Barnaby Jones Season 2 Episode 13 Secret Of The Dunes

[Applause] [Music] uh [Music] so [Music] somebody here he's seen us go on [Music] wow [Music] [Applause] oh [Music] ah [Music] [Applause] oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] club he's alive get rid of him mr wheeling i didn't count on any of this you'll do exactly as mr willing tells you understand [Music] [Applause] all right [Music] [Music] hey this is a beauty you do all this work yourself my dad made me my own tumblr and polisher made him together of course he found most of them i don't guess i'll be able to anymore i don't see why i got a lot of nice i get out of my ranch i'll bring it in for you and see what you can do with it timmy your lunch is on the table honey you can talk to mr jones later okay mrs mason uh police report indicates that your husband lost control of his motorcycle and went over at a place called devil's elbow but i've already told you mr jones ted had no reason being anywhere near devil's elbow he wasn't out joyriding he was on his way to the sierra grocery to get some milk for timmy he would run out and and besides i had his breakfast waiting i understand it was a nice day and uh maybe he was just riding along felt good and decided to let it rip they tell me the devil's elbow has become quite a challenge for a motorcyclist not to ted he was always very careful he used to say he had too much to lose to take any foolish risks mr jones ted did not die the way it said on that accident report i know he didn't yeah i guess he did have too much to lose attack then you'll help me try to find out what really happened that morning i can't make any promises but i'll do my best thank you mr jones [Music] welcome back mr marcum thank you [Music] you look tired jeremy i am tired everything went well i trust nothing ever goes well with those people but if it's the loan you're concerned about they've agreed to meet and discuss it and they go for the full 150 million they didn't blink an eye you got an approval do you [Applause] i don't think i don't think that mobsters make the best business partners look i know how badly wheeling precision needs capitalization but there's no reason we can't retrench and later we can locate other sources legitimate source now we've retrenched all we're going to retrench and you know as well as i do what would happen to our stock if we went to the bank now your father would have risked it my father's dead he worked for me now it's the fact you tend to forget now when do we mate they're sending dunbar out tomorrow to see what kind of a deal can be worked out done bro what's that what's that the lawyer no i only meet with neiman i warned you this time you'll do business their way they know what you want they're interested in supplying it if you and dunbar can come to terms you should have done better than that i am too tired to argue what did you do about the girl she's been taken care of dunbar would kill the deal if he knew she'd found out about the negotiations and threatened to publicize well she won't trouble us anymore what do you mean she's dead she was trying to blackmail me into marriage good lord you mean you mean you just just killed her it's an accident it was late i was tired i lost my temper there's no reason with that little fool in a way it was her own fault where is she now you don't have to concern yourself siever and casey help me take care of it we're buried in the desert nobody'll ever find her so you see there's nothing to worry about i want to talk to sleep mark glad you're back no holy sister i was the one who buzzed for you oh he uh he told you yeah there's nothing to worry about we saw to everything well i must admit that motorcyclist almost uh put a clinker into things what motorcyclists then wheeling didn't uh tell you about that there was this fellow who just happened to stumble onto us so we just had to take care of him too i don't believe it i've been gone one week and suddenly we're murder incorporated believe me it couldn't be avoided now wheeling already had committed us when he killed miss thompson i want a car ready at 4 30 this morning i intend to check every detail of this myself [Music] is this part 10 mesa went over i don't even like looking over from here yeah that's why they call it a devil's elbow tough to get here and dangerous when you do [Music] [Applause] makes you wonder how he got his motorcycle up here or why i haven't seen any tracks could they blown away could have well one thing's a cinch he didn't fly up here only one thing is a cinch that's the strap that holds a saddle on well mr jones like a lot of guys who got back from vietnam i said i was gonna make my time count for something it took six months of the rat race for me to figure out that it had to count for me and not the internal revenue but it sure beats the space industry it's not a bad business with the campers every weekend did you happen to remember the mason couple they used to do a lot of camping up here ted and dorothy sure that's really sad what happened to ted say you're not with the police i mean they i'm a private investigator i'm looking into it for mrs mason and did it strike you as odd that he would be fooling around a place like devil's elbow well i'm past second guessing why people do some of the things they do but it didn't strike me as the sort of guy who would take those kind of chances if that's what you mean did you notice any other activity that morning campers uh anything no the only thing stirring at all that morning was an oh-58 that went over about 430. what i know ag-58 um a kiowa a light observation helicopter the brass used them in vietnam believe me if you were ever an enlisted man you'll never forget the sound of them that's a positive identification i had a chance to verify that it flew back over about a half hour after i opened up yeah well that would put him in the area about the time of mason's accident i'd say so thank you very much thank you very much mr benson you've been a very great help oh if you should happen to think of anything else would you give me a call i appreciate it private detective it's funny you're not what i pictured a private eye to look [Music] like [Music] he was asking about the motorcyclist did you get the license number i got it but according to the license plate holder it's a rental and i want to know who rented it i want to know today [Music] [Applause] we're wannabe do you have any idea how many helicopters there are in the southern california area not so many that could escape your careful detection i'll bet you all right how many too many but luckily i found out there are only seven oh 58s within operable range of the devil's elbow two of them were in for annual uh overhaul that sunday morning one's on a charter to a movie company shooting in santa barbara two of them were flying chase for a balloon race blythe and another was flying a survey for a housing development in saugus [Applause] i don't know what i'd do without you me neither and the last one belongs to wheeling precision pilot's name is uh lyle casey [Music] yes yes mr dunbar yes i'm interested in security as well as you no i don't think it's wise you're being seen here that's why i thought the fairgrounds would be good you have the address two o'clock shark yes mr wheeling will be there right well you're committed i warn you they'll be tough no matter once we've hammered out the proposals they'll have the money now it's enough i'm just thinking about that um fellow jones who showed up in the desert i don't like a detective nosing around shouldn't you say hit detectives there's nothing to worry i'm not so sure that white-haired man down there well that's jones talking to casey that grocer sounds pretty sharp on his helicopter yeah he said he'd seen a lot of them in vietnam but yours is the only one he's seen in this area well uh it could be this one i uh i fly mr wheeling and his girlfriend down to palm springs a lot on the weekends you remember that sunday oh yeah yeah i remember that morning but i don't remember any motorcyclists i'm sorry but you can understand sure i understand it's pretty much the same in my line of work uh maybe mr wheeling saw something after all you were busy flying or his girlfriend uh what's her name uh mr casey there's a call for you from department seven what oh oh thank you thank you ex excuse me mr tony really mister you're not allowed in this area without clearance i'm sure that isn't necessary siever mr jones doesn't look like a security risk to me i'm jeremy markham anyway we can help you well probably not i was just checking on a flight this copter made the palm springs oh which trip was that a week ago sunday i'm sorry mr wheeling didn't fly down that weekend oh it's the case he seemed to recall what he did well maybe if i talked to mr wheeling we could clear this up in a jiffy fortunately you'll have to take my word for it mr wheeling doesn't see anyone that's too bad must be terribly lonely for him what about his girlfriend maybe if i talk to her girlfriend i'm afraid you have your parties confused well if you'll excuse me where's casey i saw him drive out after he gave him the department 7 routine find him i want him out of reach in case jones decides to ask any more questions hi case how's it going oh fine freddie yeah give me an irishman oh bartender put mr casey's drink on my tab please what are you doing here join me i'll try to explain i hope i didn't get you in trouble with your boss probably what are you talking about [Music] mr seaver this is freddy you said the call of casey dropped in here well he's here now with some guy i don't know tall gray-haired you told me that you flew mr wheeling to palm springs sunday a week ago i talked to mr markham when he said there was no such flight he was out of town he wouldn't know well he seemed mighty definite about it you have a wife and daughter in spokane an ex-wife you uh know a lot about me well you have something in common with that man that was killed in the desert that morning the way i see it your position is as exposed as his was what are you talking about well first you admitted flying over willis benson's grocery that morning on my way to palm springs but what i didn't tell you was that benson saw you go over and then a little later he saw you come back you look at a map and there is no way that that adds up to a trip to palm springs well mr wheelings sometimes he likes to take side trips uh you know check real estate you mentioned mr wheeling's girlfriend but you didn't tell me your name i'm sorry mr jones you got any more questions you asked miss deceiver casey they don't own you you could still speak up if you wanted to and i miss the jones [Music] oh you and jones must have had a lot to discuss don't worry he didn't get anything from me doesn't matter now it's been decided you're gonna be transferred transferred where to iraq oh wait a minute oh don't worry it's only temporary pure temporary like a 10-year exile or worse nothing new one oh you got a choice you can do it the easy way or you can do it the hard way i'll get you things [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hi you looking for me if your name's sheila windsor i am well you look too sweet to be a bill collector so i guess i'm sheila windsor i'm barbie jones i'm a private detective i understand you're a friend of lyle casey well yes why is he in some kind of trouble i was hoping he read the morning paper pile casey had an accident last night he did lal and i hadn't been getting along very well lately i guess it was my fault maybe you're being too hard on yourself i was stupid and jealous some time ago i found he'd been slipping behind my back taking out uh valerie thompson my roommate picking her up strange hours odd places turned out she was seeing his uh his boss charles wheeling i guess you know what kind of a weirdo he is your roommate find him attractive oh yeah bad enough lyle misleading me when your own roommate gets engaged to the richest man in america you shouldn't be the last one to know that valerie's picture yes she's beautiful isn't she she wants to be an actress casey said that he had flown wheeling's girlfriend down to palm springs uh likely that was her it had to be wheeling took her with him everywhere he went you know where i could get in touch with her no i haven't heard from her myself in about a week she called me from palm springs on saturday tell me she had some exciting news what was that yeah she'd found a way to get wheeling to marry her she was gonna tell me all about it when she got back in town but that's the last time i've talked to her that's why i was worried did you try to call her yeah no luck not here or in palm springs you have another picture of miss thompson that i could take with me yeah yeah sure i'll get you one could i use your phone here go ahead thank you barnaby john's office may i help you oh yes barbie all right i've got it valerie thompson i call my old friend ted ellis down at palm springs and ask him to look around see if there's anything you can find out there you get to work on it up here all right who is uh who is she anyway she's an actress claims that she's engaged to wheeling that's interesting all right i'll get right on it bye [Music] trying to be joined to see mr wheeling what are you doing here jones i want to speak with mr wheeling well in case you forgot mr wheeling doesn't see anybody now if you've got any questions just put them in writing and send them through the company well then could i just speak to valerie thompson thompson you must have some misinformation i never heard of valerie thompson but i understood they were very close goodbye jones that's the word i guess that's the word [Music] throw it away [Music] just like we figured nobody gets in but i don't think he got along the weight he's coming out all right i'll call you at sammy's all right but don't follow him too close you here [Music] yes [Music] right here oh just one of dunbar's man checking the place out [Music] [Music] [Applause] betty wheeling just arrived at the valley fairgrounds and another car just pulled in right after him looks like there's going to be some big secret meeting going on in there all right don't go near the entrance i'll be there in 10 minutes you know you don't know how lucky you are mr wheeling such weather beautiful imagine you reach out your window and pluck an orange from a tree well i'm not here to talk of orange is this done by as you wish mr niemann sends his regards well i don't care about mr neiman's regards now when do i say if i want to get this matter settled 150 million is a large matter mr neiman prefers not to meet the laughter negotiations are finalized there's no problem you come up with a capital and you get a twelve and a half percent interest in wheeling precision mr weaving we've examined your situation thoroughly we recognize your needs necessary that you recognize ours in your mind it may be that our money is hated but it is real money nevertheless 12 and a half is an excellent return the only good way to divide anything is half for you half for us [Music] i want to see who wheeling is meeting with i'm going to try to flush them out see if you can get some shots as they leave be careful barnaby you're a difficult man dunbar all right all right you furnish half and cash and half and bonds and we share equally mr neiman will be pleased suppose i set up the meeting for next [Music] week [Music] what's that i don't know [Music] mr wheeler you have no idea how tough it is to get to talk to you i'm going to be drawing it out of my way i just have a few simple little questions you asked you want to take a second i don't know how i got in here i don't care what i'm taking care of [Music] [Music] [Music] better get this back to the office on the double [Music] [Applause] [Music] lieutenant medal please lieutenant barnaby i want to touch a memory short fella sort of salt and pepper hair dark eyes i can't place the face i know i've seen it somewhere uh take it from me he is very very important so well come around to my place in about an hour i have a picture [Music] sure [Music] gun buddy real slow real easy we're going for a ride in the country pops turn right at the next signal whatever you say hey stop [Music] [Music] he's got my gun we'll take care [Music] time pretty good barnaby this fella doesn't pose for too many people you know i'm lieutenant nick dunbar nicholas michael dunbar to be precise i thought i knew the face i just couldn't place it the top league illegal for ralph neiman boss of the east coast syndicate what are you doing mixed up with these people well all i was doing was looking for a witness to help me figure out what happened to the motorcyclist and that led me to wheeling and that led me here you know what i can't understand what's a man like wheeling doing cozying up to the syndicate well i'm not an expert in the stock market you don't have to be to know that wheeling is taking a couple of bruises lately could be like anybody else he just needs money well maybe dunbar's people are just the ones who lend it to him they're always trying to get into legitimate business barnaby i'm gonna need more than that picture to prove anything well how about this valerie thompson wheeling's girlfriend we can find her i'm betting that she can link the two together oh wait a minute what uh how does this girl figure into the death of your motorcyclist barnaby feels she may have seen what happened that morning and if she did she'd loudly be having some trouble of her own i've had no luck in locating her not here in palm springs checked hairdressers charge accounts everything you think something might have happened to this girl way down deep in my gut i do yes but we'll never be able to prove it until we can get past that big gate in front of wheeling's place well can you give me more than this to work with something you can prove maybe you got another half hour sure of mr jones sorry to bother you again miss windsor uh this is lieutenant biddle i wonder if you'd uh tell mr biddle what you told me about your roommate oh well i i hope you didn't take everything as gospel of what i talked to you about i was a little upset well mainly i'd like you to explain her involvement with mr wheeling oh you mean um he's pilot lyle casey no that's not what i mean well i don't understand uh valerie was dating his pilot that's all you told me valerie thompson was engaged to marry charles wheeling you had a date with her here in l.a about a week ago and when she didn't show up he became concerned concerned about valerie i'm afraid mr jones has misunderstood my meaning valerie's not the type of girl you can set your clock to then it's not unusual that you haven't heard from no not at all you wouldn't consider filing a missing person's report heavens no i'd like to help you come up with anything any more concrete give me a call i gotta get back downtown yeah i understand i see your packing oh yes i have a uh a job in a club hotel in new orleans i open tomorrow don't tell me let me guess the hotel is owned by charles manly wheeling mr jones a girl has to take an opportunity when it's offered to her it doesn't matter why it's offered it's just business no mr it's not business you just went bankrupt [Music] so [Music] well that certainly doesn't leave us with much does it believe this was more than we had before one thing is certain there is a connection between mason's death and valerie thompson's disappearance what do you mean because of all the trouble that wheeling organization has gone to in order to block both investigations i mean i can see that but so far there hasn't been one thread of evidence to indicate that they even knew one another they didn't have to all they had to do is pose a threat and we know that the girl was pushing wheeling to get married yes but ted mason had never even set eyes on charles manley wheeling unless he saw him that sunday morning well i know that's the path from the campsite to the grocery this is the supposed flight path of casey's helicopter somewhere in this circle mason saw something that cost him his life casey was your only witness to that morning what's the answer's still out there and i just may know a way to find out betty call that car rattle place i'll need that four-wheel drive again see if you can pick me up your bloodhound the train bloodhound that last home is the case i've been waiting for i'm sorry you're not dressed for it and i'll need one other thing an article of valerie thompson's [Music] clothing [Music] come on baby come on isn't he beautiful his name's count jelene iii but if you i think you can forget the title it works better with baby oh and you asked for this yeah well baby i think we're going to get along just fine have fun you two sloane just called a jones guy's going back together what's going out there for something he's taking a bloodhound with him you see it never stops it'll stop this time now they do it [Music] myself [Music] so [Music] okay baby come on let's go hey come on now let's find out if you're worth your [Music] rattle [Music] so so [Music] wow [Music] [Music] take it around again [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] one more come on [Music] if perspiration will polish stone that agate is really going to shine my lawyer said you'd spoken to wheeling precision yes i seem more than happy to consider an indemnity for your husband's death that's going to make it a lot easier for you and the boy and didn't you say that markham was cooperating with the authorities yes enough to keep lieutenant middle occupied for quite a while mommy mommy what are you doing oh that looks good timmy matter of fact i think everything looks pretty good thank you mr jones thanks for everything thanks jimmy bye [Music] you