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[Music] what a night what a storm you got that ride I was nearly blown out of our tree what do you make of that ooh gorgeous a pretty thing I'm talking about me Azul Prince of Peacocks of course Prince assume better and better this is without a doubt the best day of my life Azul don't see horses sorry Azul now okay okay I'm coming what could be so important that I she's alive accord when she wakes up she can swim back to wherever she came from we need to help her we're going to regret this and when we do remember it was your idea [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] somebody doesn't care about my beauty sleep did I wake you it's okay easy for you to say you don't have to rearrange hundreds of feathers ah I'll just stay up for a while like all night me too really we'll stay up together [Music] do you see them mm-hmm that's your star and Sachi's and mine and azules he has two he is royalty we're all together can you send me the goodnight song again of course Sun Goes Down and we are here together fireflies glow like a thousand charms stay with me and you can dream forever right here in my where'd you learn that song again I don't know I've always just known it it's magic when you are here beside me close your eyes and let me hold you tight everything that I could is right here [Music] see me the other part too okay but you know I don't remember all the words [Music] No stars begin to climb love [Music] good night Iike [Music] three points off the starboard now I've never seen a floating island before [Music] nothing beats a brand-new sharp streaming interview [Music] after weeks upon the waves the thrill of somewhere new all the riches of the world can compare to these golden sand and silver clouds the fragrant island breeze what will I discover next it's all a mystery different every day but there's so much to do and learn and touch and hear and see just [Music] it has no trunk it has no it's not she's not a way it has no purpose I can see if I have to say it looks like me it must be bad this doesn't happen every day [Music] feeling the excitement grow every single stride [Music] we love [Music] the fast way to see the island deep shadows overhanging foliage yeah this is the ideal habitat but crocodiles oh well yes no sudden movements major point for you [Music] [Music] Tosh Kiki that's enough thanks don't even think about it she talking to the crocodiles but no not even a little piece now swim along thank you ah sorry about that we're not used to visitors who are you who are you bro is that your name I think so so you don't remember anything your family where you're from Saji tells me I came from the sea a long time ago oh maybe a shipwreck I don't know I don't remember whose sake you can come out now they won't bite Saji tika and Azul my goodness a red panda elephant don't pick up your highness you saved us now let us save you come back to my kingdom I I still don't know your name Oh silly of it may I introduce Prince Antonio of the kingdom of Apollonia did he say Prince Kingdom perhaps we're related okay okay Azul we get it he's a prince you're a prince you really understand him yes don't you know all I hear is I don't sound anything like that now Azul don't get upset extraordinary talks to animals this is Frasier my friend and royal scientist I have so much to ask you ro come with us to civilization civilization what lies beyond the horizon a world of people like you and me [Music] [Music] are you really thinking of leaving you can't mean it ro I think it's a great idea [Music] [Music] are you okay thank you you're welcome [Music] can you believe your eyes everybody's like me but nobody's like me let's go home row without exploring that doesn't sound like you tika what do you think it's so different good to have you back your highness good to see you too Gerard what kind of beasts have you brought home this time did he just call us beasts beasts isn't it amazing the royal carriage translation Azul likes riding in style and now for you [Music] if you don't mind I'll go with tika oh of course [Music] [Music] your hair grew so long who are they let me introduce my friend ro she grew up far away on an island hello my sisters Rita via Gina I need your pets no my family Saji Azul I'm sorry Prince Azul VASIMR antha little teeth such soft ears and the cutest nose ever do it again I can't wait for you to meet my parents [Music] we should have waited I know what's best for my own son our son how could I have asked him hmm he was somewhere on the high seas again I know someone else who loved adventure as a boy yes well and then I grew up I take my responsibilities seriously something he needs to learn Oh Peter mother father oh and Tony oh dear how are you - Lula good to have you home good to be home father I'd like you to meet someone special her name is ro ro whoa that's Azul and this is Saji where's ro Oh another pet for me oh he's charming don't you think so Tallulah [Music] mother-father may I introduce row a Frasier and I found her stranded on an island probably shipwrecked years ago um hello nice to meet you welcome oh what an ordeal alone for all those years oh I wasn't alone I had all the animals and the dolphins and the birds Oh pets can be such a comfort I can't imagine life without darling little Tallulah where'd you come from actually the South Seas we're from the South Seas too you understand nice to meet you really that long Antonio what exactly is she doing even it and you believe it row actually talks to animals isn't that interesting now Antonio I have important news a cause for celebration son I am delighted to introduce to you princess Luciana your bride-to-be my what welcome my dear pleasure to meet you Prince Antonio likewise your highness father I'm very excited I'm sure and her mother in order to meet my future son-in-law your highness father I am overcome with joy I'm sure I can just see it everyone gathered here for the engagement ball tomorrow night tomorrow what was I thinking he belongs here we don't couldn't you grow to like it roh-roh wait I I had no idea thank you for showing me civilization but I want to go back when to the next ship take me home please stay pick any room in the castle and the animals will be comfortable in our royal stable I like the sound of that thank you but I'll stay with my family [Music] can't fit how's this perfect thank you glad to help did she just answer me mm-hmm how did she do that better watch what you say nice to meet you I'm ro I'm Lorenzo pig in charge we like to humor him could we trouble you for a place to stay plenty of room for you please just show us to a nice sturdy tree the pig in charge can take you to the royal green house I can't marry princess Luciana why she's beautiful talented from an impeccable royal family I'm sure she is but there's someone else Antonio you don't mean [Laughter] she's different from any girl I've met before clearly she's daring curious at home in the outdoors she also talks to animals be serious for once in your life Antonio I've let you travel to your heart's content but the time has come for you to settle down and as a prince you must marry a princess and only a princess [Music] [Applause] now this is more like a a place for a royal here you are pearl they could have found me a bigger room oh it's fine mother not for the mother of the future Queen of the kingdom Queen I'm not even married yet and I'm not sure I should you don't even talk about that did you see the way he looked at the island girl with disdain contempt scorn no with love mother I've always dreamed of marrying somebody I love and who loves me love I certainly didn't love your father when I married him but this for peasants which were obviously not who needs a heart that's going to bleed it's inconvenient and just makes you heart let mama tell you what you need not just any cloud someone with a crown and the happy life is guaranteed mother can't be right did you say something all the books I've read all the poems always said that a heart is made to share choice not found in things such as necklaces and rings but in love that's always there that's that you will beyond compare you need to start reading those books filling your head with thoughts now go Luciana do something to make yourself prettier yes mother [Music] the Kings forgotten how we rep my family's life when I was just a tiny tot just cuz we tried to kill him and his wife a little treason not a lot he took away our land which wasn't what we planned he put us on a pig farm and thank God I ran away and I must say I cleaned up good my pass was nothing i disgust I found the oldest king that I could his heart condition was a blast when he was dead happily that put an end to us but when I heard that Good King Peter at a son I had a daughter right away put her in training so she'd be the one oh how I've waited for this day [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning tika did you sleep well I can't wait till we go home not that simple is it now that I'm here I know there must be people I belong to somewhere but how do I find them I know that we're a long way from home tika but at least we're all together bro oh I've been looking everywhere for you what's he doing here I'd like my parents to get to know you better please join us for tea tea I love this castle everything is just the way I read I would have done it myself consider our home your home oh I already do did I mention that my darling Luciana is an accomplished harpist I started her as soon as she could sit up mother stop slouching watch me thank you bro grew up on an island in the South Seas so really you could hardly tell look how charming your little monkey is such wonderful manners and she's a monkey sweetheart tell Prince Antonio about your watercolors perhaps another time mother don't be modest go on you love to paint oh I do the colors seem to come to life on the page I I should go bro wait Antonio let her go she needs a moment to herself [Music] you look the way I feel everything I do here is wrong it's magic when you are here beside me close your eyes and lets me hold [Music] everything that I could ever need is right [Music] oh pardon me Tallulah hello I didn't mean to intrude want one without a knife and fork don't be ridiculous just one bite well if you insist just one Oh hmm my brother and I used to climb trees to pickies see the ripe one on the top branch it's all yours you mean climb up there I'll hold your tiara so it won't fall off thank you but today well it's just I forgotten how forgotten how to climb well we can fix that [Music] what do you enjoy most on your travels your highness everything following the wind discovering something new around the next Bay don't you miss the comforts of home no not when I can sleep under the open sky the royal staple things get away get away I'm so sorry but don't worry about this thing I'm fine where's that well [Music] the only good pick is one on a plate let me help mother odd isn't it a queen Arianna knew exactly where to find the well even though she's never been here before it is a bit odd but another word against Queen Ariana you're marrying princess Luciana and that's final [Music] now you're ready for the bomb I wish we could take the little princesses dressed me up for the royal engagement ball what's that everybody knows a royal ball is big and round like a coconut are you certain your highness absolutely then we know what it isn't I resent that it's a big dance to congratulate Prince Antonio and Princess Luciana row should never go to that on the contrary no Saji no ball why not I've been embarrassed enough you know what the king and queen think the strange island girl you just need to show them you're every bit as royal as they are I can promise that the bowl will be a lot of fun I can teach you everything you need to know and that includes what I should wear leave that to me [Music] why where what this stuffy girls are wearing I think seaweed wraps a cracker haidle stop pineapple is naturally daring well a fruit cup and a smile to the ball in a panic thick organic look at this one-size-fits-all now you can be the beauty at the mall I think you should lose the silly missed thing I'm the one who's been through these before I know orange Tama does the best thing yes the best thing to ignore there is something good in what you're saying I know if I go I want to look my dad and you're right white choices should reflect me but I can't be honored I can find you some of that by the wall by you I will sketch you all the shapes I recall perfect well almost there's something missing please accept these do you think they'll do so your gift makes this [Music] [Applause] No [Music] [Music] I'm going to have a great [Music] [Music] tell me what else do you enjoy besides the heart your highness well I love opera do you and they're not exactly how do you spend your spare time when you're not sailing of course outdoors if I can do you like to ride a hike not exactly [Music] no such a striking comfort no one can take their eyes off of you their eyes must be for your beautiful daughter if you'll excuse me oh whoa don't I get my dance [Laughter] [Music] is that wrong that's the prettiest dress I've ever seen I'm so glad you're here may I have this dance no no look at all these people they've seemed dancing before I have no idea what I'm doing any girl who faces down crocodiles can handle a dance with me just follow your instincts [Music] [Music] it's going even better than I hoped with those feathers who could resist her rose sure looks happy [Music] where are you going Sachi mm-hmm to check on something I'll only be a minute [Music] [Music] Goodspeed is that the island girl such a beautiful ball gun I thought we had an arrangement your highness we do my mother always told we never put off till tomorrow what can be done today we should move up the wedding to prevent any distractions I see your point [Music] I want you to stay with me I can't princess Luciana she's very nice but you belong together I shouldn't have come goodbye Antonio you don't understand please don't make this any harder [Music] [Music] huh why is everything so complicated life is full of change most of it good but not always easy I need to know who I am where I belong why I can't remember anything before I came to the island I found something tonight see that flag there with the rose yes Azul and I found a similar flag washed ashore when you came from the sea I never knew that I didn't know it mattered until tonight it could be from the ship I sailed on excuse me this flag where's it from the proud kingdom of Palladia oh and how far away is that a two days ride including the river crossing and that rocky path to the north that you can actually understand me yes whom did you bring tonight the Duke and Duchess do you know did they have a daughter once long ago um no just three sons oh thank you you asked to see me Father there's been a change in your wedding plans yes you're marrying princess Luciana in two days what two days I can't can't what marry somebody I don't love you have a responsibility to marry a princess to align our kingdoms I don't believe you can say a bad word about princess Luciana no she's a wonderful girl then there's nothing more to discuss you once told me great Kings make hard decisions exactly this is the hardest thing I've ever done father but I can't spend the rest of my life with someone I don't love my sister's will run the kingdom don't try my patience sorry father I don't know any other way [Music] roh-roh are you in here please meet me in the Rose Garden tonight let's sail away together Forever Yours Antonio he's not sailing anywhere with my ro I didn't plan to use this so soon but I didn't plan on the Prince falling in love with that other girl either not Pat mad I have a job for you I want you to pay a little visit to every animal in the kingdom [Music] put this powder in their food they'll sleep like they should when the island girl gets blamed she'll be gone for good rewrite back to your room you will get something great all that cheese that you deserve will be on this plate we are a trio of hungry fellows who dream at night about mozzarellas like are we hoping we'll fill our sellers or Michaan's and breathe the cheery chipper I find it like a whole party better give me a amount of feta how we love the cheese in a wedge in a hunk in a wheel in a chunk does it speak yum-yum-yum-yum-yum sir our efforts we don't what Maddie don't want to beat where it's warm and sunny just give us something that's soft and runny yellow blue a white and when the rest of the town is rs200 the ricotta will be died Justino on kotappa sod find infesting 1990 night some people think that weather but we're just misunderstood [Music] think of the coders will be competitive in the fun that will be sharing thanks for tribute please here is the end of our bedtime story we got the edible inventory this is the moment of rodent now we get the cheese [Music] geez geez geez geez geez geez oh she's wicked [Music] [Music] are they sick sick to their stomachs maybe I saw three rats put something in their food huh sunset herb strange why would rats do that they must be crazy sunset herb is dangerous can you help them back home if somebody eights sunset herb by mistake we made a rose tonic to wake them up but they don't have Island roses here they do in the greenhouse hmm I'm sure Prince Antonia would let us use them I'll go and ask him bro uh about the prince yes um nothing Peter something's wrong I can't wake up Tallulah good day Frasier and to you your highness you look like a busy man on your way to see the king oh why yes I am the animals are still fast asleep with no sign of waking Oh disease is it contagious seems likely to them well apparently is something new in their habitat something foreign Oh like wild animals from the South Seas like yes exactly whoo I must tell the king yes you do that I'm sorry miss the king and sister Prince not be disturbed please tell them I can help I can make a medicine for the animals no exceptions good day [Music] Your Majesty I'm afraid that Roe brought the disease with her animals infected ours with a type of sleeping sickness poor Tallulah I knew that island girl wasn't to be trusted but I don't understand why her animals don't sleep like ours they're carriers of disease are often immune themselves how do we cure Tallulah and the others no no I'm afraid I'm still working on that but if they don't wake up their staff to death gods gods look how low I've sunk a royal bird languishing in this stink hole where they keep prisoners and ruffians are we really prisoners food for the prisoners I rest my case please let me talk to Prince Antonio if the animals don't wake up soon they'll die you should have thought of that before your animals got them sick no I know why people break out of prison the food's terrible you're not eating that how could you be so foolish do you really think I'd be dumb enough to eat food with sons head [Music] [Music] is it true you put ro in the dungeon I had no choice it's not right she'd never hurt anyone so you think I should free her yes let her return to her Island on one condition name it you resume your duties as Prince and mani princess Luciana father great Kings must make hard decisions as you wish your wedding dress will be the top of the kingdom mother the prince is in love with role not me enough this marriage will happen end of discussion but you you must want me to be happy oh you will be now prepare for your fitting yes mother will he be okay the king wants you and your beasts sent home [Applause] [Music] [Music] your ship carries a girl I need you to do something for me for a reward of course I don't understand who would do this to all of the animals somebody who wants me out of the princes life for good princess Luciana no she's what's too kind to hurt anybody unlike her pushing nasty scheming mother exactly we need to get back to the greenhouse and make that tonic don't do it they'll throw you into the dungeon again or worse I can't let the animals die when I can save them you may not be a princess to the king and queen but you're a princess in my eyes hid what yes no the Prince left you a note to meet him why wouldn't you tell me I didn't want you to leave me if you marry the prince you'll forget about us please don't eat me Oh tika I could never hate you I love you but you love the prince tika you everybody is born to care it's something we were meant to share not to keep to ourselves all alone if we make room for someone new it doesn't mean that there's less for you only means that our circle has grown [Music] me [Music] [Music] come to me every day you are mighty always forever wherever week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] always we need to get back to the castle help me untie the boat [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] bro [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I can't thank you enough you really remember everything from before not everything but I remember a lot maybe enough to find my family now let's go make that tonic [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] poor thing there you are dear the wedding is in the ballroom please go in welcome your highness thank you after all these years the answer to your dreams my dreams hmm our dreams now remember no food on your wedding day not one bite why not well it's bad luck terrible luck why take chances on your future together yes mother that's my girl an auspicious day your highness Frasier did bro yes your highness her ship left last night right [Music] from me to you Peter you and your family will sleep for a very very long time forever really and to rule the kingdom Luciana the new queen and who's Luciana [Music] [Music] [Music] oh so beautiful Queen Luciana don't slouch [Music] [Applause] [Music] the wedding right we need to get started here we can use this for the tonic oh hello again hello I'm so glad you're back I saw ariana sprinkle something on the cake [Music] more sunset herb we need to finish this tonic right away [Music] [Applause] hold Azul steady you don't move please I'm trying to help the animals enough you're coming with us fine to live and see if this works we are gathered here to join in Mechelen offenses Luciana to His Highness Prince Ontario if someone objects to this Union speak now or forever hold your peace [Music] outrageous what is it tika you'll waste away the dungeon after this stunt release her at once go find your father I said at once are you all right yes your highness please let that be enough and tell me what do you think you're doing we had a deal father I'd marry princess Luciana so ro could go free that's why how dare she interrupt the wedding this wild girl and her animals are spreading disease they're dangerous no we aren't someone put an herb in the animal's food and I can cure them if you'll just let me I can make a healing tonic sure you don't believe her story it's preposterous thank you Oh Tallulah come here darling maybe it's true maybe ro does have a cure if you didn't cause the sickness then who put the herb in the animal's food Ariana a grave accusation she put the sunset herb in the wedding cake too now everybody can see just how crazy I'm so crazy you won't mind eating some cake don't be ridiculous we haven't even had dinner please have a bite [Music] well how do I know you didn't put something in the cake yourself to frame me she didn't mother Luciana you told me not to eat anything why would you say that unless you poisoned it [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] take my hand oh thank you try the trees [Music] shop we're close enough [Music] [Music] please forgive me ro I assumed the worst without ever giving you a chance you saved us from disaster we owe you so much I'm glad I could help [Music] one day I hope someone will look at me the way you look at Rome when that happens he'll be the lucky one they make a beautiful couple why is the Prince coming over here sail away with me I can't do that princess Luciana wants us to be happy ro will you marry me this is where you say yes [Music] excuse me father no more nonsense about me marrying a princess perhaps it is time for the change welcome ro call me rose Ella my real name has Rosella you remembered your name is rasuluh yes I I had a daughter named Rosella [Music] I'll get him I'm watching her doesn't she look beautiful could make me more content never know when you find what your heart is yearning for all you seek could be just a breath away I love roses everywhere [Music] brought concerns behind me [Music] when we have love to guide we go [Music] when we have love to guide us as we go when we all know two guys as [Music] [Music] where is the land I come from who lives where I was born why did my memory the strong family somewhere beyond the [Music] times when your feelings [Music] I needs a few [Music] I need to use [Music] see I'm Sam [Music] looking to find the car that is striving to find Direction starting to understand it's a part of the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I need [Music] I need to know [Music] you