Barney 🌈A Fountain of Fun Full Episode




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[Music] [Applause] [Music] oh hi dick hi Jackson what are you doing I'm looking for something when you were in the park did you see a bear a bear like this I'm just looking for a teddy bear for a game I'm playing with Whitney we don't need a teddy bear Mario come in look great [Music] over the mountain to see what he could see [Music] I certainly did enjoying the good fresh air and marching up to the tippity-top well the other side of the mountain was all that I could see oh but there's a lot to see here like the bright smiling faces of my friends hi Barney hi kids mr. Boyd what were you saying about something new to see our park is getting a brand new fountain would you like to see a picture of it absolutely it's a fantastic fountain with sprinkling splashing water when can we see the real thing well it should be here any time now I'll keep watching outside I'll let you know as soon as it gets here okay that's because he loves the park and he works very hard to keep it nice for everyone maybe they'll bring the fountain on an airplane or is it's lots of fun when you know something special is coming [Music] clang [Music] this is a special kind of box called a crate the fountain must be inside there's even a picture of it see like - but there are just a few things I need to get ready first tell you what you keep an eye on the crate and I'll get back as fast as I can ok I can't wait to see the fountain and hear the splashing oh that will be nice and really that's what parks like this are all about enjoying the shade of the trees smelling the beautiful flowers listening to the waterfalls watching the duck splash in the pond lots of pretty things to see and hear like that little bird a park is a place where people can come to play Oh exercise or just enjoy being outdoors with plenty of fresh air and sunshine [Music] [Music] I'm glad they're packs we can enjoy the sunshine and the car and trees and the grass and flowers I'm glad to and there are lots of other things to see in our park if you look closely well let's see um I spy with my little eye something blue it's kind of square and it's under a window do you see what I see no it's your turn Mario okay I spy with my little eye something brown you see what I see by the bridge [Music] No okay with me it's your turn I spy with my little eye something shiny and silver it's made of metal and it's good when you need a drink do you see what I see oh I do it's a drinking fountain [Music] okay I spy with my little eye something wearing glasses and a great big smile do you see what I see all right [Music] what were you doing in there Mario after seeing that rabbit I wanted to find a book about other animals who live in the park oh thank you oh and this looks like a very good one would you please okay visit a park and you will find animals of every kind a turtle with the shell on his back a duck who's going quack quack quack Birds who lives up in a tree a squirrel laughing frogs sue Harvey and fish that swim [Music] and a rabbit who thinks parks are perfect for him oh that was a good book Mario but what are all those other books I thought we might all like to read while we're waiting for mr. boy bigot back so I brought enough books to share that's a stupendous idea never read before I find out what I want to know and then I read some more [Music] I'm looking at the pictures looking at the words I love to a brand new story or one I've heard I love to read the signs are long the road to see what they have to say in the box such a beautiful day for reading in the park and what book did you choose with me that explains it why you're sharing your book with so many friends friends the three friends sitting right next to you [Music] but [Music] and there was none sure did I wish I could fly like a butterfly maybe not but right here in the park there's a fun way to feel like you're flying if you use your imagination right over the swings and the playset no are you all ready to pretend to fly I'm swinging way up high good idea [Music] when I'm on my swing and hold on tight and down and down feel so nice don't touch the sky when I'm on my swing my legs come on on my way swinging high and screaming whoa [Music] my swing is a beautiful thing I feel like I can fly weirdos can touch the sky when I'm on why's me I wonder what else I can see here in the park I spy with my little eye it's mister boy everybody see I told you I wouldn't be gone very long where'd you go I went to get some flowers see what are you going to do with them I was thinking of arranging them in a circle right over there and then I'll put the new fountain right in the middle can we help unload the flowers there sure a lot of flowers uh-huh when so many beautiful colors we like colors we like them a lot we've got colors colors we've got rainbow colors every color in between [Music] red makes me think of an apple or a cherry the Sun when it sets or a ripe strawberry the sky blue is the sea blue is the color of a ball-bearing all around the world for every boy and girl oranges of pumpkin oranges that carrots orange is orange [Music] like colors we like we like them Lots colors colors with jobs purple orange green rainbow colors [Music] every boy and girl flowers too long how does it look it looks good from here oh and it looks very good from over sure it looks very very good from up here glad to hear it well I'll run these down to recycling bin mr. Boyer is excited huh he is looking forward to seeing the fountain as much as we are I think everyone want to see it [Music] they can all see our new fountain yeah they might even come to see it today if we had a band here in the gazebo only we don't have a band well I know where we could find a band if we used our imaginations all right [Music] morning kids are you ready here goes these are just packing peanuts but I'm not sure where the fountain is well it sure is I guess I thought it would be a lot bigger well I think it's just the right size I certainly do mr. Boyd works very hard to make this whole park nice so everyone else can enjoy it and that's why I think this fountain should go excuse me where he can't enjoy it right thank you everyone thank you very much well let me take a look at it okay [Music] Hey look it works Barney I don't think he really needed a big fountain anyway our Park is great just the way it is it sure is and so are all of you I love you You Love Me we're a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you say you love me too [Music] yeah I guess I better start cleaning up all those packing peanuts and I think I'll move those flowers to the main gate where everyone can enjoy well that's great then let's get started I think people like the flowers that's you Barney Barney oh there you are while we're with flowers you turn joy the new fountain it's just the right size for you too bye-bye Barney [Music] [Applause]