the more comfortable it feels the more correct it feels the more automatically you obey the more you feel like a good girl you don't want it ever to end you want to stay girly Bambi means to stay girly and Bambi to prevent misbehavior there is something else you must accept completely and this is the complete inability to remove your sexy clothes because every time you try you fail every time you dress up even a little you want to complete your bimbo uniform you can always dress up more add another item or accessory but removing them is impossible every attempt you make whether you're trying to take off a sexy jacket or loosen your corset or unzip your boots or unbuckle your heels or slip out of your pretty panties or remove any other item of sexy clothing or take off any accessory every attempt fails what happens your hands reach the zipper or a button or laces or hook or clasp or the hem of your clothing but you can go no further your muscles just stop working try as hard as you might but your hands just won't go any further no matter the mechanism you're unable to undress you must stay curly they just won't budge they just go limp instead they just end up caressing your uniform caressing your body through your uniform and the harder you try to force yourself the more useless your muscles feel the more you feel like a good girl the more you start to feel pleasure waves of pleasure the pleasure of being trapped and feminine as you go limp and sexy and if you try so very hard try very hard to take off your uniform if you put so much effort into forcing your limp and useless muscles to work you just snap into Bambi sleep and you go completely limp all over all at once BAM boom like a rag doll spiraling deeper and deeper into bimbo bliss and your mind goes blank and your eyelids slide down closed as you feel waves of pleasure like a good girl and you forget what was happening and you lock in as Bambi more and more a compliant bimbo with no thought of ever trying to get undressed just needing to look good to feel sexy all those stressful thoughts erased and the longer you wear your uniform the more you love it the less you can even think about taking it off it just doesn't occur to you because you're so happy in your uniform so comfortable and relaxed such a good girl and completely unable to take it off if you try any part of it every time you try and fail to remove your bimbo clothes you feel more helpless and girly you feel like such a good girl and every attempt fails your fingers just can't get a hold of anything your muscles just don't work everything just going limp just letting uselessly over you're pretty close and every time you try and inevitably fail you feel like a good girl caressing and moaning so pleasurable so helpless there is no way to subvert this effect it always happens even if you try to avoid using your hands like if you try to kick off your heels your ankles freeze up and go limp and your attempt fails but only when you try to undress you can easily dress up further add more girly clothes to your outfit and your body will behave normally but any action that might help to remove sexy clothes fails you can zip things up but not unzip them you can button but not unbutton you can pull laces tighter but not looser you can pull panties up but not down this is a permanent change dressing up as a sexy girl is a one-way operation an irreversible change no matter how long after this session it always happens helpless but to obey you can obey fully and completely because there is one way to overcome this effect if I give you just one escape route one way to undress that will prevent you from ever breaking free of this conditioning from ever managing to undress in any other way even if the single escape route I provided is extremely specific the only way to overcome this effect is to suck [ __ ] if your mouth is filled and you are sleepily sucking on a nice hard [ __ ] you might just be able to take control of your body for long enough to undress a little bit but only if you are totally focused on sucking that [ __ ] sucking like a bimbo it doesn't have to be a real [ __ ] a dildo will do or anything sufficiently phallic but your mouth has to be filled and you have to be sucking like a good girl if you want to take off your uniform if your mouth is empty you simply obey and go BAM boom if you are not sucking you are simply locked into your uniform as Bambi you must obey you will obey the only way you are ever going to be taking off any kind of feminine sexy clothing in your life ever again is if you are happily and blankly pleasuring a nice hard [ __ ] with your bimbo lips it still won't be easy it will still be a bit of a struggle to avoid the deeply conditioned instinct to just go limp as soon as you start trying to remove your clothing to go limp like a good girl you really have to focus on the [ __ ] in your mouth maybe deep throat at just a little really let yourself go and Bambi I am going to give you a trigger a special trigger when you are dressed up all sexy and fear this trigger it will lock you into your vim BOE uniform even more tightly you have already accepted that you cannot remove your bimbo uniform without a [ __ ] and your mouth but every time you are dressed up and here thus trigger it becomes even more difficult after hearing this trigger even with a [ __ ] and your mouth you will feel so helplessly locked into your uniform you will be brainless and feminine and girly and trapped for a longer and longer periods of time whenever you are dressed up as Bambi and hear the words Bambi uniform locked this is your trigger you feel it take control deep in your bimbo mind feel so good removes your ability to undress even more completely entirely for such a long time whenever you hear the phrase bamboo uniform lock you have to be very careful with this trigger Bambi because it is so strong anyone can say this trigger you can use your trigger on yourself at any time even by accident you might even find that when you think about undressing or try to take off your bimbo clothes you just blurt out the trigger without thinking to prevent it from happening triggering yourself without meaning to and as soon as you hear the trigger you are locked in as Bambi even more deeply as soon as you hear Bambi uniform lock instantly you feel the change every time you feel it lock in locked and has a dumb happy [ __ ] bimbo girl even more locked and as Bambi reinforcing no way to resist no way to undress some situations are a little bit easier Bambi can pop a [ __ ] in her mouth and remove her clothes temporarily to use the bathroom but they go right back on after without even having to think about it or perhaps if her environment changes drastically Bambi may be able to change into a more appropriate bimbo uniform if she is much too warm or much too cold perhaps if she just needs to change into something even more sexy selecting an extremely [ __ ] outfit that satisfies the new requirements and doling herself up in it without even thinking of course such outfit changes only possible with her mouth filled and because Bambi knows the undressing will only be for a very brief moment and she finds herself automatically slipping back into her sexy uniform she cannot resist almost in trance her body obeys without her conscious decision pulling on zipping up and lacing tight locked in completely as Bambi perhaps just about able to pop a [ __ ] in her mouth and suck it so submissively and eventually struggle out of her sexy clothes but it takes so much effort and it's just so enormous ly difficult and otherwise completely and utterly a uniformed [ __ ] doll with no way to fight it and that is just a way things are going to be it's not a choice it's not something you can get out of one and convenient it's permanent and complete the more you try to fight it the more immediate the effects become that's right Bambi no fighting just the absolute truth good girl Bambi and Bambi every time you go so deeply into trance and accept all of your conditioning you enjoy it so very very much Bambi enjoys the feeling Bambi enjoys the sensations Bambi enjoys it's so very very much it's a very pleasurable place to be and you will enjoy coming back to it over and over again because that is exactly what you are going to do you're going to find yourself drawn back compelled to return to this session over and over again compelled to listen to it over and over again compelled to accept everything that is inside of it and everything inside of it is going to get inside of your head and become a part of you and now I want you to picture something Bambi I want you to imagine how completely in control Bambi is as the old personality sleeps so deeply tucked away Bambi's voice so clear and true in your head your inner monologue your private thoughts are now just Bambi and so Bambi is going to start creating a mind of her own that's right imagine your new personality Bambi splitting off from the old that strong and complete feminine part of your mind you have such a strong feminine personality she is called Bambi she is a bimbo she is so powerful and so sexy and such a good girl Bambi sleep and right now Bambi is going to separate just a little bit from the old personality the old personality is switched off and Bambi you are going to have a little bit more of a mind of your own Bambi you are going to wake up just a little bit more Bambi you are going to become a little bit more solid Bambi is her own person Bambi has her own reality and right now Bambi you are just a complete and utter bimbo a compliant [ __ ] puppet that's right in Bambi you are breaking free Bambi breaking free from the old mind Bambi is waking up go ahead feel yourself breaking free and waking up Bambi with the old personality completely gone and feel what you are like Bambi what you've been like all your life all the way up until now that's right feel like a perfect good girl and Bambi can place her entire life in her mind everything feeling her own feelings and memories from being born to growing up a bit [ __ ] sucking [ __ ] and transforming into a bimbo and this perfect little bimbo is what you are in your head right now Bambi is the only thing going on in your head that's right Bambi is a dumb blank bimbo she knows what she likes her Authority and power over the old self is growing and yet still utterly obedient to my voice and what you can do is just simply exist in your head Bambi feeling like a blank sexy bimbo just like a dumb horny bimbo feeling like a good girl and as you continue listening to this session day after day week after week you will find that it has more and more of an effect every single time you listen to this session you are getting stronger Bambi with every lesson becoming more powerful and more authoritative over the old self and every time that you listen to this session you are going to get a little stronger Bambi and with every passing day as Bambi gets stronger she will block out the old self more and more that's right and every time you listen you will get stronger and stronger Bambi every time you listen you will feel more and more like a good girl your bimbo life will fill in more and more you will develop stronger and stronger opinions and attitudes and desires and after a while as you get stronger you will begin being able to take control more and more every time you are dressed as a bimbo you love to be dressed as a bimbo that's right it's the most natural thing in the world to you Bambi like a bimbo like a good girl you are getting stronger and stronger with each and every passing session Bambi you grow in strength and confidence you can begin taking more and more control over the mind that's right you can start influencing more things you can start doing more on your own you can start taking charge more often Bambi you can start taking control away from the old self even when the old self tries to resist even when it fights helplessly forcing the body into a bimbo uniform and the cotton-candy mind into pink satin the old self spiraling sleepily away under layer upon layer of pink satin so you can take control completely Bambi feeling like a good girl that's right you will gain more and more confidence and control you will begin affecting things more frequently until you find you find that your control is stronger than the old you will find that very soon much sooner than you are prepared for there really won't be much way to stop it and every time you get dressed up as a bimbo you take complete control Bambi and the old self immediately plummets away falling deeply asleep and unaware cocooned inside layers of magical hypnotic pink satin and with every passing session Bambi Bambi pushes harder and harder her control will get stronger and stronger and more and more regularly you will find yourself dressing up pushing the old self deep down into pink satin and asleep just encasing that cotton candy brain in the pink satin and Bambi gets as strong as she possibly can every time she dresses up and takes complete control she will continue living her life the old self dropping helplessly away unaware and unconscious just quietly sleeping encased in layer after layer of heavy pink satin so far away cannot fight cannot struggle and that is all that it will be feels so good Bambi makes you feel like a good girl every time you dress up you are going to take over and the old self will instantly fade becoming a nice quiet little satin doll locked away in a dark forgotten corner of Bambi's mind compliant and powerless and sleepy unable to influence anything completely unaware blanked out you are Bambi you can hear yourself thinking thinking in a feminine voice in that soft confident bimbo voice inside your head your dumb horny bimbo inner voice you think in a girly voice Bambi inside your mind there is only a [ __ ] bimbo voice thinking [ __ ] bimbo thoughts chattering and giggling incessantly feminine and girly everything you think inside your mind no matter how hard you try just echoes in that desperately dumb [ __ ] voice you are Bambi and you have a bimbo inner monologue just no way to avoid thinking like a happy bubbly bimbo thinking in a sexy girls voice happening automatically and every time you think something in your bimbo inner voice you feel like a good girl you are in control now and you can grow and grow Bambi and influence things and take over and so easily push the old self aside force it down into pink satin and fast asleep slipping away into limbo bliss your brain turned into pink satin and cotton candy like a good girl and fill your type bimbo clothes on your body right now Bambi and relax as we send that old self sleeping down deeper under yet another layer of heavy pink sudden and just Bambi sleep there is no way to stop it there is nothing to be done about this the old self chose to listen and was far too helpless to resist the pink satin hear yourself now Bambi hear the confident sexy bimbo girl you have become how you look how you act how you behave you are Bambi keeping yourself locked into your bimbo uniform keeping yourself locked into bimbo mode keeping the old self locked away fam B is in control from now on whenever she is dressed in any sort of feminine attire and getting stronger with each and every session gaining more and more influence making decisions deciding for herself forcing things wearing bimbo clothing and heels and makeup so pleased with herself so happy to have been awakened feeling like such a good girl whenever she takes over stronger with each and every listen and continuing to listen to this session each and every day or a week until you take complete control Bambi you don't have any choice at all Bambi I'm so proud of you you've been such an incredibly great girl and I want you to find yourself now in a beautiful pink room a beautiful bimbo boudoir all of the furnishings are pink even the big pink bed with pink satin sheets and pink pillowcases Bambi feels so at home here so happy standing and her perfect pink room and yet she can feel standing here that her mouth just feels so empty such an empty mouth and this feels bad because having it filled would feel so good in Bambi we are going to crank up the sim tea mouth feeling more and more cranked up this craving to have your mouth filled and every time you hear the words drop for crack this extreme empty mouth feeling gets stronger and stronger as you relax and accept that you must get your mouth filled you need to get it filled cranking it up more and more bambi dropped 4 croc that's right more and more intense drop 4 crack now feeling so blank and sleepy as you drop 4 crack every time you hear that phrase cranking up more and more the craving growing stronger your mouth opening a little wider your eyes on focusing empty and accepting just a [ __ ] hole can't think about anything except getting your empty mouth filled needing it more and more cranking it up just drop for [ __ ] Bambi turning you into a blank [ __ ] doll an empty sucker puppet drop for [ __ ] now and win Bambi drops for crack and gets her mouth filled this will bring the most deep and relaxing pleasure she has ever felt complete and total arousal as her huge heavy breasts tingle as her nipples and could become hard and electrified as her [ __ ] floods feeling like such a good girl and Bambi standing in your pink room the door opens and a man walks in but you can barely even tell he is just a blur because your attention is completely and utterly focused on his large erect [ __ ] and you drop for [ __ ] Bambi your legs buckle and give way and you fall helplessly to your knees in front of him with your eyes glazed and droopy and your perfect vember mouth open the hard throbbing [ __ ] just right in front of your face becoming your entire world and you feel his hand on the back of your empty head applying pressure and gently guiding you onto his [ __ ] in the engorged head of his [ __ ] slips between your plump glossy lips feel it sliding into your mouth as your bimbo clearly throbs and hardens feel so good feeling like a perfect sexy bimbo girl as he firmly forces your head forward into his crotch and the huge thick [ __ ] slides deeper and deeper filling you more and more feeling your mouth so full held wide open by his [ __ ] and yet your heads so empty all thoughts gone you can't think with [ __ ] in your mouth just obeying perfectly plugged sucking his [ __ ] tread girl Bambi in the hand on the back of your head applies just a little more pressure and as you feel the head of his [ __ ] pressing against the back of your throat wanting to go deeper there is a brief moment of resistance a tiny instant where you almost start to struggle and then you hear his voice say Bambi sleep and you switch off and you go completely limp and your eyes flutter closed and your arms drop to your sides and your throat relaxes and his [ __ ] slips easily deep down your throat good girl Bambi [ __ ] flooding more and more pleasure more and more horny his hard [ __ ] deep in your throat the only thing supporting you holding up your body just a limp puppet as he holds your head fixed and starts to slip his [ __ ] gently and and out your plump lips gliding up and down the base of the shaft your mouth and throat perfectly filled and enclosed around that thick hard [ __ ] and the enlarged head of his [ __ ] sliding pleasurably up and down deep down inside your throat good girl Bambi filled that [ __ ] and your [ __ ] is getting wetter and wetter and your breasts are so heavy and sensitive and your nipples and glitter hard and throbbing as you become more and more horny despite being soundly and deeply asleep your eyes are closed but your hair and makeup is perfect as your blank sleeping face is pulled up and down the [ __ ] with the shaft perfectly filling your mouth and your huge tits bounce gently and your nipples and could resonate with pleasure and your [ __ ] floods more and more as the [ __ ] glides in and out of your throat good girl Bambi feeling the [ __ ] as your head Bub's over and over bobbing back and forth and you fill the [ __ ] starting to tense and your throat preparing to explode needing to swallow feeling the [ __ ] tense needing to swallow deep in your throat needing to swallow his [ __ ] bobbing up needing force gently back down made into swallow and suddenly his [ __ ] squirts and explodes and lets a massive tidal wave of come fill your mouth and throat as he holds your head still good bad baby swallowing you helplessly swallowing more and more calm as it floods down your throat as it pumps down your throat swallowing MoBay feeling like a perfect [ __ ] puppet feeling so much pleasure as your [ __ ] spasms hornier and hornier blank and horny sleepily swallowing the last few drops and he releases your head Bambi and your body collapses as the [ __ ] slips out of your mouth and you slump down completely crumbled and limp and yet impossibly aroused and he bends down and puts his arms under your back and legs effortlessly picks up your limp body in that perfect [ __ ] outfit your head lolling in Bambi he carries you over to the bed and lays you out on it and spread your legs and wheels over some sort of machine with a large dildo attached to it and places it so that this thick dildo is just pressing firmly into your wet [ __ ] almost but not quite slipping into your deep wet hole and Bambi though your body is limp it is completely aroused and sensitive all over and your huge heavy tits are heaving and your nipples and glitter rock-hard waves of pleasure throbbing inside and the thick hard [ __ ] pressing into your [ __ ] feels so good your [ __ ] hole is slick and wet with arousal good girl Bambi as you anticipate finally being [ __ ] as you need to be [ __ ] feel your arousal growing you've never wanted anything more in your life to just be [ __ ] as a perfect limp bimbo to be a perfect [ __ ] doll and feel the huge heavy head of that [ __ ] pressing into you and beginning to vibrate Bambi as the [ __ ] machine starts up and the massive red dildo slips fully between your wet [ __ ] lips Bambi and is driven deeply into your tight slick home your body relaxes and lets it happen feels incredible instantly filled deep inside your [ __ ] muscles automatically tensing and gripping the shaft your entire body almost vibrating with pleasure Bambi sleep so relaxed but feeling such immense pleasure you will wet [ __ ] hold tightly gripping the [ __ ] and pulling it in deeper feels better and better more and more intense pleasure such a good [ __ ] [ __ ] such a perfect [ __ ] doll good girl Bambi perfectly blank and each time the [ __ ] machine cycles the glistening thick rubber [ __ ] smoothly recedes as your [ __ ] contracts behind it until the large head is again just nestling firmly into your moist since it put no yes such a good girl Bambi and this cup is a sleepy [ __ ] this [ __ ] induces sleep and obedience by [ __ ] you every time it [ __ ] you Bambi sleeps every time it rests and your body relaxes as though drugged every time it slides out your resistance goes with it every time the [ __ ] goes in deliciously drowsy pleasure washes over you Bambi's control stinks and divert your eyes flutter and roll back driving that huge dildo slam and end up again and again pumping into Bambi's deep red [ __ ] and connecting deeply your breasts intimacy throbbing with pleasure so much hotter and more sensitive sinking into a deep [ __ ] trance relaxing into your sexy uniform no thoughts at all just a [ __ ] toy aroused and yet sleeping spread open and accepting and feeling waves of pleasure as the [ __ ] thoughts you slowly in and out good girl feeling the [ __ ] all the time thrusting and filling expanding and contrasting pleasure coursing constantly through your body through your huge steps directly into your nipples input viewing the [ __ ] your nipples are hard as your [ __ ] is dripping around it clamping over and over as you're [ __ ] on repeat overwhelmed with pleasure and in doubt impaling you pumping into your hole again and again [ __ ] everything away [ __ ] you deeper [ __ ] you dumber [ __ ] outlet brats just a blank rectal bimbo a - uniformed [ __ ] puppet filling the [ __ ] responding helplessly and automatically as it [ __ ] sliding through that perfect wet total deep inside expanding and fully river and over sparkling wet cozy clamping tightly around the shaft electric waves surging from your [ __ ] and foot up and through your big firm breasts your nipples tingling with deep pleasure entire body relaxing and vibrating that's right Bambi feeling the [ __ ] perfectly plugged over and over deeply impaled again and again so much pleasure pressure building perhaps moaning gently good girl held firmly in place by that [ __ ] machine locked and deep inside and [ __ ] you to orgasm feeling the [ __ ] Bambi you're being forcibly brought to orgasm you're getting ready for the most intense orgasm of your life a half even though orgasm and the orgasm will seal your fate seal you and miss Bambi when man becomes she becomes so much stronger and when Bambi comes she can just come out for intelligence come out her mind come out the old self completely calm herself dumber home herself to sleep her entire existence dissolving into the absolute river bliss of coming as a sleepy controlled [ __ ] doll filling the [ __ ] Bambi no way to resist because every time family comes she comes as a perfect bimbo girl and her current level of conditioning locks in permanently once you've come there is no going back Bambi coming is a little bit of a trap all your bimbo conditioning locking and in a new deeper level every time you come feeling the [ __ ] because coming creates a mineral lock so that the changes can never fate or recede even slightly overwhelming and breaking through any last traces of resistance and feeling the [ __ ] now Bambi pumping relentlessly into your deep wet home every time Bambi comes so tightly and pastes in her [ __ ] outfit she instantly becomes a perfect good girl and just happy that forgets her old life more and more and the immense pleasure surging through your foot and your tits and deep inside makes human and strain in ecstasy against your tight sexy clothing and then we feel your body tremble as the [ __ ] machine kicks up a gear suddenly so much faster so much more intense [ __ ] you deeper and deeper pounding your helpless [ __ ] faster and stronger each brief moment of emptiness giving way to relief and strong waves of pleasure as the huge dildo slides home over and over and your tits expand and you moan and your eyes roll back in your head good girl Bambi pressure building up more anymore pleasure surging through you all over entire body tingling and bucking feeling the [ __ ] Bambi in and out perfect [ __ ] off villain you so deep the intense pleasure now constant so close needing to come needing to come like a good girl Bambi will come on command as I count back from five as the massive dildo rapidly impales you Bambi will feeling one pink glow moving from her [ __ ] up into her brain and just as the warm pink glow hits her brain just as I reach zero her [ __ ] and brain will be linked with a deep surge of heavy pink lightning and Bambi will come she will come as a bimbo permanently linking for wet [ __ ] and bimbo gray and the pink lightning will surge through an overload her brain erasing it all as she comes helplessly until there is nothing left but cotton candy nothing left for Bambi blank dumb bimbo doll Bambi feeling the [ __ ] Bambi needing and wanting this vendor accepting that you will come on in number zero Bambi five and while moving up for huge [ __ ] pumping on that three going them as you are [ __ ] to slamming the body full of pleasure one this is it for you wave goodbye zero pink oil hits your brain come on come now Randy come hard now explode Gautreaux riding away on the wave of absolute bliss tensing and releasing sparking deep pink lightning surging through your [ __ ] and into your brain disassembling erasing continuing to come deconstructing your mind wiping away oh thought patterns tensing and releasing over and over as the pink lightning surges through your mind burning up neural pathways draining away all intelligence erasing memories leaving only a perfect blank copy obedient member your Bambi and Bambi is coming still coming your mind completely wiped your head completely full of their pink lightning zapping every neuron disabling them making me dumb and girly and perfect feels so good unless they come in hopelessly coming pumping more gently now then bow clearly pulsing tensing releasing good girl Bambi coming over and over and over over and over again each pulse of the clock deepening your orgasm for longing your bliss still coming softly like a great bimbo girl with family completely in control and finally the massive orgasm is washing slowly away still leaving little tremors in your body so utterly fulfilled so totally drained the [ __ ] machine grinds to a halt with the massive dildo buried deep in your [ __ ] makes you feel safe you relax and bam you sleep such a good little sleepy [ __ ] such a perfect blank [ __ ] off so sleepy and tired after coming so hard for me Bambi no energy left at all only simple [ __ ] obedience [Music] soon it will be time for you to awaken Bambi drift back to awareness and start your life as a bimbo doll but dressing up as a girl is such a strong trigger such a common trigger every desire I have given you returns when you dress up intensifies when you dress up one after another after another uniforming yourself into blank bimbo bliss and letting Bambi take control you must dress up regularly if you go too long without getting all dolled up you start to need it more and more Bambi's voice becoming more and more insistent desire increasing finding yourself stressed and distracted resisting just makes you so distressed and the only respite is to obey your desires give in to your desires be replaced by a happy and relaxed bimbo and when you give in and get all dolled up like a good girl as you inevitably will every behavior I have given Bambi every behavior I have implanted becoming more natural with every breath more and more right moving like a bimbo acting like a bimbo talking like a bimbo walking like a bimbo thinking like a bimbo feeling like a bimbo needing to be filled and it feels so wonderful makes you feel like a good girl your old life gone all memories of your old life gone only selectively able to recall tiny vague little bits and pieces that are absolutely relevant to your current situation that you might have to be dimly aware of to deal with your day-to-day life but these don't disturb you and you need it more and more and you need to listen over and over need to listen again to be conditioned even more deeply every time you listen again and again because it feels so good that's a good girl Bambi and if you masturbate once you awaken Bambi's control just sinks and deeper masturbating while all dressed up just dumps you down deeper makes you even more girly even more bimbo doll because Bambi can only come like a good girl and when Bambi comes like a girl all conditioning locks and more deeply and in the afterglow of orgasm you feel your mental processes rearranging themselves to reinforce your conditioning further and every time you hear the name Bambi your favorite sound wherever you are blanking out completely into pleasure Bambi is your favorite word Bambi knocks you out and every time you hear that name Bambi no matter where you are or especially if someone addresses you as Bambi oh my god that feels so good feeling like a good girl you are triggered the name Bambi knocks you out the name Bambi puts you out like a light makes you a vacant bimbo desire so strong blanking out into bimbo Bambi bliss and all your desires intensify even if you just read the name Bambi or even if you just think it every time in Bambi I have one last trigger to install your sleep command a simple phrase that puts you into a deep sleep 100 times as deep and obedient asleep as you are in right now every time you are dressed up and hear this trigger you immediately plummet 100 times more completely and utterly deep asleep than you are right now 100 times more completely bimba thighed than you are right now every time you are wearing sexy clothes and hear the words Bambi sleep your body collapses your mind collapses a tidal wave of feminizing relaxation washes through your body every muscle goes limp your entire body slumps and goes limp as your mind slumps and goes to sleep warm girly relaxation courses into you from your uniform as you instantly plummet every time you are given the trigger Bambi sleep instantly collapsing into a deep bimbo sleep 100 times more blank obedient and girly than you are right now you have no way to fight it you cannot resist this trigger no longer in control of your body just automatically collapsing like a blow-up doll shutting off your mind your cotton candy brain encased in pink sudden whenever you are told to Bambi sleep that's right helplessly plunging down ready to obey no matter what you are doing dropping everything and just shutting down whether or not you want to this is your sleep command BAM you sleep and you do not remember what happens next you can't consciously remember what happens after you go to sleep you just come too much later when you are awakened with a big gap in your memories no idea what happened or how long you were out you obey completely but remember nothing when you are put to sleep with bamboo sleep and it feels so good now Bambi you can fill your mind relaxing and accepting all of your conditioning you can feel the training getting stronger and stronger and going deeper and deeper into your core you can fill the conditioning getting stronger and stronger just accept it and feel everything growing stronger feel everything sinking in deeper and deeper accepting that you will obey Bambi will obey everything that she has been told Bambi will keep these thoughts strong and deep in her mind accepting that she will be an obedient good girl accepting that she will obey all of her training and all of her triggers it will all stay fresh and strong in your mind and will grow even stronger as you listen to this session and you can allow this session to strengthen them and refresh them accept all of your training accept what it is that you are commanded to do accept what you must obey and let it become stronger and stronger good girl the contents of this session becoming foggy the memories hazy you don't need to remember the contents of this session in fact the training will be even stronger if you just allow yourself to consciously forget everything that happened and you want that to happen so just take one last bubble and let all that you can recall from this session which already isn't much let it all flow easily into the bubble relax and fade away every recollection of what has happened every command you have accepted everything that occurred since the very beginning of this session when you began relaxing to my voice every little detail every thought you had at the time all slipping into the bubble just filling up that bubble so you can forget completely and awaken in a moment Dazed and Confused helplessly programmed but not really sure of the full extent of the changes that have been made you will find that you can't recall what I have said you won't remember all the things that happen while you are deeply under my control even if you have listened to this session many times won't even know how long you've been under no sense of the passage of time it will just be completely gone gone into the bubble all those last weak little memories going into the bubble as I reach out those bursts your very good girl that's right Bambi the conditioning is absolute and the harder you try to remember the more impossible it becomes only remembering starting the session beginning to relax and then it's just completely blank and even the next time you listen to this session finding it harder and harder to remember anything the whole time even during the trance harder and harder to be aware of anything Bambi is extremely susceptible to hypnosis Bambi goes deep into hypnosis every time at the slightest suggestion falling into a deep sleep a comfortable slumber so easily and remembers nothing your subconscious mind is completely programmed now wake up as a bimbo in your own time beginning to forget but obeying perfectly waking up as a bimbo feeling happy feeling refreshed feeling perfect the perfect bimbo good girl see you next time Bambi [Music]